Are you experiencing the calm, serene entry of Saturn gliding into Libra?  You may be in the middle of a spiritual retreat, or contemplation based on healing from yesterday’s Venus trine Chiron.  Whatever you are engaged in, stay with it today and get the full benefit, while you can…For tomorrow is full-on and you will need the serenity to carry you through without a glitch.  On the threshold of tomorrow (Monday 2 November) Mercury squares Mars.  Therefore it will be evening in the States, and morning in the Australian territories.  Mercury squaring Mars can bring up health and safety issues.  On the first of the new series of the Restaurant last Thursday night, Raymond Blanc had to eliminate a contestant for handling a knife by the blade instead of the handle, and trying to open a coconut and then a tin and hammering on the handle.  It was an image difficult to eliminate from the memory, and contributed to insomnia.  So it seemed the comedian Harry Hill could not eliminate it from his imagination either, because last night he showed the clip again, then let his imagination run riot.  More insomnia of course ensued…  Anyway, the moral of the story is to be watchful of health and safety issues and to deal with them before they get out of hand.  If you are safely tucked up in bed in the U.K. the health and safety issues may work themselves out through your dream life.  In the States, there may be tensions on the rise (irritability from Mars square Mercury, then emotional fullness leading up to the Full Moon later).  In Australia, there may be the recounting of nightmares over the breakfast table.  The Full Moon in Taurus (10 degrees) arrives at 19.14 Hrs in the U.K. after a day’s work for some.  This may bring up financial issues, such as dilemmas over working hours, taxes, and in my case pensions.  It is about the use of one’s resources, money, time and energy, and balancing those in one’s own life but also in relation to others.  That will be lunchtime in the U.S. and the fairest thing would be to split the bill if you are dining out, or looking out for a meal deal if you are in a hurry and cannot prepare your own from wholesome ingredients.  In Australia, you will most likely be asleep for the Full Moon, in which case your dreams may be full and floridly visual, but may also contain some of the comfort vibes of the sign of Taurus, while accommodating the pull between the Moon and the Sun in Scorpio, wrapping it all up in the wisdom of the Higher Self.  At 23.21 Hrs in the U.K. Venus trines Neptune which does indeed  point to all being resolved on a higher level.  The mental tensions of Mercury square Mars and the emotional tensions of the Full Moon could all ebb away gracefully and a modicum of serenity could return.  Not that you won’t have things to mull over from earlier in the day, but you will have the leisure to absorb and contemplate and integrate things in a calmer atomosphere.  Spiritual love is something else that can steal in with Venus trine Neptune, without anything being forced.  So this delight takes place in the afternoon in the U.S. (perhaps you can down tools early and take advantage of this trine) and in the morning of the next day for Australians (a beaut start to the day, especially if you are on the beach).  Wednesday 4 November brings a sea-change for Neptune, which goes stationary prior to direct.  A good day to actually watch the waves rolling in and out if you live near the sea, experiencing the ebb and flow, and sensing the change in Neptune’s power and expression.  Neptunian issues should improve from Wednesday, and that includes anything of a fluid nature: water, oil, emotion, compassion and overseas aid should all be flowing more easily.  Complex issues should be understood more easily, from a greater listening capacity.  The Sun in Scorpio conjuncts Mercury on Thursday 5 November, enabling great insight at whatever level you are working.  If on the physical level, insight about physical health or the clearing of Autumn leaves in the garden, down on the ground.  If on the emotional level, the emotions you have projected on to others will come home to roost in your own psyche.  If on the mental level, some exquisite writing or communication can be revealed, conveying your best truth so far.  And on the spiritual level, awareness about the eternal soul and its relation to the now.  Don’t forget to work on your Saturn and Pluto issues, for instance by addressing your Victim Archetype, for the event of the square between these two heavenly bodies in the middle of November.