A Compatibility Guide for Librans

Are you a Libran, or do you have a friend, relative or partner born under that sign? Librans can generally harmonize well with other signs, and are the romantics of the zodiac.

Libra Sun with Aries Sun

These two signs pull in opposite directions, but can balance each other.  Libra can bring peace to Aries, and Aries can bring energy and movement to the equation.  The colour for Aries is red, and the colour for Libra is blue, so the combination in purple or violet can bring the two together in unity.

Famous Example: Ola Jordan and James Jordan, dance partners and married 13 years

Libra Sun with Taurus Sun

Both these signs are ruled by Venus, so they both enjoy the Arts, including music, and harmony.  When collaborating on an artistic or musical venture, they each contribute to their strengths: Taurus contributes form, such as in pottery and sculpture, and Libra contributes composition and design.  Therefore they can start an art gallery together, or a singing choir.

Libra Sun with Gemini Sun ****

One of the best combinations, with good communication (both Air signs) but Gemini able to make the Libran think, and Libra driving the conversation along cultural lines of interest.  These two signs are very comfortable with each other.  If they both have Venus in Leo, they’ll enjoy trips to the theatre, or performance arts.

Famous Example: Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott (good working colleagues!)

Libra Sun with Cancerian Sun

This is not such an easy pairing, the two signs being squared.  However, if they are both interested in home-making, they can pull together, with Libra having a say in interior design, furnishing and fabric.  Another possible area of bonding is music: Cancerians are skilled in musical rhythm, such as the drum section of a band, and Libran talents include singing and playing other musical instruments.  There is also a basic gentleness about both signs, which could prove a harmonious backdrop to a life together.

Libra Sun with Leo Sun

This is a lovely partnership, which can be great fun in art, music and general creativity.  They can really inspire each other, and Libran people skills result in a fine handling of Leo’s power issues.  For example, Librans can tactfully smooth things over and harmonize situations, and help appropriate boundaries to be drawn.  These two can share a love of luxury.  There’s a quote from romantic Libran Brian Blessed about his relationship with Leo wife Hildegard Neil (married since 1978):

“Every day I wake up with my wife and we both can’t wait for the day to start.  We hold hands and we’re immensely happy. The love just grows”

Libra Sun with Virgo Sun

Neighbouring signs often share planetary proximities, so a Virgo may have Libran planets giving rise to artistic or musical understanding, and a Libran may have Virgo planets encouraging conscientiousness in working ideals.  The Virgo highly sensitive nervous system will be soothed by the Libran’s harmony, and the Libran will be spurred on to greater achievement in their musical or artistic aspirations.  However, Virgos can sometimes think of Librans as lazy.

Famous Example: Lenny Henry and Dawn French, who were married for 25 years

Libra Sun with Libra Sun

This can be a dream team: fostering peace, love and harmony between them.  If one of them has a very strong counterbalancing sign, say as their Moonsign or Ascendant, then they may get bored, or try to sway the other.  But they are both trying to achieve balance, and can help each other do so.  Meditating together for instance, can produce a centre of tranquillity.

Famous Example: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have been married for 16 years, and share a birthday on 25th September

Libra Sun with Scorpio Sun

This partnership may not be so easy, as the preferred Libran boat of harmony, tranquillity and attempted balance may be frequently rocked by the more intense and deep and meaningful existence of the Scorpio.  However, this duo may be a chosen path in itself, in order to bring some peace to the Scorpio and some extra challenge to the Libran.  That in itself may bring meaning to their union.

Libra Sun with Sagittarius Sun

This partnership could be a lot of fun, and encourage self-expression in positive ways.  Libra may focus on interests in the Arts, and Sagittarius may be inclined towards globe-trotting, but their communication will be excellent and they can share each other’s interests fairly happily.  One area of interest which they do both share is Law: they might both enjoy watching television programmes or films of this nature, e.g. Judge Rinder!  Sagittarius can enthusiastically endorse Libra’s love of fairness and justice in society, and Libra may enjoy intellectual banter and a sense of freedom with Sagittarius.  Outdoor pursuits too may unite them.

