There may be comfort in knowing you have come through the initial Saturn-Pluto square.  For many people, the crises occurred during the week coming up to 15 November.  However, undoubtedly the Saturn-Pluto crisis in the U.K. was experienced in Cumbria a few days after with floods of “biblical” proportions.  The repercussions, as with all flooding, will be worked out over months and years.  I am already being asked about the delights of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of next year, but first we have the last phase of the triple conjunction between Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron over the next month or so.  It will be third time lucky for some, understanding and making use of its complex balance.  The key to this I feel is developing a healthy Neptune principle in your psyche and life.  For those on the Mystic path, this will make greater sense and may be easier.  Before I leave these wider themes to focus on the week ahead, I would just like to put in a formula: take your lessons from Pluto square Saturn + your lessons from Saturn opposite Uranus and that will = your future sense of the T-square between Pluto, Saturn and Uranus over the next couple of years (the “Cardinal Climax” as coined by Raymond Merriman).  All that opens up more blogs later…Today the Sun entered Sagittarius, bringing greater zest for physical and mental journeying over the next month and liaising well with Mars currently staying at the luxury hotel of Leo for 8 months.  I travelled back (without glasses) from Wiltshire to Norfolk today reading “A Taste of My Life” by Raymond Blanc, who currently has a series of The Restaurant on BBC2 and who turned 60 a few days ago.  If you like Raymond, food and life I thoroughly recommend reading it.  If you love all three, you’ll need no encouragement.  I did of course have to extract the references to meat from my consciousness (he is not a fan of the raw food way).  His chart is a well-coordinated mixture of Scorpio lights, Capricorn shrewdness and Virgoan pursuit of excellence.  I don’t think I’d have the patience to strain fruit through muslin, when I retire from the day job in December, but I will certainly try the French onion soup.  Tomorrow (Monday 23) Venus squares Jupiter which has some similarity to last Thursday’s Venus square Mars, that of “social gaffes and unlikely pairings”.  This brought the unlikely pairing of Hillary Clinton and David Milliband.  I can’t resist the full-blooded Scorpio quote from Hillary: “Well if you saw him it would be a big crush.  I mean, he is so vibrant, vital, attractive, smart.  He’s a really good guy.  And he’s so young.”  Her Venus conjuncts exactly his Neptune, so if he has charisma she will be mesmerized by it.  On Tuesday (24) Sun sextiles Saturn which echoes and follows through on  the sensible Mercury-Saturn sextile last week, but is more at the creative level where the Mercury aspect was merely at the ideas stage.  Venus is also square to Chiron that day, so if you are trying to recover from an affair of the heart, you may need to retrace your feelings, and find a more holistic healing route.  This course of action (letting go) could be rewarded on Thursday (26), not in clinging of old ways and loves, but in finding new pathways in love and meeting new loves or new forms, with Venus trine Uranus.  Those unconventional pairings which were frowned upon earlier may even get some blessing from the Universe, for a moment of time or on a different level, or prompt new understandings.  Mercury is also trine Mars on Thursday, so with two varied trines on that day, much could be accomplished.  Mercury-Mars combine favourably to bless any active projects and any quick-fire communication, such as texting competitions.  You might find communications crossing over, people are so falling over themselves to get their message across speedily and efficiently.  However, a cautionary note ends the week on Friday (27) as Venus squares Neptune and the illusory side of romantic relationships comes to the fore.   What may have seemed like a breatkthrough on Thursday (Venus trine Uranus) is likely to have some of the gloss removed, and what you have left will be the truth revealed about this relationship now.  The search for love and truth is as eternal as life itself, this week’s wisdom is under the belt, and next week’s wisdom awaits!