Strictly Come Dancing – Part 3

Here are the next four contenders in this competition.  I hope to get round them all in due course!

Danny Mac

Ex-Hollyoaks actor Danny Mac has been my favourite since week 1 (and not because he looks like a suave young Pierce Brosnan).  From his week 1 cha cha to his week 4 quickstep (very Fred Astaire) he has seemed at home with all genres of dance.  He is a Piscean, the sign of dance, with his Mercury exactly trine Neptune, the planet of dance.  He is a natural.  He has complex energies: his Mars is caught up in a satellitium of Uranus/Saturn/Mars/Neptune in the first decanate of Capricorn, so he is very determined.  I could easily see him in the final, though his astrological transits are not outstanding for the time.  Jupiter will be opposing his Venus, Uranus will be on his Venus (not a straightforward victory) but Neptune will be sextile his Neptune, so he will be true to the spirit of dance and his own spiritual aspirations.  He is partnered with newcomer Oti Mabuse, who so far has done a brilliant job of bringing out excellence.  She is very grounded (5 Earth planets) and instinctual (0 Air planets).  She’s a Sun in Leo performer, with a very driven Sun/Mars/Pluto T-square.  She has Mercury exactly trine Neptune (dance inspiration) which forms a Grand Trine with Mars.  In their compatibility, her Venus trines his North Node, which is a good karmic link.  At the final, she will have Pluto trine her Mars, in fighting spirit mode.  I think they will make the final, but may just be pipped to the post by Ore or Louise.

Ore Odube

Judge Craig Revel Horwood has said TV Presenter Ore is the one to beat. I would add do not underestimate a Scorpio – they go for it hell for leather!  He has Venus/Pluto, Mercury and Sun in Scorpio, and with 5 Fixed planets is very determined.  Mercury trine Jupiter in his chart gives him a wide capacity for learning, and Venus sextile Neptune combines a flair for dance harmoniously with musicality.  He also has an electrical energy (Mars sextile Uranus) and great personal power (Jupiter trine Pluto).  In addition, he has the North Node exactly sextile Chiron, so he also has healing qualities.  So he has a lot going for him in life, in whatever he undertakes.  The week before last he gained three 10s from the judges!  Currently, Pluto (his ruling planet) is exactly sextile his Mercury, enabling him to focus in the most profound way.  At the end of the competition the North Node sextiles his Venus (a karmic uplift).  And although he will have a few squares in his transits, Uranus will be exactly trine his Uranus, so he could pull off the final surprise!  He is partnered with  Joanne Clifton who has been taking part in Strictly Come Dancing since 2014.  Joanne has a quadruple conjunction of Pluto/Mercury/Sun/Saturn across the cusp of Libra and Scorpio, which is very intense, with a great deal of mental focus when it comes to musicality.  Like Ore, she has Sun in Scorpio.  There is a strong sensuality about her chart, with Venus exactly conjunct Mars closely square her Nodal Axis.  Relationships are a strong karmic focus of this lifetime.  She has a very go-ahead streak too, with Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius.  Bruno said yesterday that their chemistry and connection were outstanding, and in their astrological compatibility they are both born under the steamy sign of Scorpio!  There are also good mental and physical connections (his Mercury sextile her Venus/Mars), though her Saturn is conjunct his Venus which keeps control in the relationship.  Her transits are fairly quiet at the moment, but at the final Pluto trines her Mars (a supreme effort), and the North Node sextiles her Saturn (karmic honour). She also has surprise in her toolkit at the end, with the Nodal Axis squaring her Uranus.

Daisy Lowe

Statuesque model Daisy Lowe is born under the long-limbed sign of Aquarius, and is so far holding her own in the contest.  Although she is an Air sign, she has 6 planets in Earth signs, so is quite grounded.  With the Sun trine the Moon in her chart, she knows her own mind.  She has great energy (Sun and Mercury square Mars), and like Ore has Mercury trine Jupiter (a wide capacity for learning).  She is capable of controlled action (Mars trine Saturn), and also has electrical energy (Mars trine Uranus) and subtlety in dance (Mars trine Neptune).  She has Pluto trine her natal Pluto at the moment, so the force is with her.  At the close of the competition Uranus squares her Venus, so she may make a sudden exit before the final.  Daisy is paired with Aljaz Skorjanec.  I have written in the past: “Aljaz Skorjanec is an out and out Capricorn with several planets in that sign, but normally fairly lucky with Sun exactly trine Jupiter.”  Their synastry (interaspects between their charts) is particularly intense, with her Pluto sextile his Mars, her Chiron on his Jupiter, her Venus on his Saturn and her Saturn on his Uranus.  At the moment Aljaz has Pluto on his Mars, so he may be sailing close to the wind in some area of his life.  Jupiter is also square his Uranus, and Uranus square his Saturn, so in some way he may be taking risks (perhaps nothing to do with the dance competition).  At the end of the competition Chiron sextiles his Saturn, so he may be engaged with healing an aspect of his life, but Uranus will still be square his Saturn.  Therefore, it looks likely that they will be knocked out before the end of the competition.

