Many of the aspects this week fall during the sleep period in the U.K., so it could be a fruitful week for dream work and insights in the night here (dream diary is a must).  The aspects will make for a more conscious or active experience in the U.S. (evening experiences for the most part) and in Australia and New Zealand (morning experiences).  Please adjust your body clock accordingly.  Those of you (I know at least one) travelling out of the U.K. to have conscious experiences this week, take note.  If you are in the conscious zones and wish to have a more subconscious experience, you can meditate on the aspects.  If you are in the subconscious zone and wish to have a more conscious experience, then keep yourself up for a few hours on liquorice tea, then take some chamomile tea to catch up on your sleep for the rest of the night.  That is, if you wish to connect with the aspects.  You may be too busy, or you may be preoccupied as some of you are already feeling the effects of next Sunday’s square between Saturn and Pluto.  I should be writing a blog for Saturn square Pluto, but it is manifesting for me as a creative block.  It is a difficult balance, and each person needs to start from where they are, whether on top of things or not on top of things.  If you have the time and energy to do the preparatory work on this square and Saturn in Libra visit the blogs of Pluto expert Donna Cunningham (Sky Writer) and Joyce Mason (The Radical Virgo) whose years of expertise have produced good sets of ideas for working through this square and negotiating Saturn in Libra.  Meanwhile the aspects of the week will keep you busy, though.  Venus entered Scorpio in the early hours of this morning, which may have resulted in an emotional wake-up call for some.  Mercury squares Jupiter in the early afternoon, so it may be difficult to focus on what needs to be said in conversation. There may be so many things which need to be communicated, that you may be too mentally overwhelmed to say the right things.  However, a conversation may be impossible to postpone, and hopefully the gist will come across to both parties.  Tomorrow (Monday 9th) Venus sextiles Pluto.  This is a much better space to have a conversation if it is on an emotional issue.  Again the aspect takes place in the early hours, so your dreams may provide a rehearsal of sorts.  On Tuesday 10th Mercury squares Chiron.  Treat yourself with kid gloves that day, especially if you are trying to resolve a set of issues which seem irreconcilable, perhaps part of your Pluto-Saturn scenario.  Exhaustion will not help your thought processes, so try and find a spot of rest even if you are busy at the office (you are entitled to regular rest breaks, remember!)  It’s especially important to let go of your fears, because you can’t base the rest of your life on them.  In the evening the Sun squares Jupiter, so you may have a euphoric moment as your fears leave you and you suddenly see the Sun through the clouds.  There again, let yourself relax and come into equilibrium – use that natal planet you might have in Libra, or your Venus function (everyone has one).  The 11:11 day on Wednesday brings an enlightening trine between Mercury and Uranus at 11.38 in the morning, which may accompany a flashing forth of intuition, and insights about the war in Afghanistan or about Earth Healing (or beyond).  Higher ways of thinking about the problems you have been grappling with may come to you.  In the early hours of Thursday 12th Mercury squares Neptune, and this can bring about insomnia or absent-mindedness.  Lay on the stocks of those uppers-and-downers liquorice and chamomile tea.  It is as though you have reached one plateau in your thought processes, only to realize you need to start climbing again.  Dialogue with your guides between sips of tea: the tea alone won’t help you process.  You can spend the rest of the week catching up on your sleep where possible, or if you are on top of things preparing your brief for the square of Saturn and Pluto on Sunday (15th).  These two planets will lock together, and if you have worked with each component successfully you may have the makings of a plan.  If not, then the other option (surrendering to the Universe) may hold surprises and produce more options than you thought possible.