A Compatibility Guide for Gemini

Are you a Gemini, or do you have a Gemini friend, relative or partner?  A friend asked me last week if Geminis get on with each other.  I would say mostly that people of the same sign get on well, as there is a fundamental understanding of each other.  So I thought I would fill in the rest of the spectrum of Gemini compatibilities!

Gemini Sun with Aries Sun

Good and lively compatibility.  Aries adds energy and activity, so providing they have shared interests, such as sport, they can do a lot together. They are a dynamic duo, an action team!  In this partnership, Aries initiates a physical work-out (as in “let’s go to the gym”!) and Gemini brings about the mental gymnastics (as in “why are we going to the gym?  Let’s go hiking or biking, or play chess.”). If some of their planets meet in Taurus, they may have artistic interests in common.

Gemini Sun with Taurus Sun

People of neighbouring signs often have planets in each other’s sign.  Gemini can be too cerebral for Taurus, and Taurus can be too practical for Gemini, but if they have planets in each other’s sign, they can blend energies well.  But an example of an enduring relationship between these two signs are Queen Elizabeth II (Taurus) and Prince Philip (Gemini).  These two signs can make good business partners.

Gemini Sun with Gemini Sun

People of the same sign have the potential to understand each other to a great degree.  These two can have a twin-like relationship.  Mutual understanding, and mental compatibility, providing they can each get a word in edgeways.  There may be a slight problem getting the flow of communication right, if they don’t have an agreement to take turns in talking.  Best employ a talking stick.

Gemini Sun with Cancer Sun

Again, as with Taurus, if they have planets in each other’s sign, they can blend energies well.  Otherwise, Cancerians may be too emotional for the Gemini, and Gemini could be too unemotional for the Cancerian.  However, both of them are changeable, and it may depend on their mood on the day.  Their biorhythms do not always coincide, with Gemini’s moods dependant on the vicissitudes of Mercury, and the Cancerian’s on the phases of the Moon.  Conversely, they can help balance out each other’s mood.

Gemini Sun with Leo Sun

As with Aries, there is a good and lively compatibility.  If the Gemini is easy going, then the relationship will be more harmonious, and Geminis tend to be adaptable.  Leo may well set the pace of the relationship.  This can be a very upbeat partnership, in which the two can create a lot of light together if they are both positive individuals.  It’s a playful combination.

Gemini Sun with Virgo Sun

They are both mentally-orientated, ruled by Mercury, and so communication should be good between them.  However, with too much mental energy, they may both get a bit irritable at times.  Virgos can find their Inner Extravert in relationship with a Gemini, while equally Geminis can find their Inner Introvert in the relationship!

Gemini Sun with Libra Sun ****

One of the best combinations, with good communication (both Air signs) but Gemini able to make the Libran think, and Libra driving the conversation along cultural lines of interest.  These two signs are very comfortable with each other.  If they both have Venus in Leo, they’ll enjoy trips to the theatre, or performance arts.

Gemini Sun with Scorpio Sun

These two signs do not easily combine.  Gemini likes to keep life on a lighthearted level, and Scorpio likes to get straightaway down to the nitty gritty.  Unless they have harmonious links between their planets, it would not be so easy to find common ground.  They are both energetic signs in different ways, but would need self-awareness and control of their energies to interact successfully.

Gemini Sun with Sagittarius Sun

Generally good interaction between these two, but sometimes they can clash.  Communication links these two opposite signs, and is the key to their successful partnership.  These two will be running questions and answers back and forth, piecing together the meaning of the Universe.  If they are living together,  they’ll have a house full of books and written material.

Gemini Sun with Capricorn Sun

As with Gemini and Scorpio, these two signs do not easily combine, and for similar reasons.  In addition, Capricorn may be overly practical and serious for the Gemini.  However, Capricorn is not overly energetic and can absorb some of Gemini’s excess nervous energy in a steadying way.  These two can reinforce each other’s scepticism, Gemini being super-rational, and Capricorn being super-practical.  A good example is the friendship between Jean-Paul Sartre (Gemini) and Simone de Beauvoir (Capricorn) who represented the very dry movement of Existentialism.

Gemini Sun with Aquarius Sun ****

This is another good combination, with much communication.  There can be a great deal of excitement generated between these two, as well as telepathy.  The Aquarian may tend to lead in the relationship.  These two could conduct much of their relationship online, or at least meet that way!

