Here is my first serve for Wimbledon 2016.  As usual, I hope to update my observations regularly throughout the next fortnight.

Men’s Singles

Novak Djokovic – No. 1 Seed

The commenters on my blog last year pressed me to look at his prospects for this year. I was right about success in the Australian Open, but for the French Open I wrote:

” At the beginning of the French Open, he has Chiron square his natal Uranus – not a good start.  The transits at the end seem pretty empty, so not much progress made.”  I was wrong, and he won the French Open.

I then went on to say that for Wimbledon 2016:

“The beginning of Wimbledon (the two tournaments are quite close together) still finds Chiron square his Uranus, and again not much progress by the end.”

Therefore, he could win again, despite the lacklustre astrological picture.  He is a force of nature.

His coach Boris Becker:

Boris and Novak have made a very successful team since they formed a partnership.  At the beginning of Wimbledon, Boris has Mars sextile his Mars and sextile his Pluto (powerful energy to instil).  At the end of the tournament, Mars is on his Neptune, which could be a bit confusing or disorientating.

Djokovic plays James Ward (GB) in the first round, who has Chiron conjunct his Jupiter (valuable lesson) and square his Uranus (shock to the system) early in the tournament.

Andy Murray – No. 2 Seed

Since last Wimbledon, Andy Murray has become a father.  I wrote on the birth of his daughter in February:

“With her Neptune sextile Andy Murray’s Neptune, she will be spiritually in tune with her father.  Her Uranus is on his Jupiter, so she will bring wonderful surprises to his life.  That’s also true for her relationship with her mother, as she has Uranus trine exactly Kim’s Sun.  A beautiful change in their lives.”

He notably steered the G.B. team to a Davis Cup victory at the end of November 2015.

He was runner up to Djokovic in the French Open this year, about which I had written last year:

“Saturn still squares his Ascendant as it starts, which is not easy, plus Pluto squares his natal Jupiter – two big hurdles for him at that time.”

But he subsequently won at Queen’s.  About this year’s Wimbledon, I wrote last year:

“Chiron squares his natal Mars and Uranus at the beginning, again very difficult obstacles.  In addition at the end Mars opposes his Sun – he’ll be in the wars.”

Chiron also squares Djokovic’s Uranus, as they are born a week apart, but Murray has a little more hassle from Mars to contend with.  I will continue to look at Murray’s chances as we go through the tournament, in more detail.

His coach Ivan Lendl:

Lendl has Uranus (brillance and success) on his Midheaven (careerpoint) in Leo (competitiveness) in 10th House of Career.  Andy is able to take full advantage of this brilliance, as his Jupiter (luck and success) trines this point exactly.  Lendl’s Uranian conjunction also speaks of detachment – witness Lendl walking out and doing something else immediately after Murray’s win at Queens!

Kevin Mitchell observes in the Observer:  “The Czech speaks with a directness that cuts to the core of an issue, be it the player’s attitude on court or his attitude to the media.”

He goes on to say: “He did well with the more compliant Mauresmo until she walked in May, complaining he was ‘complex’ and ‘there was nothing more I can do’, although there was no acrimony.”  Andy’s Pluto squaring her natal Mercury was always going to bring her mental challenges.

Murray plays Liam Broady (GB) in the first round on Tuesday.  Neptune sextiles Broady’s natal Mars, so he will derive some benefit from the experience, of an internal nature, so we are not likely to hear about it!

Roger Federer  – No. 3 Seed

There is still much speculation in the air about whether or not Roger Federer, one of the most popular tennis players of all time, will retire and if so when.  But in interviews he is firm about wanting to play as long as possible at his current level.

The Observer’s Kevin Mitchell describes his current condition:

“Meanwhile Federer…looks relaxed and fit – and pleased with the results of his post-French rehabilitation.”..having struggled with a back injury, as well as the residue of a knee operation earlier in the year.”

He did not play in the French Open because of injury.

In 2015 I wrote for the French Open:

“…he may not reach the final as some of his favourable aspects have gone off the boil by the end.  Saturn will still be trine his Mercury, and Jupiter will be sextile his natal Mars (energy maintained well), but the planetary support I feel is not quite there.”

In the event, he pulled out of the French Open due to injury.

I went on to say:

“(Wimbledon and the U.S. Open) seem rather flat.”

Then for Wimbledon itself:

“At the beginning of Wimbledon 2016 there’s a lack of transits to Roger’s chart.  Perhaps he is a bit mentally absent.  The strongest transit is an exact square from Saturn in Sagittarius to his natal Ascendant in Virgo.  He may have family issues preoccupying him at that time, with Saturn on his 4th House cusp.  That is the picture right through to the end of Wimbledon, so it may not be a very exciting time for him.”

But, like Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams, Roger often defies the adverse astrological transits.

His coach Ivan Ljubicic:

Stefan Edburg will not be travelling with Roger Federer but instead Ivan Ljubicic will be on hand.  They have their Marses in trine, which is good energetic flow between them, and in addition Ljubicic’s North Node conjuncts Federer’s Venus, which is a good personal karmic link. Ljubicic’s Uranus sits on Roger’s Moon, which can be very stirring emotionally, but also could at times be wearing.  Right through Wimbledon, the South Node is on Ljubicic’s Mars, which could be difficult for him karmically.

Roger Federer plays Guido Pella (Argentina) in the first round.  Guido Pella has strong transits at the beginning of Wimbledon, so should play well.

