Johnny Depp

Popular actor Johnny Depp was in the headlines this week, being sued for divorce by his new wife Amber Heard, and also facing a restraining order with respect to alleged violence against her.  His new film “Alice Through the Looking Glass” was released this week, and his mother died a few days before the problems erupted between him and his wife.

His Birth Chart

Gemini Johnny has a remarkable 6 planets in the Earth element, so on some level he is a realist, for example he is an atheist in his beliefs.  His Sun trine Saturn reinforces this.  However, with Neptune square his Ascendant and at the beginning of his 4th House, fantasy also plays a big part in his life and roles.

His Ascendant is in showbiz and performing Leo, one of the acting signs; originally he wanted to be a musician, and he still plays in a band.

His Moon is in Capricorn, exactly square Jupiter, showing his exuberant side.  The Moon represents the women in his life, and his 14-year long term partner Vanessa Paradis was a Capricorn.  He had a strong relationship with his mother, and this is reflected in his Moon exactly sextile Neptune, Moon trine Pluto and Moon sextile exactly Chiron.

He has Mercury exactly conjunct Venus in Taurus in 10th House, square Saturn in 7th House, so there may be a conflict between his career expression and his close relationships.  Some of his roles have been described as “iconic loners”, and this could be because in relating he has the isolating Saturn in Aquarius in 7th House of Close Relationships.

Does he have a temper?  His Uranus/Mars/Pluto conjunction is a powder keg of volatile energy, which he is able to channel constructively into roles such as Edward Scissorhands and Captain Jack Sparrow, but there may be times when it is difficult for him to handle, such as under extreme stress.  His Mars in Virgo is trine exactly his Midheaven, indicating a career portraying a certain type of masculine role: it is not a traditional macho role, but there is a sensitivity and delicacy from Virgo, plus the portrayal of vulnerable emotion from his Neptune sextile Moon.

Tim Burton

Film Director Tim Burton has undoubtedly had a major hand in Johnny Depp’s success, bringing him the roles of Edward Scissorhands, Sweeny Todd and the Mad Hatter.

Tim Burton’s Sun conjuncts Depp’s Mars and trines his MC (Midheaven), bringing out the potential of that career-enhancing natal trine; Burton’s Venus squares Depp’s Neptune and conjuncts Depp’s Ascendant, enhancing that fantasy angle of Depp’s chart; Burton’s Uranus trines exactly Depp’s Jupiter (entrepreneurial success for both of them), squares his Neptune (plunging them both into deep fantasy) and conjuncts his Ascendant (an exciting personal dynamic); in addition, Burton’s Neptune sextiles Depp’s natal Mars, sextiles Depp’s natal Uranus and opposes Depp’s natal Midheaven, conjuncting his natal IC (Burton’s sense of vision, imagination and fantasy working powerfully for Depp).

Apparently producer Scott Rudin once said “Basically Johnny Depp is playing Tim Burton in all his movies”, a statement endorsed by Johnny Depp (citing Burton’s inability to communicate as a teenager behind the role of Edward Scissorhands) but denied by Tim Burton.

Tim Burton has Gemini Ascendant (resonating with Johnny’s Sunsign), Sun exactly conjunct Pluto in Virgo, and Moon, like Depp, in Capricorn, giving some affinity in their natures.

Pirates of the Carribean

One of his most successful franchises is that of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Carribean series of films.  He has owned this role as being a “big part” of himself, and said he modelled it on the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards.  Keith Richards’ Midheaven (Persona) is exactly conjunct Johnny Depp’s Pluto in 1st House, so he can inspire Depp’s dark side.  In addition, Keith Richards has the Sun in Sagittarius (the Swashbuckling Pirate Archetype), as well as having an exact conjunction of North Node and Pluto (a karmic mission to express the Shadow side of human nature).

Vanessa Paradis

For a showbiz relationship, his partnership with Vanessa Paradis was fairly successful, lasting 14 years, and managing to keep family life with their two children out of the public eye.  It may be that he married Amber Heard on the rebound, and has not found himself after the split with Vanessa.  In his synastry with Paradis, her Sun was trine exactly his Uranus, her Mercury trine exactly his Ascendant, her Mars opposed exactly his Mercury (some irritability), her Uranus trine exactly his Saturn and her Uranus square exactly his Nodal Axis (which could point to the eventual karmic separation).  Her Sun is placed in his 5th House of children (which is unoccupied by a planet in his own natal chart) and there is no doubt that having children has meant a great deal to him, giving him “real foundation, a real strong place to stand in life, in work, in everything”.

Amber Heard

It may be that when he looks back on his life, his relationship with Amber Heard may look like a short blip in comparison, though she could make a dent in his fortune through the divorce, without the usual pre-nuptial agreement in Hollywood circles.  She has a strong chart (Sun trine Neptune; Jupiter trine Pluto, among other aspects) but we do not have her birth time.  Her Venus is curiously unaspected, but links up with Johnny’s Venus/Mercury conjunction in Taurus.  She espouses the philosophy of the novelist and thinker Ayn Rand: “I’ve read all of her books. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with her ideals. All I’ve ever needed is myself.”  It is possible that her unaspected Venus has made her self-reliant. Like Vanessa, her Sun trines his Uranus, though from Taurus instead of Capricorn, so it could be he needed the relationship for a while to complete a Grand Trine to his Uranus.

