Jupiter enters Libra at 11.18 a.m. on Friday 9th September in the U.K.  It is interesting that we have just received new pictures and sounds of the planet Jupiter via the Juno spacecraft: we have been able to” inspect” (Jupiter in Virgo) the planet more closely.  Apparently, Jupiter helps keep us safe as it sucks up passing asteroids and meteors and prevents them from reaching our orbit.  In Astrology, Jupiter is the Protector.

Whichever House (sphere of life activity) Jupiter currently occupies in your chart receives uplift and support from the Universe, and you are able to expand its activities during Jupiter’s transit through this House.  For many, the 0 degrees Libra point comes somewhere in the middle of the House, so Jupiter may have been bringing its blessings to that House while in the sign of Virgo.  So the movement of Jupiter into Libra will bring a change of emphasis or mode in the way the benefits come into your life.  One obvious way will be through partnership or relationship.

When Jupiter entered Virgo last year, I wrote: ” …there may be advances in ecological areas and the battle to arrest climate change”, and at this eleventh hour, with Jupiter at the very end of Virgo (28 degrees) there has been a commitment by China and the U.S. on climate change.  The Guardian writes:

“The United States and China, the world’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, have announced they will formally ratify the Paris climate change agreement in a move campaigners immediately hailed as a significant advance in the battle against global warming.”

Health is another area ruled by Virgo, and over the last year there have been a number of reports about health breakthroughs, most notably for Alzheimer’s research.  Scientist hubby however urges caution about overestimating their value at this stage.

Jupiter’s year long transit through Libra will in general improve relationships, romance and marriage, negotiations and the prospect of peace treaties.  It will bring a boost to the Arts, including the world of music.

If you know the House occupied by 0 degrees Libra in your birth chart, you may expect the following switch of emphasis starting this week, and benefits along the following lines:

Jupiter transiting the 1st House:

If Jupiter is transiting your 1st House of Personality and Lifestyle at this time, you may already have started to experience an upswing in some key areas of your life which are very personal to you.  You may be finding that you have more talents, and begin to spread your wings with these.  More opportunities may be opening out for you, too.  You may also be even more extrovert than usual!  If your Ascendant is in Virgo, this effect may have been a marked departure from your usual mode, and you may have gained in confidence.  As Jupiter turns into Libra, you will want to extend that confidence outwards in your one-to-one relationships, and may begin a new relationship or deepen an existing one.  You may explore some latent artistic talent, or take up a musical instrument.  If you are already very involved in artistic or musical pursuits, then you’ll make great progress.  Social justice may also be an area which engages you in this period.

Jupiter transiting the 2nd House:

If Jupiter is transiting your 2nd House of Finance and Earnings, you will probably be a bit more flush than usual at the moment, despite the economic climate.  You could be experiencing anything from a bit more money in your pocket, to a positive cornucopia of material benefits.  It’s a good time to practice your abundance affirmations (starting with “I am the Source of my Abundance”*), creative visualizations of wealth and inner riches** and materializing your future with Future Life Progression ***.

Book Resources:

*”Creating Money” by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

** “Creative Visualization” by Shakti Gawain

***”The Future is Yours” by Anne Jirsch

If your Ascendant is in Leo, Jupiter’s transit through Virgo will have heightened your attention to the detail of your accounting.  As Jupiter turns into Libra, you may invest in financial partnership, while taking care to balance your own needs.

Jupiter transiting the 3rd House:

If Jupiter is transiting your 3rd House of Communication, you may be finding there is an emphasis on expansion within your verbal and written expression.  If you are thinking of doing any writing, even within a regular journal, it could become a very rewarding exercise.  It may help you develop your philosophy of life, and you may even want to share it with others in some way.  This planet here also expands your contact with the world of education. This placing also enhances relationships with siblings, and short term travel and visits within your locality, or within the British Isles (or your own country).  If your Ascendant is in Cancer, Jupiter’s transit through Virgo will have enriched the use of your imagination in writing and your ability to expand on detail.  As Jupiter turns into Libra, you may collaborate with a co-writer or travel with a companion, in order to expand your experience of this life area.

Jupiter transiting the 4th House:

If Jupiter is transiting your 4th House of Home and Family, you may have home improvements or changes in residence recently to your benefit, or you may have recently moved.  It is also a good year to work on family relationships.  So home and family is the area of greatest joy at this time!  This may incorporate additions to the family and home extensions.  If your Ascendant is in Gemini, Jupiter’s transit through Virgo will have brought more fulfilment to family life and increased your drive to perfection.  As Jupiter turns into Libra, you may focus more on the quality of family relationships, and how you can foster communication within the family for further improvement.

Jupiter transiting the 5th House:

Oh Joy! This is one of the most pleasurable placings.  If Jupiter is transiting your 5th House of Love and Creativity at the moment, you may well have become aware of a new phase of expansion in relation to creativity. You may be searching out new ways to be creative and find joy in life.  There is also the opportunity to take advantage of a trend to make special new friendships and blossoming relationships.  Jupiter in the 5th is also favourable for building on your self-esteem and self-validation.  Write that novel, paint that painting, take up that Olympics-inspired sport, perform that Shakespearian play, perfect your flute-playing! If your Ascendant is in Taurus, Jupiter’s transit through Virgo will have brought more perfectionism to your playing and creating. As Jupiter turns into Libra, you may refine the elegance and grace of your artistry.