Gemini Sun with Pisces Sun

This is not an easy combination.  Although they are both adaptable (Mutable) signs, they could flounder in trying to find an anchor for their relationship, and may even clash at times.  The Pisces water may dampen Gemini enthusiasm, and Pisces may be too deep if Gemini is wanting to leave things at a superficial level.  On the other hand, the Piscean can raise the relationship to a transcendent level.  As both are dual signs (twins and fishes), the relationship can be complex.  But this relationship can work very well when both are focussed on high ideals and issues beyond the personal.


A full compatibility analysis details every component of the two birthcharts in relation to each other, not just the Sun sign.  As there is a lot of work involved, it is my most expensive service, at £45.


We’re dealt a reasonable hand for most of this week, but may need to factor in the very difficult square right at the end.  Try to pace yourselves, and conserve energy.

Today is the best day: first, Mars trines Chiron bringing good, flowing, healing energy for whatever you need.

In the afternoon, Venus sextiles Uranus which is sparkling for social events, e.g. that local summer fair or fayre, or a street party for the Queen’s birthday celebrations.

Late tonight (in the U.K.) Mercury leaves Taurus, where practicality is to the fore, and enters its own sign of Gemini, enabling zippy thought.  This will encourage communication and transport for the rest of this month.

Tomorrow evening, Neptune is stationary prior to turning retrograde.  Steady spiritual progress comes to a point where there is a need for re-examination.  Have you been too enthusiastic about a new meditation technique, which perhaps is not as wholly beneficial in its results?  Might you go back to earlier practices, and just incorporate the best points of the new flights of the mind…Just something to consider.  You may later change back, after deliberation.  Your spiritual path is one of those things you will need to take stock of at the end of the week.

Later still tomorrow, Venus squares Chiron, and there may be a healing crisis, or a relationship problem.  This may or may not be linked with spiritual re-evaluation.  Your Inner Healer often works in tandem with your Inner Mystic, especially in these times when Chiron and Neptune find themselves both in Pisces.  So the two issues may be linked, especially if you are on a path with a heart, as Venus is involved.  For example, you may decide on a change of course, and that may impact on a relationship.

In contrast, Tuesday (14th) brings a refreshing sextile between Uranus and the Sun.  It’s a good day to implement change, and bring in new ideas.  For those engaged in creativity, you will marvel at your capacity for originality and inventiveness.  Much can also be achieved on a group level.  So it’s a day of making headway.

On Wednesday (15th) the Sun is squared by Chiron, so we are back to healing crises and the need for problem-solving.  Outcomes may look awkward and we need to ask ourselves the question: “What is this supposed to look like?”  The next step towards the solution is to ask the question: “How do we get there?”

Friday (17th) brings another change of sign, this time for Venus who moves from the light hearted banter of Gemini, to the more earnest, sincere and emotional expressions of Cancer.  You may have analysed a relationship issue enough by that point, and may welcome a different approach, and perhaps the opportunity to allow the tears which may have been held back by all that mental processing.

Finally, in the early hours of Saturday (18th) – which means you could experience the square on Friday night – Saturn squares Neptune, a huge planetary formation which has left us under a cloud for a year or so.  This can be experienced on different levels.

We may uncover some toxicity or leakage which has been working undetected for a while, both literally and metaphorically. This is an insidious aspect, but slow in its working, so you may have been aware of it coming.

Don’t be surprised if you feel a sense of tiredness around this time, and the inclination to give up.  Surrender may be what is required, but you will need to sleep on it, and hope for refreshment and inspiration by the morning.  Dreams may bring some piece of guidance you can work with.

The utter deadlock of the arguments over the European Referendum, and the negative campaigning on both sides may be getting you down.  If you are for Remain, you may be feeling that a Brexit outcome would be a total disaster, and vice versa.  Ditto anxiety keeping you awake in relation to the possibility that Donald Trump may become the next President of the United States.  If you live in the States, this aspect will occur on the Friday evening.

It is easy to feel hopeless, whether on a political, ecological or other issue, under a square of Saturn and Neptune. Saturn squaring Neptune (the spiritual path) may make you feel that you are uncertain of where you are going. When Saturn is square to Neptune in the birth chart, Astrologer Alan Oken describes it as the “Self-defeatist”.

Try to raise yourself physically and mentally with sources that you know give you a better quality of energy, such as good food and good rest, and affirm that a breakthrough is just around the corner.  It is a slow moving aspect, but there may be a step you can take to start to counter it.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – good for partying
  • Tomorrow – reorientation spiritually, relationship questions
  • Tuesday – sparkling and dynamic
  • Wednesday – more healing issues
  • Friday – more emotion
  • Saturday – softly softly