I’ve been staring at too many screens lately: television, computers, commuter screens, mobile phone, i-phone and cinema (the wonderful “Bright Star” depiction of the life of John Keats – with Ben Whishaw divinely cast as the archetypal poet)…knowing that all these electrical vibes are interfering with my natural state of being.  Ten years ago I was just fighting a paper war, and this is more detrimental.  Saturn in Pluto today could highlight on a physical level where your environment is out of alignment with your physical body and you may take a radical step in thinking of a solution.  I have stopped wearing glasses this week, and tried to pare down to the minimum my staring into screens.  In the past I have had 5 years’ worth of lessons in the Bates method of natural eyesight, and attended a Meir Schneider workshop and read countless books on natural eyesight, enough to engrain the fact that glasses can distort your (inner and outer) vision.  So now, this week, I am learning to trust my eyes again after nearly 50 years of wearing glasses.  If you spot any typos, please bear with me…The Pluto-Saturn square will not solve your problems overnight, it will merely highlight and define problems, and help you to acknowledge and state them, or face them.  If the problem involves another person, you may acknowledge stalemate and ascertain what level of good will there is to work with so that the next step can be achieved.  On the world stage this morning the powers-that-be acknowledge that there will be no progress before the conference on climate change in Copenhagen in December.  They are therefore considering another summit in the Spring.  This illustrates the Saturn-Pluto stuckness, but all that seemingly can be done is to re-affirm the commitment to the process.  Two other aspects occurring today provide some of the detail, though not the main drama: early on, the Sun trines Uranus, and after the Saturn-Pluto square mid-afternoon in the U.K. (15.20 Hrs), the evening brings a square between the Sun and Neptune (23.11 Hrs).  It seems to follow that if a planet pleases Uranus at the moment it immediately falls out of line with Neptune and vice versa because these two planets have been in semi-sextile relation to each other this year.  There will be a feeling that you can’t please everyone, therefore.  That doesn’t mean you can’t go as far as you can to meeting mutual needs, and it doesn’t mean that you stop caring.  You may agree to differ, but you can still care, and keep that heart expanding.  The harmonious Uranus angle helps certain aspects of communication, while the inharmonious Neptune aspect triggers  glamour and illusion of the sort we will be seeing on our screens (I shouldn’t watch) on X-Factor tonight and next weekend: will Simon Cowell be true to his integrity, will the twins win the nation over despite their better judgement, will Louis Walsh hash up some more rules and regulations to keep up the aggro, and will the right act be eliminated?  Yes or no, it’s the illusion of public power that decides.  Tomorrow (Monday 16) offers the chance of a fresh start, with Mercury entering Sagittarius early on and then in the early evening (early afternoon in the U.S. and early morning in Australia) there is the prospect of the New Moon in Scorpio.  Are you listening to the messages of your body?  Have you come to terms with the X-Factor result?  Can you put behind you the disappointment of the intractability of the climate change situation, in order to start afresh with renewed vigour on the best way to proceed?  Mercury in Sagittarius offers a fresh optimism and a new voice.  Tuesday 17th  offers a  constructive start in a sextile between Mercury and Saturn – the fresh voice of Mercury mediating on behalf of realism.  Thursday 19th could be socially inept with Mars squaring Venus.  Another social gaffe perhaps from Gordon Brown?  Last week’s gaffe (the untidy letter to the mother of a boy killed in Afghanistan) was turned to his advantage, despite any effort he might have been making to shoot himself in the foot.  Andrew Rawnsley writes in the Observer today: “What threatened to be another awful week for Gordon Brown has superficially turned out rather better than it looked at the start because he has attracted sympathy”, but this is not likely to be a new trend, as I think it is nothing more than a passing transit of Mars to his Moon (keywords for which are relationship with the public, mothers, and sympathy).  Thursday’s Mars square Venus is the type of aspect which results in people overstepping their social boundaries, and may result in unlikely pairings, such as that of  Tess Daly and Ronnie Corbett on Strictly Come Dancing.  Did I declare that I am cutting down on my viewing?  Can I do without Strictly Come Dancing…?  We’ll see.  I’ll text ya.