A Compatibility Guide for Virgos

Are you a Virgo, or do you have a friend, relative or partner born under that sign? Famous Virgoan Greta Garbo may have wanted to be alone, but she was an extreme Virgo.

Virgo Sun with Aries Sun

These two have very different energies, but can bring out what the other needs.  The Virgo could have a quiet energy, with a patient attention to detail.  In contrast, Aries can be impulsive and fiery.  They can both be practical, though, in different ways.  Virgo can persuade the Aries to slow down, and Aries can influence the Virgo to flow more and not get bogged down.  Virgo practicality brings realism, and Aries practicality brings physical momentum, so in this way they can work together.

Virgo Sun with Taurus Sun ****

This can be an ideal combination, and full of mutual admiration.  Virgo can admire Taurus’ artistry, while Taurus can admire Virgo’s craftsmanship, so a good working partnership.  There can be a great deal of harmony between them, but it is possible for them both to get in a rut without outside interests.

Famous Example: Rebecca Miller (film maker, daughter of Arthur Miller) and Daniel Day Lewis, married 20 years

Virgo Sun with Gemini Sun

They are both mentally-orientated, ruled by Mercury, and so communication should be good between them.  However, with too much mental energy, they may both get a bit irritable at times.  Virgos can find their Inner Extravert in relationship with a Gemini, while equally Geminis can find their Inner Introvert in the relationship!

Famous Example: Prince Albert and Queen Victoria (topical on TV now); their Suns were exactly square, so this combination can work, despite the difficult angle

Virgo Sun with Cancerian Sun

This is another harmonious pairing.  It can also assist domestic bliss.  The Cancer/Virgo emphasis may be on getting the home shipshape.  Virgo will get everything just so, and Cancer will make the place feel like home.  They may also have a shared interest in nutrition, the Cancerian liking to nurture in general, and the Virgoan having an interest in healthy eating.  A healthy eating catering business could be a going concern.

Virgo Sun with Leo Sun

This is a classic pairing, and not just because they are neighbours in the zodiac and may have planets in each other’s sign.  With the Leo penchant for leading, and the Virgo desire to give service, you often find a Virgo in Leo’s pocket.  These two signs seem to follow each other around.  For example, you may find they share a bond within the theatrical world, with Leo treading the boards and Virgo working behind the scenes to make a perfect production.

Virgo Sun with Virgo Sun

People of the same sign by and large understand each other well.  This combination could be excellent in a working partnership, as they both have a strong work ethic.  They could both be specialists in their field, and so when they are working in the same field can achieve near perfection.

Virgo Sun with Libra Sun

Neighbouring signs often share planetary proximities, so a Virgo may have Libran planets giving rise to artistic or musical understanding, and a Libran may have Virgo planets encouraging conscientiousness in working ideals.  The Virgo highly sensitive nervous system will be soothed by the Libran’s harmony, and the Libran will be spurred on to greater achievement in their musical or artistic aspirations.  However, Virgos can sometimes think of Librans as lazy.

Famous Example: Lenny Henry and Dawn French, who were married for 25 years

Virgo Sun with Scorpio Sun

This is a harmonious placing, and can achieve great depth of work or psychological understanding between them, if both are constructive.  The Virgo practicality can be a helpful backdrop for the Scorpio’s psychological searching.  The Scorpio can encourage the Virgo to look deeper than the surface detail, and allow feelings which may have been repressed.

Famous Example: Jeanette Winterson and Susie Orbach, in which Susie is the Scorpio psychotherapist, but writer Jeanette has her Sun exactly conjunct Pluto, giving her Scorpio qualities of her own

Virgo Sun with Sagittarius Sun

Traditionally, these two have a very different world view, the Virgo being less able to see the wood for the trees, and the Sagittarian being less able to see the trees for the wood.  If they are able to co-exist, they can balance each other’s world view, and Virgo will be able to take a wider perspective, and Sagittarius being less apt to ignore important details.  That’s one gift they can bring to each other.  They also share adaptability, so may be able to travel happily together.

Virgo Sun with Capricorn Sun****

Another potentially successful pairing.  Again, these two can work together harmoniously, with Virgo having a strong work ethic, and Capricorn believing in ambition.  Capricorn likes to administer and delegate, and Virgo likes to get on with the job, so when it is that way round, the relationship is easiest.  These two can gel well in a business partnership, or be a formidable alliance in the workplace.