Jupiter transiting the 6th House:

If Jupiter is transiting your 5th House of Health, Community, and Working Conditions.  There may have been some office improvements in your place of work lately, and health issues may be improving.  You may also have acquired a new pet in the last year, or be about to.  There may be more involvement or service within the community, or the Sangha if you are a Buddhist!  If your Ascendant is in Aries, Jupiter’s transit through Virgo will have brought more exacting attention to these areas of life.  You may have been having carefree health conditions, or conversely lots of check ups which were hopefully passed with flying colours.   As Jupiter turns into Libra, you may find there is a different way of attending to your health, focussing on harmony and balance, with possibly meditation aiding your awareness.

Jupiter transiting the 7th House:

If Jupiter is transiting your 7th House of Close Relationships and/or Marriage, this bodes well for such affairs.  A relationship may recently have blossomed, or there may be a significant renewal of affection.  It is a good time as well to seek the quality of freedom within a close relationship, so that you can express yourself more widely.  There may be a celebration this year in connection with such a close relationship.  If your Ascendant is in Pisces (a rare placing), Jupiter’s transit through Virgo will have enabled you to work at your primary relationship and seen corresponding rewards.  As Jupiter turns into Libra, you may be able to relax more within the relationship, and enjoy the underlying harmony and peace of your Soul connection(s).

Jupiter transiting the 8th House:

If Jupiter is transiting your 8th House of Spirituality and Financial Arrangements with Others, so you should gradually be seeing improvement in these areas. There may be some material gain through other people, and a greater faith in life.  If your Ascendant is in Aquarius, Jupiter’s transit through Virgo will have increased your sense of detachment and perspective about finance as it pertains to relationship, and you may have coolly reached certain conclusions.  As Jupiter turns into Libra, you may from that viewpoint which is advantageous to you be able to extend further and more warmly towards others, knowing that your assets are secure and there is nothing to fear from further engagement.  There may also be more passion in your life.

Jupiter transiting the 9th House:

If Jupiter is transiting your 9th House of Religion, Philosophy and Foreign Travel, these areas in your life may be currently enhanced.  You may be stimulated to start some deep study, perhaps when the new courses start this month.  It can open up a deeper connection with God and the Universe, as well as a more all-embracing philosophy of life.  As mentioned, where Jupiter is at any given time is where the Universe is on your side, and where you receive the most assistance in your life during this period.  It is also where the Universe urges you to grow, and also literally cover the most ground!  A trip abroad this year could be very helpful.  If your Ascendant is in Capricorn, Jupiter’s transit through Virgo will have increased your thirst for knowledge about life, and expanded the Seeker Within. As Jupiter turns into Libra, you may explore relations with those abroad, past life memories within other countries, and global connections.

Jupiter transiting the 10th House:

 If Jupiter is transiting your 10th House of Career, Life Direction and Highest Potential, there are opportunities on the horizon and beneficial life changes: a chance to get out of a rut, if you feel that you are in one.  It’s a good time to seize opportunities in this area of your life.  If your Ascendant is in Sagittarius, Jupiter’s transit through Virgo will have encouraged you to pay attention to the detail of planning your future (e.g. making a five year plan, as distinct from winging it), and fostered the discipline of sticking with a course of action. As Jupiter turns into Libra, you may look for those connections which will be of assistance in your career, those kindred spirits, some of whom you have known and worked with in past lives, and some of whom you will have made sacred contracts with to carry out your work.  Some of these new career connections could become significant relationships in your life.

Jupiter transiting the 11th House:

If Jupiter is transiting your 11th House of Groups and Friendships, these factors take an upturn in your life.  New friendships and old friendships alike blossom, and joining and membership of groups is favoured and expands you.  The accent may be on humour within friendships in this time period, and the relationship between creativity and humour.  More Sagittarian Clowns may feature in your life this year.  If your Ascendant is in Scorpio, Jupiter’s transit through Virgo will have encouraged you to expand your circle of friendship and trust within your relationships, letting more people into your life. As Jupiter turns into Libra, you may concentrate on a few of the good people you have got to know recently, and cultivate your shared interests, thoughts and ideas.

Jupiter transiting the 12th House:

If Jupiter is transiting your 12th House of the Unconscious, Dreams and Meditations at the moment, there is a focus on benefits to these areas of your inner world.  This is a placing which fosters Emerging Hope, prior to Jupiter’s transit of your Ascendant and entry into your 1st House (most probably occurring next year). Though you may not be aware of better things to come, your subconscious may be, and your dreams may show a growing sense of hope, trust and faith. You will be successful in this year in exploring your inner world and altruistic work such as helping those in need and efforts on behalf of the planet and humanity in general.  A little more seclusion may be needed in order to achieve this.  If your Ascendant is in Libra, Jupiter’s transit through Virgo will have encouraged you to trust your inner knowing, and psychological self-reliance. As Jupiter turns into Libra, you may seek new relationships which encourage your inner growth.

If your Ascendant is at 0 degrees of a sign, look to the previous Ascendant sign (in bold). If you do not know your Ascendant and its degree, or are simply confused, then ask an Astrologer!