Strictly Come Dancing – Part 2

Time now to put the astrological microscope on the next 4 contestants in the new season of Strictly Come Dancing, now that all the contestants have competed for the first time.  The standard was incredibly high, for the first week of the contest.

Louise Redknapp

Louise, former singer with the girl band Eternal, is married to the footballer Jamie Redknapp.  In her chart she has 6 of her 10 planets in the Water element, so may be able to convey all that emotion through dance.  She has been a judge on So You Think You Can Dance so she must have some expertise in this medium.  Her Sun is conjunct exactly Venus – she definitely has musicality, being a singer by trade.  Her Sun is trine Jupiter – she is lucky, and may be saved by the public even in her weaker weeks.  She has Mars trine Jupiter, making her enthusiastic, and that’s another quality which may come across.  Her energy is electrical, with Mars conjunct Uranus. Louise currently has Mars sextile her natal Uranus, so she makes an electrifying start.  Saturn conjuncts her North Node, so she may find the commitment hard, or difficult to balance with her family life.  At the close of the competition Mars is still trine her Uranus, so she may be able to sustain the excitement and freshness throughout.  Jupiter will be square her Saturn, so she will feel she has done her utmost, effortwise.  Saturn will be trine her Chiron, which will feel as though she has conquered some weakness or fear.  Uranus will conjunct her Chiron, so there is a slight danger of injury along the way, but all in all I think her efforts will be sustained.

Louise is partnered with Kevin Clifton, whose wife Karen and sister Joanne are also involved with Strictly.   Previously I have noted his “great natural elegance with several planets in Libra”.  There is also great dexterity, with Mercury sextile Uranus”.   In their compatibility, her Saturn squares his Sun, so he may not find it easy teaching her. On current form, Kevin is buzzing, with Jupiter on his Mercury.  Pluto is sextile exactly his Jupiter, so he is also a powerhouse now!  At the finishing line, Jupiter is on his Sun, so could it be another win for Kevin?  He seems unstoppable!  Saturn will be sextile exactly his Sun, so he will also be controlled.  Could well be in the final.

Tameka Empson

As Kim Fox in Eastenders, Tameka never fails to put a smile on our faces.  In the storylines, she has been teaching dance to the locals of Albert Square, and hilarity is her middle name.  She is a bubbly Aries (was in an appropriate red costume), and has half her planets in the Fire signs!  Her birth chart shows Mercury opposite Uranus, which can be controversial in speech; Venus trine Neptune, which could be captivating on the dance floor; and Saturn square Uranus, which might bring eruptions from time to time.  The Sun and Chiron conjunct the South Node in Leo, may mean she could have been a healer in ancient Egypt!  During her first dance(s), she has Saturn trine her natal Venus, so she is likely to be slow and sure building up her skills.  Jupiter trines her Jupiter, so she’ll have some flamboyant touches up her sleeve, and start strongly in the competition.  Neptune is trine her Uranus as well, so she will be taking in new complexity.  At the close of the competition, Chiron will be conjunct her Mars, so again there is a possibility of injury.  Neptune stays trine her Uranus, so she will feel she has learned a lot!

She has been partnered with Gorka Marquez, a newcomer.  With the Sun exactly trine his Neptune, he is born to dance.  Mercury trine exactly Saturn gives him good concentration – he could be a hard taskmaster.  Mars sextile Jupiter, provides energy allied with enthusiasm, and will ensure he laughs along with Tameka.  Jupiter conjunct closely South Node in Leo indicates he could have known Tameka in ancient Egypt, as a priest.  How will they get on?  His Venus trines Tameka’s  Sun, so there will be a mutual admiration. Her Jupiter is conjunct his Mars, energizing him.  Their Jupiters are sextile, so they can bring each other luck.  Her Pluto squares his Neptune, so she could literally floor him at times! At first dances, Saturn will be square his natal Sun, so he will find it hard work.  The North Node will be conjunct his natal Sun, indicating it is an important time for him karmically, putting him on the map.  Jupiter will be sextile his Jupiter – he will be happy with early outcomes.  The North Node will be trine his natal Neptune, showcasing his dance in his time to shine.  Pluto will also be sextile his Pluto, an empowering time – he will feel masterful.  At the close of the contest, Jupiter squares his Saturn, so he will feel he has done as well as he can, but that does not look like a winning transit.

Judge Rinder

I think I speak for everybody when I say Judge Rinder’s dancing left me gobsmacked.  I have never sat down to watch his courtroom television programme, but judges do sit very stiffly.  So to see him come on the dance floor and throw away all abandon and inhibition was a total surprise!  The dance judges praised him for flamboyance, and good hip action.  In interviews, he has displayed a sharp wit.  He is the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, and gained a double first class honours degree from Manchester University.  Apparently, he gave up acting because he was not as good as Benedict Cumberbatch (who is a friend).  Sadly we do not currently have a birth date for him, but on the strength of his first performance I would say he will get at least to the middle of the contest, if not to Blackpool.

