Sinead O’Connor

Singer Sinead O’Connor was lost and found this week.  I thought I would have a look at why she has such a difficult personality and troubled life.

Her Chart

Sinead has the Sun conjunct Venus (Singer Archetype) in the first House in Sagittarius.  She is a double Sagittarian, in that her Ascendant is also in Sagittarius, and Sagittarians, like horses, can be highly strung.

The Sun in her chart squares a conjunction of Saturn and Chiron, which itself could be melancholic, straining against the exuberance of Sagittarius.  Saturn/Chiron closely opposes Pluto, bringing down her mood sometimes to a great depth, and Pluto also squares her Sun, creating a T-square.

Mercury in Scorpio trines her natal Saturn, so her thoughts are serious in nature, and in her activism she tackles serious subjects.  At the same time, Mercury sextiles Uranus, so in her speech she is a bit of a firebrand, and it is in her speech that her Inner Rebel is expressed.  Mercury, representing the mind, is further complicated by a conjunction with Neptune, so she has a mind which takes imprints like wax (as Astrologer Margaret Hone coined the phrase in the 1950s).  This is also a mediumistic conjunction, so it is not surprising that some of her ideas may seem airy fairy or otherworldly.

Venus in her chart squares Saturn exactly, so in matters of love and relationships (of supreme importance to most people) she is held back and frustrated (she has had four marriages).  Venus is also involved in the T-square configuration with Chiron/Saturn opposite Pluto, so love (Venus) is as complicated a setting as her mind (Mercury).  It is a hurdle to make progress in such matters.

Exuberance she is not short of, with all that Sagittarius, and Jupiter closely sextile her Mars.  Energetically, she is like a pogo stick.  And this sextile keys into her angles (the Ascendant and Midheaven) in such a way that she can use this energy in her physicality, her career and her lifestyle.  Mars conjuncts the Midheaven or Careerpoint, giving her a persona as an Activist.  Religion and feminism have been strong themes of this activism.

While Saturn has a heavy influence on her chart, there is one constructive aspect it makes, in being exactly trine her Neptune.  This enables her to express sensitivity and despair in its truest sense.  As a species we are currently enduring a square between these two planets, manifesting particularly through helplessly looking on the Syrian situation and the migrant crisis.  She has talked about having mental health issues, variously described as bi-polar syndrome and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In common with many of her peers born in the mid-1960s she has the anarchic and rebellious conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo.  She also has a compassionate trine between Neptune and Chiron.

Nothing Compares 2 U

Jupiter trines her Ascendant and sextiles her Midheaven, bringing her lucky breaks in her career.  I mentioned her recently, on the death of Prince, for it was quite a gift to her, the song “Nothing Compares 2 U” which he wrote, and she made an outstanding job of singing it, thus establishing herself as an artist.  This song was released in January 1990, and the chart of the song itself has a conjunction of Sun and Saturn in Capricorn (a very sad song!).  At the time, Mars and Jupiter were working on her behalf: Mars was exactly on her Sun, and Jupiter was exactly square her Midheaven.  The connections between Prince and Sinead are very close, with the easiest connection being his Jupiter sextile her Venus, which may account for him giving her a lucky break in her singing career.  He may also have given her a hand in expressing her melancholy, with his Saturn being conjunct her Venus and square her own Saturn!  With her poignantly shaved head, the video accompanying this song has been described as iconic.

Lost and Found

Sinead was reported missing after going for a bike ride in Chicago at 6 a.m. on Sunday 15th May, and eventually found in a motel room.  She was apparently unsettled about family issues regarding her children.  In looking at her state of mind at the time, the strongest transit is Uranus in Aries in 5th House of Children trine her natal Venus in the first House (her own feelings).  She has a desire to shake things up on a personal level at the moment, which with the T-square to her natal Venus is not a feeling unfamiliar to her or those around her.

The age of 49 is also the age of the Chiron Return, the emergence of the Inner Healer ideally.  Her Wounded Healer is exceptionally confrontational in her chart this year, as it not only conjuncts her natal Chiron, but also conjuncts her natal Saturn, squares her Venus and opposes her Pluto/Uranus.  That is a lot of stress and crisis, and she needs our prayers or healing thoughts, of whatever religious persuasion, to resolve this transit to her natal T-square.  She needs somehow to bring it all together meaningfully in order to move forward, and this week’s disappearance was a cry for help.


Today starts with a hot-headed opposition between the Sun and Mars, not a peaceful vibe.  Staying out of trouble, or helping to resolve disputes, is the best way to go today.

On another front, though, you could be winning, as Mercury stations prior to turning direct.  So if you have had communication turbulence in the last three weeks, you can begin to make progress.  Travel, in Astrology, comes under the communication banner, so there is a possibility of progress in negotiations about travel disputes.

On Tuesday (24th) Venus enters Gemini, and communication combines with love.  This is stimulating for art and literature.  I am giving a talk in Hertfordshire that day, and hoping to communicate my love of Astrology, Regression and Future Life Progression!

The next day, Wednesday (25th) could see overheated passions, with Venus opposing Mars.  In relationships, for instance, there may be jealousy.  If a criticism is raised, jealousy may be at the heart of it.

Thursday (26th), however, is the most important day of the week, aspect-wise.  It brings a square between those planetary giants, Jupiter and Saturn.  There may be a difficulty in moving forward due to conflicting impulses: the desire to expand (Jupiter) and the desire to control (Saturn).  This may bring indecision in an individual, or a stand-off between individuals or corporations.

A conflict between Jupiter and Saturn is often seen in the charts of those with bi-polar syndrome (formerly known as manic-depression), with Jupiter representing the highs and Saturn the lows.  In Sinead O’Connor’s chart, she has an emphasis on Jupiter (Sun, Venus and Ascendant in Sagittarius) and is also pulled back by Saturn (which conjuncts Chiron in Pisces, opposes Pluto/Uranus and squares Venus.  But her later diagnosis of PTSD is also compelling in the light of her chart, because Chiron is caught up in a heavy T-square.

So  you could witness mood swings or conflicts of mood in society that day.  For example, two news headlines, a positive and a negative one, could vie for domination.  Or two sides of an argument may seem equally compelling, such as the pro-Europe and anti-Europe cases.

By Friday (27th) you’ll be ready for new battles, or even old battles, as Mars moves in retrograde motion back to Scorpio from Sagittarius.  Perhaps the Jupiter/Saturn square may have galvanized your thinking, and where you were sitting on the fence, you may decide to come off it, and say campaign on behalf of a cause.  The stagnation of Jupiter square Saturn may have brought the feeling that it is better to move than to stay still (though that may not be the ultimate wisdom).  You may be motivated by a disappointment earlier in the week, though do examine whether anger or any other negative emotion is a good reason for your actions.  The best position for Jupiter/Saturn engagement is balance.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – strife, and forward communication
  • Tuesday – communicating with Love
  • Wednesday – overheated passions
  • Thursday – impasse
  • Friday – a shift in motivation