Virgo Sun with Aquarius Sun

These two may not have a great deal in common, but socially they both like to keep a little bit of distance, so will respect each other’s boundaries.  Each can see the other as cool, in different ways.  Aquarius may be regarded as cool, as in hip, and Virgo may admire that.  Virgo can be cool and efficient, and Aquarius may admire that, and see Virgo as a valuable ally.  Both are idealistic signs, in different ways, and in a group or in teamwork their friendship can especially flourish.

Virgo Sun with Pisces Sun

These two are opposites, and well aware of it.  Traditionally Virgo is tidy and Pisces is messy, but in some humorous cosmic twist when they are in partnership the Pisces can accuse the Virgo of being messy, and the Virgo may find the Piscean too tidy.  They can merge quite a lot in partnership, having a direct line to each other in the zodiac.  In addition, the Virgoan can be quite susceptible to Piscean emotion, and the Virgo may encourage the Piscean to put a lid on it!

Famous Example: Alison Steadman and Mike Leigh; their Suns are in opposition by only 1 degree ~ they were married for 22 years


A full compatibility analysis details every component of the two birthcharts in relation to each other, not just the Sun sign.  As there is a lot of work involved, it is my most expensive service, at £45.


Pluto squared Venus this morning, which may have been tough if you did not have a lie in.  I myself was sleepless in Downham Market last night, and found that I was prompted to get up at exactly the time of the square: 7.47 a.m.  I was ejected from my comfort zone by the reality that I just wasn’t going to get any more sleep.  So this may have been a time of psychological awakening or hard truth for you today.

Tomorrow (Monday 12th) Mercury squares Mars, so you may be fractious or irritable, possibly through lack of sleep, no doubt through some superficial discomfort rather than any profound cause.  Mercury square Mars is incident-prone, producing for instance minor cuts and bruises, and minor verbal skirmishes.  It takes place at tea-time in the U.K.  Try to arrange a non-confrontational seating plan at the dining table.

In the late evening, the Sun conjuncts Mercury at 21 degrees Virgo, and now is the time to have that absorbing chat, or write the next Chapter of your novel.  I would stop short of trying to tackle your tax forms, even though this would ordinarily be an ideal placing, as you could be left with the overactive-mind-at-bedtime syndrome which is the exact thing you might be trying to avoid.

There is more aggro on Tuesday (13th) as the Sun goes on to square Mars.  You may find you ignored warnings not to over-use your mind the night before or the night before that, and wake up somewhat grumpy, which won’t help your interactions and inner peace.  Try to stabilize your mood during the day, for the square occurs mid evening.  Be in command of your equanimity. If you have any Libran planets in your chart, harness them now.  That will ensure that any conflict occurring in your vicinity may be water off a duck’s back.  Send them your best Reiki healing efforts.

The need for healing continues on Thursday (15th) when there is a T-square operating between the Sun opposing Chiron, and both squaring Mars.  It is possible that you may have not been able to wholly contain the conflicting energies of Sun square Mars on Tuesday, unless you have a strong Peacemaker Archetype.  So the situation may rumble on, or you may leave one situation and walk into another similar one.  Again, apply my advice from Tuesday or follow your own suggestions, solutions and experiences from that day.  The purpose of the T-square, heavily involving Chiron, is ultimately healing.  As Sarah’s guide commented at Light Pod this week “Most challenging situations bring about improvement.”

Friday (16th) brings an Eclipse and Full Moon in Pisces, so it may feel as though there has been no let up in tension all week!  Full Moon in Pisces is the most emotional and sensitive of all the Full Moons, and you may at this time feel overwhelm, or a sense of drowning in your emotions or your reactions to other people’s emotions.  If you can centre yourself in the Universal Consciousness, you may find the calmness or perspective you need.  This may require sitting in meditation for a short while.  This Full Moon occurs early evening, but the emotion and tension should then start to dissipate, bringing all round relief.

As your reward for a challenging week, the Universe is producing a trine on Saturday (17th) for you to fashion something creative and some success from the wisdom gained.  For Mars trines Uranus at tea-time on Saturday.  This time you can position the chairs round the dining table however you like, any sparks will bring creativity and innovation, rather than a stand-off.  You may feel excited about the gains you have made this week, and the possibilities that lie ahead.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – out of your comfort zone
  • Tomorrow – over-excitable; later, good conversation
  • Tuesday – healing manoeuvres
  • Thursday – hot headed
  • Friday – emotional
  • Saturday – appropriately excitable