The events of this week

In this turbulent period of losing his mum, allegedly throwing his mobile phone at Amber Heard, being filed for divorce, and Alice Through the Looking Glass premiering, he has (as you would expect) a variety of transits:

Mars is square his Uranus (shock), and Jupiter is trine his Moon.  His mother was ill for some time, so this may have been a release for her, and he may experience the change in his marital status also as a release.  Jupiter is sextile his Neptune (there may emerge a new spiritual outlook), Saturn is trine his Jupiter (giving him some perspective), Saturn is square his Chiron (touching old wounds), Uranus sextile his Saturn (shaking things up for him) and Uranus square his Nodal Axis (shaking up his karma).

For Amber, Jupiter is opposite her Jupiter (a sense of freedom), Uranus trine exactly her Uranus (breaking free), Saturn square her Jupiter (some struggle) and Neptune sextile her Mars (a vulnerable expression of her self-assertion).  Their synastry and their marriage aspects are not too bad, so it is possible they were just not destined to stay long in each other’s lives, and hopefully they will both be able to move on constructively after the dust has settled from the financial wrangles and allegations of domestic violence.  She indicates that he is aggressive when he drinks, so he may need to deal with that issue going forward.  He has Neptune moving slowly toward his natal Chiron (wounded healer) in 8th House (exact in March 2018) when he will need to deal with the complexity of past wounds (including past-life wounds); in preparation for this, when Neptune enters his 8th House in March 2017 his eyes may be more opened to spiritual ideas.


In the first half of the week we have two Mercury-friendly trines (a plus especially for Geminis and Virgos), but in the second half of the week we become embroiled in a Grand Cross composed of  oppositions and squares.  So adjust your diaries accordingly.

We start with a trine between Mercury and Pluto on Tuesday (31st), which is good for realistic thought, facing psychological facts, and deep communication.  You may find yourself speaking your truth to a satisfying degree.

On Wednesday (1st) you may be able to follow this up with integrity, through karmic communication, as Mercury trines the North Node.  You can re-state your truth in ways which count, such as putting them into a speech, an article or a book.

Thursday (2nd) brings the first component of the Grand Cross, the Sun squaring Neptune.  It is then that you may start to question again, your version of reality, or someone else’s.  The depth of your knowing earlier in the week may need to be tweaked.  Truth is truth, but truth itself can change and be refined continually according to circumstances, extra information, empathic understanding of another. You will see another facet of truth, and illusion.  You may see that your truth is someone else’s illusion and vice versa.  Don’t panic as the picture unfolds.  Hold what you know, and bear in mind what you suspect might be true, or new vision opening out.

On Friday (3rd) it is the turn of Venus to square Neptune, so there may be more smoke and mirrors but centred around relationship.  Money and artistic issues may also be involved.  You may be offered a piece of Brit Art for a phenomenal price, and question whether it is art…Particularly in the area of romance, you may see another in a different light.  You may wonder about the purpose of the relationship, e.g. the value you had placed on the relationship may need to be changed.  If you had seen someone as always supporting you, you may see that you have a different role in relation to that person.  Different qualities, or weaknesses, may emerge between you.

Then the Sun opposes Saturn, so you can experience a T-square component of the Grand Cross, which began with Sun square Neptune the day before.  This opposition encourages more of a sense of reality, so if you have had unrealistic expectations (uncovered on Thursday) you may be able to see how unrealistic that was.  This may engender some sadness (Saturn), but may be a pre-requisite of letting go (also Saturn) of the earlier viewpoint.

Saturday (4th) reveals more of the Grand Cross, and you may feel yourself to be caught in a large construct, especially if the situation is part of a group interaction.  If you move one way, you brush up against one problem, if you take a step to the other side you encounter a different facet of the problem.  Again, don’t panic, because the larger pattern is usually designed to bring about eventual healing.  You may win some and lose some, but overall the evolution will be towards group healing.

The first aspect of the day is Venus opposite Saturn, and again this involves letting go and some deflation, specifically in connection with relationships, money and artistic developments.

The second aspect of the day, Sun square Jupiter, brings in the fourth component of the mutable Grand Cross (Jupiter in Virgo).  This encourages us, having let go as far as we can, to take heart and expand our consciousness, however uncertain we may feel.  We may not be able to fully trust the situation, but opening our hearts and consciousness will bring new possibilities and ideas for solutions, and encourage goodwill in negotiations.  Whether the Conservative and Labour Parties, the Remains and the Brexiters, will stop tearing each other apart, is unlikely, but the worst hours of the Grand Cross will be over by then, and there will be a New Moon the next day, so we can start to breathe again and regroup.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – useful thought
  • Wednesday – useful karmic information
  • Thursday – illusion
  • Friday – illusion in relationship; deflation
  • Saturday – deflation in relationship; hope emerging