Greg Rutherford

Greg Rutherford is another out and out Scorpio (witness the red hair), with Venus/Pluto, Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio.  Well, unbelievably, he is an astrological twin of Ore Odube, born exactly the same day of the same year. It’s fascinating that fate has placed them in the same batch of contestants at this time.   Greg is a sportsman, and Ore is a sports commentator.  Most of what I have said about Ore will apply to Greg, so I don’t need to re-hash the information.

On second thoughts, I will re-hash:

Mercury trine Jupiter in his chart gives him a wide capacity for learning, and Venus sextile Neptune combines a flair for dance harmoniously with musicality.  He also has an electrical energy (Mars sextile Uranus) and great personal power (Jupiter trine Pluto).  In addition, he has the North Node exactly sextile Chiron, so he also has healing qualities.

What is different, as well as the birthtime and Ascendant which are unknown, is the partnership and synastry, which will present a slightly different picture.  There is no doubt that in the last two weeks Ore has pulled right ahead in the competition, and Greg may possibly leave the competition soon, if not tonight.  He and Ore have just come through their first Saturn Return, a point of maturity. Greg is partnered with Natalie Lowe, of whom I wrote last year: “Natalie Lowe… has Sun, North Node and Mercury in Leo which makes her a natural performer.  She has Moon, Mars and Pluto in Libra, which makes her very intense in relationship.”

Their chemistry is harmonious, with trined Venuses, his Pluto trine her Venus, his Uranus sextile her Mars, and his Chiron trine her Pluto.  There is a karmic tie, in his South Node conjunct her Pluto, which is an intense learning.  He will have learned a lot from the last few weeks, at a deep level, about himself.  Currently, he has the same transits as Ore, to rehash:

“Pluto (his ruling planet) is exactly sextile his Mercury, enabling him to focus in the most profound way.  At the end of the competition the North Node sextiles his Venus (a karmic uplift).”  He will also have Uranus trine natal Uranus, but at the moment it does not look like he will be up there with the front runners.

So what difference will the transits to Natalie’s chart make?  She currently looks strong, with Pluto trine her Jupiter, and Chiron trine her Uranus.  She certainly danced well yesterday!  At the close of the competition she will have Chiron trine her Uranus (helpful), Saturn on her Neptune (a dampener), and Jupiter on her Pluto (powerful), as well as Uranus trine her Neptune and Saturn sextile Pluto.  She will be mega-busy, but not likely to be engaged in the final of the competition, other than in the group dances.

More Soon…


At 13.33 Hrs today there is a minor aspect (a quincunx) between two major planets (Jupiter and Neptune).  Some uncomfortable truth may be presented to you to try to incorporate into your philosophy of life, which requires a slight expansion of consciousness to accommodate.

Tomorrow (Monday 24th) in the evening Mercury enters Scorpio, leaving the measured debate of Libra to plunge into a more intense mental focus, researching mysteries and enabling you to see into the heart of things.

Wednesday (26th) puts the limelight on Venus (so the attention will be very much on Taureans and Librans).  First, in the very early hours (possibly affecting the previous evening, and certainly that will apply in the U.S.) Venus squares Neptune, bringing to light illusions around relationships.  What is concealed will be revealed this week, generally.  There is then the choice of how to deal with this revelation, whether to forgive and forget, or to change the thoughts and beliefs around the matter, or to transcend the current level of the relationship.  Any other possibilities on a postcard, please.

In the afternoon, with Venus sextile Jupiter, there may be an opportunity to right things, perhaps along the lines suggested.  Magnanimity, generosity of spirit, and pure love may heal the situation.  Venus sextile Jupiter is one of the best aspects all the year round, so good will and expansion of the heart are likely to be in evidence.

Thursday (27th) in the afternoon brings an opportunity to focus the mind, with the Sun conjunct Mercury at 4 degrees Scorpio.  Mysteries and investigations are capable of further elucidation (that does seem to be the theme for the week).  Two further aspects fine-tune the information and experience to be had that day.

First, Venus squares the Nodal Axis, and that again puts relationships in the spotlight, but in a karmic sense.  You may acquire specific information about a past relationship, which aids your karmic understanding.  This may involved a group situation, or even a love triangle.

Then Mars sextiles Chiron, and there is an opportunity for healing with energy, whatever that should mean to you.  For some it may mean going down the gym, for others it may be one of the new age alternative practices in energy medicine.

Saturday (29th) may be tricky, in that energy may come adrift again with a square between Mars and Uranus.   Some people could prove cantankerous, others very edgy and unpredictable.  If you can keep the energy harmony of Thursday, then you are contributing to the general pool of harmony, which may help to bring the loose cannons under control.  Ultimately, of course, we can only be responsible for our own energy, but if the hundredth monkey syndrome is as real as they say, our contribution makes a difference.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – religious and spiritual recalibration
  • Tomorrow – intense mental focus
  • Wednesday – illusions tackled and good will to all women and men
  • Thursday – also intense mental focus, plus relationship karma, and healing energy
  • Saturday – electrical disturbance