Hillary Clinton

“In Hillary, we have a candidate who has dedicated her life to public service, someone who has waited her turn and helped out while waiting.” ~ Michelle Obama

America stands on the edge of a new Presidency, and the world is holding its breath.  I wrote a blog about Trump last December, so it is only fitting that at this time I write about Hillary!  The F.B.I. chose this crucial week in the Presidential contest to re-open the investigation into her emails, and there is an underlying tension between her chart and the F.B.I’s in that their Suns are exactly squared.  But transiting Jupiter is opposite the F.B.I’s Saturn, implying they have thrown caution to the wind, and Pluto opposes their Neptune, so it is a fight they may not win.


Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago on 26th October 1947.  Her father was a conservative character and a Republican, while her mother was more affectionate and very encouraging to her ambitions.  She grew up with brothers, and was very much a tomboy.  “Back in 1959” she says in her 2003 autobiography Living History, “I wanted to become a teacher or a nuclear physicist”. Well Nuclear physicist – now that is a very Scorpionic profession!  She was brought up as a Methodist, and took to heart the Methodist work ethic and its commitment to public service.

Birth Chart

There is great controversy over her birth time, which is commonly thought to be either 8 am or 8 pm.  I tend to favour 8.02 pm, mainly because her round face and sidelong glance are so Cancerian, and 8.02 pm provides a 0 degree Cancerian Ascendant.  Also, that she has been a lifelong proponent of women’s rights, a province of that sign.  Gloria Steinem has positive reminiscences about Hillary in her new autobiography “My Life on the Road”. A Cancerian Ascendant would be fitting for a first female President of the U.S.

There are some strong features in her chart, starting with her Sun sign of Scorpio.  That makes her very determined, and combined with Moon in Pisces is responsible for a reputation of secrecy.

She is a Warrior: her ruling planet Pluto is exactly conjunct Mars, a powerhouse of energy. She has a never say die attitude to life. This conjunction can also put her in danger, and there is no doubt she does have many enemies.  As to whether she herself is a villain, as many would say, that depends on her level of evolution and what she does with her power.  Who can say?  Only she knows her true intent, and I tend to see her as well-intentioned.  She has controversies in her past, but power does bring challenges and dilemmas, or  “Hard Choices” as she named her 2014 book about her time as Secretary of State.  The evening chart puts Mars conjunct Pluto in the 2nd House of Finance, and her finances have certainly been controversial. The morning chart puts this conjunction in the 9th House of Foreign Affairs – this could be valid, given her reputation as a warmonger.  The level of responsibility she has undertaken in her life has been held with restraint and good sense for the most part: imagine it in the hands of the hotheaded Donald Trump in all his emotional immaturity.

She has a poignant Venus-Chiron conjunction in Scorpio, very symbolic of the emotional betrayal by her husband Bill Clinton.  Though he was a capable President, and ably supported by her, there is no denying the severity of this wound, which to my mind she bore with dignity. This conjunction occurs in the 5th House for the evening chart, which can rule love affairs, and in the 12th House for morning chart, which would make the experience more internal and more secretive.

The Moon is at the end of Pisces in the evening chart, at the end of the 9th House of Foreign Lands, and she has travelled the world regularly in her life and for her work.  The Moon would be on the 5th House cusp in morning chart, and being trine her Ascendant would give her some Cancerian physical characteristics, but maybe not as marked as the evening chart; also the morning time would indicate one daughter, which is the case.


Her time as First Lady (January 1993 to January 2001) gave her invaluable experience and training for a possible future role as female President.  Granted, controversy always followed her: over Health Care, over the Whitewater investigation, over her response to Bill’s infidelities and the Monica Lewinsky affair.  But she seemed undaunted through it all, and went on to pen her very well-written memoirs in 2003.  In contrast, Bill Clinton’s autobiography, which was a thick tome and seemed very hastily put together, I found unreadable, and I subsequently gave it away to a politics student.

Secretary of State

Having unsuccessfully contested the Democratic nomination for the 2008 election, she became Secretary of State, a post she held between 2009 and 2013. This was a responsible, challenging and demanding role, which she took on with characteristic diligence and wholeheartedness.  Again, she came under criticism, notably over her handling of the Benghazi affair (the death of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens).  She wrote about what she learned in Hard Choices “All of us face hard choices in our lives.  Life is about making such choices.  Our choices and how we handle them shape the people we become.”  This book details the challenges of this high-pressure post, and her dealings all over the world, including Europe and Benghazi.

Bill Clinton

“I supported his agenda and worked hard to translate his vision into actions that improved people’s lives, strengthened our sense of community and furthered our democratic values at home and around the world” ~ Hillary Clinton, in Living History

No one has shaped her destiny more than her husband Bill, as she tells it in Living History, which includes a fascinating account of how they met at Yale, and the shared interest in politics which brought them together.  As First Lady, she was very much hands on, and again took on board the lessons that phase of her life brought.

Her relationship with Bill must at times have seemed a mixed blessing, but the astrological picture of their Synastry reveals more harmony than dissonance.  Her Uranus is exactly sextile his Sun, which provides a great spark.  Her Neptune is on his Venus in his 1st House, which is intriguing, as you would think it would be the other way round the way he repeatedly deceived her in their relationship.  Her Sun squares his Saturn, which is more difficult for her.  But her Saturn sextiles his Uranus, which enabled her to bring realism where his schemes might have been too adventurous, and her Neptune was sextile his Pluto which brings a deep mutual understanding (though Neptune sextile Pluto was a very long running theme astrologically, and did not have such a personal application).