Famous Example: Davina McCall and Matthew Robertson have been married 16 years

Libra Sun with Capricorn Sun

This combination may not be quite so easy, as they are both Cardinal signs (wanting to lead), and this may be difficult for Libra who wants to please, in the face of Capricorn who may want to stamp his or her authority on their plans.  They can be united in working for the same ends, e.g. a large scale project, in which they have their designated areas of expertise. For example, in a small firm where Libra handles the Human Resources, and Capricorn is in charge of general administration.  In family life, they may similarly have to divide their chores.  Capricorn can help shape Libran aspirations, and Librans can help keep Capricorns buoyant.

Libra Sun with Aquarius Sun****

This is one of those ideal matches, both Air signs, understanding each other through mental communication of the lower mind (rational exchange of ideas) and the higher mind (through telepathy).  These two can be truly in tune with each other.  If in a group of friends, a working group or team mates, the Aquarian may take charge of overall organization and Libra may connect with each member of the group through a one-to-one heart connection, thus both contributing their strengths.  This is a good partnership for setting up groups and workshops together.

Libra Sun with Pisces Sun

Though the angle between these two signs is not an easy one, both do well in compatibility generally.  Libran is people-pleasing and likes to promote harmony, and Pisces can easily blend emotionally and empathize with the other.  Both are idealistic, and Pisces is imaginative and dreamy, and will enjoy the vibe that Libra puts out.  These two can create a cocoon of love between them: others may enjoy this ambience, but some may find it too sugary with the absence of edge.  Some who are drawn to their company like a quiet life and will enjoy this, but some unconsciously seek drama, which they won’t find so much with these two.


A full compatibility analysis details every component of the two birthcharts in relation to each other, not just the Sun sign.  As there is a lot of work involved, it is my most expensive service, at £45.


The aspects begin on Tuesday (11th) this week, which is a good day for them.  First, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter at 6 degrees Libra, which will delight everyone.  The prospects are bright for sales and business, learning and education, communication, positive thinking, and travelling.  The conjunction’s placement in the sign of Libra enhances relationships, art and music, and promotes harmony and peace, too.  Diplomacy and negotiations are likely to have good outcomes.  There is something for everyone in this conjunction.

Next, Venus trines Chiron, which is excellent for the healing of relationship wounds.  The time may have come to identify the wound, find the consciousness that will heal it, and release it.  So, more good news, for more people.

In the late afternoon, Mars sextiles Neptune, which will enable the fine tuning and recalibration of energy.  Those who are particularly sensitive will find the correct physical movement or activity which does not upset their system.  After all the buoyancy of the morning, and the relationship healing of the middle of the day, there is a beautiful opportunity to create the perfect action, spiritual and physical poise.

Hold that pose (whether it is a balletic arabesque, or a yogic tricornasana)!  Maintain it meditatively for two days…  For on Thursday (13th), Mercury squares Mars and things could go a little out of kilter.  There can be mental irritability, minor accidents or incidents, or a disconnect between mind and body, mental and physical energies.  You may witness an argument, or at least a heated debate.

Friday (14th) brings another point of balance, and it will be easier to maintain your poise or pose.  Mercury sextiles Saturn, so there is scope for the practical application of the mind, mental discipline, drafting plans in detail, etc.  It is a good, solid working day.

On Saturday (15th) you could feel initially that you are getting somewhere, with Mars trine the North Node, supporting the masculine side of life, righteous indignation, and active projects which are karmic in nature.

Tension may then be starting to build, for there is an opposition between the Sun and Uranus (you could get caught out by loopholes in your plans, or the spanner in the works) later in the morning.  This opposition will still be operation throughout the weekend, caught up with the Full Moon to come on Sunday, and a square between Mercury and Pluto, so make cautious plans for the weekend, with contingencies of Plans B, C and D.  For example, you may have planned an outing, and one member of the group doesn’t feel up to the activities.  You may need to be flexible enough to change plans mid-stream.  Or you may need to store some emotional energy to deal with the sensitivities of others, especially if they are pushed further than their physical or emotional limits.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – A mighty fine day
  • Thursday – fractiousness
  • Friday – steady progress
  • Saturday – expect the unexpected