He is partnered with Oksana Platero, another newbie.  We do have her birth date, so hopefully can assess some of his chances through her birthchart.  She is a passionate Scorpio, with Sun sextile closely Neptune, another dancer born to the profession.  Her Sun conjuncts Pluto and  is exactly trine Chiron, so she feels deeply and has healing qualities.  She does have a Grand Cross in her chart, so probably has not had an easy life.  I imagine some deep conversations in the practice room as they get to know each other.  For their first dance, Jupiter was trine her Jupiter, another great start in the contest, with Mars conjunct her Uranus adding sizzle.  North Node is sextile her Pluto, showing this is an important time on her life’s path.  Plus she has a Nodal Reversal from its original position, so this will prove to be a turning point in her life.  By the end of the contest, the North Node sextiles her Sun (important karma), and Mars sextiles her Saturn (she has plenty of fighting spirit).  On that score, I think she and Judge Rinder will get past Blackpool, but not quite make the final.  If I obtain his birth time in the mean time I will keep you posted.


Anastacia is a survivor, having come through many illnesses, but says she feels very nervous about this contest.  She made a good start last night, however.  She has the challenge of Sun conjunct Pluto in Virgo, but also some of the luck of Jupiter conjunct her Sun, in a triple conjunction.  Her Sun also conjuncts Uranus, so she is capable of pulling surprises out of the bag.  Another aspect to her Sun is an exact sextile from Neptune, so dancing is one of her strengths.  In all, with so many strong aspects to her Sun she has a tremendous sense of her own individuality.  The feminine side of life is not straightforward, with three squares to her Moon.  But she also has Pluto and Neptune supporting her Moon, so again when it counts she can dig deep and find what she needs.  Jupiter conjunct Pluto lends more power to her elbow, and Uranus conjunct Pluto gives her an anarchic energy, which can be useful at times.  She showed a steamy side in last night’s dance, but could come into her own with the wilder dances.  At the beginning of the competition, Uranus conjuncts her natal Saturn and Chiron opposes her Pluto, so it is quite an effort for her.  At the close of the contest, Uranus opposes her Mercury, so she may be feeling the accumulated strain of the competition.  Looking at the midpoint of the competition (to try and find some supportive transits, as there is no doubt she has dancing talent), Mars trines her Sun (she finds her fighting spirit), Mars squares her Saturn (working really hard) and Mars sextiles her natal Neptune (she is really in her rhythm).

She is partnered with the incomparable Brendan Cole, one of my favourites.  I have written in the past: “His ‘bad boy’ image funnily enough comes from his conjunction of the Sun and Chiron, which wants to do things his way – in the past it got him into hot water with the judges.”  In their chemistry, her Pluto trines his Mercury, so she makes him think.  Their Venuses are in exact opposition, which could provide tension but could be complementary in the way they express their art.  Her Jupiter sextiles exactly his Mars, so they support each other’s energy well.  His Pluto sits on her South Node, so there may be heavy past-life karma between them.  At the start of the competition, Chiron is sextile his Mercury, so he is mentally stimulated.  Saturn will be on his Neptune in the middle of the contest, which suggests some dampening circumstance.  At the finish however, he has North Node trine his Jupiter, which could be personally gratifying (he has been mooted as possible successor to Len).  He won the first ever Strictly contest, but I don’t think he will win this year, taking his transits into account together with Anastacia’s.


Tomorrow (Monday 26th) is the stand-out day this week, with the stand-out conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter occurring in the morning.  This is one of the best aspects to occur during the course of the year, and depending on what House it occupies in your chart, it will bring corresponding benefits.  If you need further clarification, read my blog of 4th September about Jupiter in Libra.  It is a time to go for goals and go for gold.

“Always believe in your soul
You’ve got the power to know
You’re indestructible”

in the immortal words of Spandau Ballet, or more specifically Gary Kemp, who wrote this song as a spoof on James Bond themes.  It’s good enough for tomorrow.

More rewards come in the afternoon, with Pluto stationary prior to turning direct.  Psychological researches start to yield fruit.  You may feel that you are starting to make progress in a fundamental way, and that the tide is with you.

On Tuesday (27th) morning Mars enters Capricorn.  You may have gone as far as you could, pushing with a line of philosophy, e.g. goal-centred growth.  Now you will need to apply your philosophy, or modify it, in order to try to achieve something practical to show for your outlook on life.  You’ll need to be more organized in the use of your energies, and think about a structure for your life to put those energies into.

Just past midnight on Friday (30th), in the very early hour of Saturday (1st Oct), we have a New Moon at 8 degrees Libra, a chance to put into practice your newly applied philosophy and structures if you have been working on them this week.  If you have been working on other lines also, you can create a new beginning, especially if it concerns relationships or the Arts.  New harmony or peace may break out in some quarters, too.  This New Moon has a soothing quality.  It will be likely to occur in the same House in your birthchart as Monday’s Sun-Jupiter conjunction, so if you experienced benefits in your life on that day, the new beginning may pertain to the same area of your life.

Saturday has further delights in store: late afternoon brings a trine between Venus and Neptune, which is absolutely inspired for artistic and musical ventures.  Practising your dance moves could be an ecstatic experience, and Strictly Come Dancing will see some exceptional moves.  Saturday afternoon and evening should prove positively breathtaking for all, both participants and audiences, in the field of the arts.  There is also a subtle aura of romance in the air.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – luck and progress
  • Tuesday – forging on ahead with ambition
  • Saturday – new beginning and inspiration