US Chart

She has a very positive relationship with the country she loves.  Her Chiron trines its Sun, so she feels protective towards it.  Her North Node sextiles its Mercury, so her destiny is in tune with its mindset.  Her Sun trines its Venus, which is an affectionate combination.  Her Saturn sextiles its Mars, she is suited to an administrative role with it.  Her Midheaven trines its Jupiter, so her Career is elevated by it.  Her Pluto (ruling planet) is sextile its Saturn – she brings to bear the force of her personality in connection with it.  All these are exact aspects, but maybe the clue to her disaffection from some of its people is her Nodal Axis square its Moon.


What do her transits say about this period of time?  On Election day, Mercury is on her South Node, which is very karmic.  Saturn will be trine her Mars, which is decisive.  Saturn will also trine her Pluto, a serious but constructive note.  And Uranus will be trine her Saturn, which is galvanizing.  Donald Trump’s own transits I feel are fairly favourable, and so I think the result could be too close for comfort.  On Inauguration Day, Mars sextiles her North Node, which again is karmic and again galvanizing.  Pluto sextiles her Venus, an important change in her personal life (Pluto was opposite Barack Obama’s Venus when he took office in 2009, quite a personal adjustment).

How does the picture look for Bill Clinton?  I think he will be a supportive presence, with the invaluable experience he can provide, though he has seemed increasingly frail of late.  I think from the transits though that this period will give his spirit a boost, and may revive his energies for a time.  His transits are very upbeat: on Election day Jupiter sextile his Pluto exactly, and Uranus sextiles exactly his Uranus (a favourable change of circumstances).  At the possible Inauguration he has a Jupiter Return, which is very upbeat indeed, and Saturn sextiles his Jupiter, so the chance to turn some dreams into reality.

Running Mate Tim Kaine

Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine has a very optimistic and favourable birth chart, and good interaspects with Hillary, auspicious for them working together.  However in his transits he has a heavy duty transit of Pluto on his Mars in Capricorn, which may be due to a weight of responsibility.  At the possible Inauguration the North Node sextiles his natal Neptune, a karmic opportunity to put his ideals into operation.

What I wrote about Donald

let’s be very clear: strong men – men who are truly role models – don’t need to put down women to make themselves feel powerful.” ~ Michelle Obama

Last December I wrote: “Fortunately, we have a birth time for him, and we see a belligerent Mars conjunct the Ascendant in Leo: power is an aphrodisiac.  His Mars is exactly trine the Galactic Centre, which may also be a power significator.  He has been very inventive lately with his Leo mane. His Sun is in Gemini conjunct the North Node (Leadership karma) and Uranus (controversy is his middle name) in the 10th House of Career, ambition, and prominence in the world.”

I do feel that, while he likes the fight, he would not really like the work involved in the top job.  Donald has Uranus trine his Moon on Election day, but Chiron square his Moon, so contradictory emotions.  He will be mentally in good shape with the North Node sextile his Mercury, and Neptune trine his Mercury.  Inauguration day sees Jupiter trine his Sun, which is very good for him – let us hope that he finds pastures new.  I don’t see him moping, I see him finding a new project.  But Saturn opposes his Sun, and Chiron squares his Sun, that day, so maybe that favours Hillary’s chances.  Pluto squares his Jupiter, bringing overweening power, or a missed opportunity for power.  The transits of his running mate Mike Pence are fairly lacklustre at this time.

What other Astrologers say

The recent ISAR Astrological conference in California brought many Astrologers together, who decided that Hillary would taste victory.  There are some dissenters, but notably a lot of Astrologers agree, among them Alan Oken.  American Astrologer Larry Schwimmer notes that Jupiter is conjunct Hillary’s Neptune in Libra, which if the evening birthtime is true, would put that transit in her 4th House, providing a compelling image of her in the palatial White House.  For myself, the astrological evidence is not conclusive enough for my liking, but I would predict Hillary on the basis that I have always “seen” her in the role.  I think she was born to it.


First thing this morning, Venus was conjunct Saturn at 14 degrees Sagittarius.  That will have put a serious complexion on relationships, or finance.  If you are in the U.K., you may have been asleep, and your dreams may have reflected such themes.  Depending on where this conjunction fell in your chart, the focus and application will vary.  Interestingly, the conjunction trines exactly Hillary Clinton’s exact natal Mars/Pluto conjunction, and she has been very cool, calm and collected in her response to the F.BI.’s latest move.

We also have a trine between Mercury and Neptune today, which brings through inspiration from spiritual sources, and enables us to apply it.

Then at 17.38 Hrs (U.K. time) we have a New Moon in Scorpio, providing the opportunity to begin anew in profound ways.  We may feel differently about life, and experience the cycle of birth, death and rebirth at a deeper level.  This New Moon occurs at 7 degrees Scorpio, so again will yield more meaning according to its placement within your chart.

On Tuesday, November 1st, some of the inspiration from today will be reinforced as the Sun trines Neptune.  Information received today may be incorporated into some shining creativity.

Thursday (3rd) continues the good news, with Mercury sextile Pluto.  Mercury-Pluto isn’t so much good news as important, serious, constructive news, but that’s good.  They say that no news is good news, but if you are going to have news, and it is going to make a difference, then let it be Mercury allied to Pluto.

Friday (4th) brings a square between Venus and Chiron, which could be challenging on an emotional level, and may bring health crises.  But the way that Chiron works is to throw up the problem, and then reveal the solution.  It may just need a little work on your part to really see what is there, and what is needed.

Finally, a healing transit to Venus completes the week on Saturday (5th).  Uranus trines Venus: a sparkling contact bringing all manner of social benefits.  Meetings could bring excitement, romance could blossom, and there may be minor financial showerings.  It’s a chance for the Universe to surprise us, in delightful ways.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – starting dull, mental inspiration in the middle, a new start later
  • Tuesday – creative inspiration
  • Thursday – important news and discussion
  • Friday – discomfort and hopefully resolution
  • Saturday – sparkling