Stan Wawrinka  – No. 4 Seed

At the beginning of Wimbledon 2016,  Uranus from Aries in  Wawrinka’s 10th House sextiles his natal Moon in Gemini in 12th House.  That should give him a good intuitive charge.

At the end of the tournament, Jupiter from Virgo in his 3rd House squares his natal Uranus in Sagittarius in his 6th House, so he could find himself in the final, though the result is not likely to go his way.  Saturn from Sagittarius in his 6th House sextiles his natal Jupiter in Aquarius in 8th House, which indicates he will be playing steadily towards the end of the tournament.  Neptune will conjunct his Midheaven in Pisces in 9th House, so his direction may be confused at the end.

His coach Richard Krajicek:

Here is another top player who has recently changed his coach.  Richard Krajicek is a previous winner at Wimbledon, who has a very Jupiterian chart, very positive and enthusiastic.  They have a good personal chemistry, though some nervous tension between them.  There’s a lot of energy in the air at the beginning of Wimbledon for Krajicek, for example Pluto sextile his Mars, but the transits are much quieter at the end of Wimbledon.

Wawrinka plays Taylor Fritz (US) in the first round.  Fritz will have Jupiter on his North Node, and Pluto trine his North Node, so he should enjoy the challenge and experience.

Ladies Singles

Maria Sharapova is now out of the running.  At the time her drug scandal came to light, she did have significant Neptunian (drug related) transits.  She also has Chiron on her Venus in Pisces this year.

Serena Williams – No. 1 Seed

Serena’s win at Wimbledon last year enabled her to break Grand Slam records.  At the beginning of this year, Jupiter from Virgo sextiles her Venus in Scorpio, and Pluto from Capricorn sextiles her Venus.  That constitutes a brilliant start, and she will be on good form.  The North Node from Virgo also sextiles her Venus, so she will have a great deal of luck.  But Pluto will at the same time square her Jupiter! So she will have challenges too.  Saturn will be sextile her Saturn, some steady playing, and Uranus opposes her Pluto, a possibility of upset but her transits are overall very positive.  At the end of Wimbledon, she keeps most of her positive aspects, but Pluto still squares her Jupiter, and this is possibly the reason she lost to Muguruza at the French Open.  I will keep looking at the nuances of her astrological picture throughout the tournament.

She plays Amra Sadikovic (Switzerland) in the first round, who has some very strong transits at the beginning of Wimbledon, and so is not likely to disgrace herself.

Garbine Muguruza – No. 2 Seed

Flamboyant Muguruza was runner up to Serena Williams in last year’s Wimbledon final, in a thrilling match.  She was runner up to Kerber in the Australian Open.  She has recently beaten Williams at the French Open, so she has to be a strong contender this year for the title, though she is diffident about her chances.  She may be Serena’s biggest threat.

When she won  the French Open Uranus was opposite Garbine’s Jupiter, Uranus sextile her Saturn and North Node trine her Uranus, quite a favourable line up, and Serena’s transits were difficult.

At the beginning of Wimbledon 2016 for Muguruza, Uranus is still sextile her Saturn, but Mars conjunct her Pluto, so there may be a hurdle or injury which hopefully she can get through in order to demonstrate some more of her crowd-pleasing brilliance. Kevin Mitchell in the Observer quotes her as saying “I feel quite calm, like I did in Paris”.  He adds:”Her on court demeanour is so at odds with the ice-cold attitude of some of her contemporaries that she cannot fail to become a Wimbledon favourite”.

At the end of Wimbledon, Mars squares her Saturn (not easy), Uranus still sextiles her Saturn (supportive), Jupiter trines her Uranus (that is a winning transit!), Jupiter trines her Neptune (spiritually strong) but Mars still conjuncts her Pluto.  Some astrological extremes going on here.

She plays Camila Giorgi (Italy) in the first round, who has a strongly Capricornian flavour to her chart.  Another heartening set of transits for Camila, so another who shouldn’t disgrace herself.

Agnieszka Radwanska  – No. 3 Seed

Agnieszka, no stranger to our pages, begins Wimbledon with strong aspects, mostly favourable: Jupiter opposite her Sun, Pluto sextile her Sun, South Node on her Sun, Mars square her Mercury, Neptune sextile her Saturn, and Neptune sextile her Neptune.  She will be feeling pretty “together”, harmonious with her own core energies and spirituality.

At the end, she may be feeling a little rattled, with Mars square her Mercury, but Uranus sextile her natal Mercury will give her mental strength, and Neptune still sextiles her Saturn and Neptune.  Pluto also still sextiles her natal Sun, so a strong showing at the end also likely.

She plays Kateryna Kozlova (Ukraine) in the first round, who has a very Piscean chart.  Kozlova has Uranus square Uranus, so may cave in quickly during the match.

Angelique Kerber – No. 4 Seed

Angelique, also no stranger to these pages, has Neptune trine her Pluto at the beginning of the tournament.  If she digs deep psychologically, she could be very strong early on.  This transit prevails right through the tournament, so it could be a complex but rewarding journey for her if she approaches it as a psychological and spiritual exercise, learning deeply as she goes on, employing mindfulness and staying in the Now!  I am not sure it is enough for her to win, though.

She plays our Laura Robson in the first round, who has unfortunately Uranus square Mars at the beginning of the tournament, indicating an upset or even injury.  A trine from Neptune to her Jupiter will ensure that she is philosophical about it.