A Compatibility Guide for Scorpios

Are you a Scorpio, or do you have a friend, relative or partner born under that sign? Scorpios can make valuable friends, and not all of them sting!

Scorpio Sun with Aries Sun

These two can be quite a go-ahead partnership, with plenty of drive to get things done.  They are both very passionate, too.  Occasionally, this can make for a quarrelsome duo, however, which may not work.  Others may find them quite forceful and full on, if they can’t match their energies.

Famous Example: Debbie McGee and Paul Daniels

Scorpio Sun with Taurus Sun

You often find these two together, opposites as they are, and complementary.  The Taurean is more laid back, but has the stamina for Scorpio emotions and schemes.  There may be a tension between them, but this can also be a strong bond.

Famous Example: Caroline Flack and Olly Murs, a great friendship, with its ups and downs!

Scorpio Sun with Gemini Sun

These two signs do not easily combine.  Gemini likes to keep life on a lighthearted level, and Scorpio likes to get straightaway down to the nitty gritty.  Unless they have harmonious links between their planets, it would not be so easy to find common ground.  They are both energetic signs in different ways, but would need self-awareness and control of their energies to interact successfully.

Famous Example: Jonathan Ross and Jane Goldman

Scorpio Sun with Cancerian Sun ****

This pairing works very well, the emotions of the two flowing in sync like the currents of an underground river.  There may be times they do not need to speak, as they can feel each other’s emotions and heartbeats.  They can look after each other well, and can be soulmates.

Famous Example: Louise Redknapp and Jamie Redknapp (married 18 years)

Scorpio Sun with Leo Sun

This could be a difficult combination.  Though Leo is an acknowledge leader outwardly, Scorpio has a desire to dominate emotionally and psychologically, and won’t let Leo get away with superficialities.  So there can be a running battle, which may be open or unspoken.  They are both strong willed and stubborn (Fixed signs) so would find it difficult to apologize, with Leo pride being at stake, and Scorpio conviction of always being right.  Where their partnership may be strong, would be where they have a common cause or battle to fight.  Power is also a strong theme for both of them, so you might see them in politics together, e.g. Bill Clinton (Leo) and Hillary Clinton (Scorpio), and they may have to take it in turns to hold the reins.

Famous Example: John Keats and Fanny Brawne (star-crossed lovers)

Scorpio Sun with Virgo Sun

This is a harmonious pairing, and can achieve great depth of work or psychological understanding between them, if both are constructive.  The Virgo practicality can be a helpful backdrop for the Scorpio’s psychological searching.  The Scorpio can encourage the Virgo to look deeper than the surface detail, and allow feelings which may have been repressed.

Famous Example: Jeanette Winterson and Susie Orbach, in which Susie is the Scorpio psychotherapist, but writer Jeanette has her Sun exactly conjunct Pluto, giving her Scorpio qualities of her own

Scorpio Sun with Libra Sun

This partnership may not be so easy, as the preferred Libran boat of harmony, tranquillity and attempted balance may be frequently rocked by the more intense and deep and meaningful existence of the Scorpio.  However, this duo may be a chosen path in itself, in order to bring some peace to the Scorpio and some extra challenge to the Libran.  That in itself may bring meaning to their union.

Famous Example: Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly (Comedy duo “Ant and Dec”)

Scorpio Sun with Scorpio Sun

People of the same sign usually get along well, and share great understanding.  Two Scorpios, however, may be quite difficult if one of them is very demanding.  A self-possessed Scorpio can be an asset in partnership, but one who has not yet harnessed their emotional energy can contribute drama or other problems. If both are self-possessed and emotionally intelligent, there is no limit to what they can achieve together, with all that drive and determination.  An extremely intense pairing.

Scorpio Sun with Sagittarius Sun

These two can work well together, not least because being neighbouring signs they may have planets in each other’s signs.  They are both adventurous and daring, in whatever realms they want to explore, so there will be never a dull moment in this relationship.

Scorpio Sun with Capricorn Sun

This is a good partnership, as both have a quiet emotional reserve, but at the same time an understanding of the serious side of life.  Between them, they can tackle the big issues, and socially help the community.  At least one of them will need a sense of humour, though.

Famous Example: Ludovic Kennedy and Moira Shearer

Scorpio Sun with Aquarius Sun

Traditionally, as this is a squared relationship, there can be a great deal of tension.  For example, they may both claim that they are always right!  That can create moments or days of stand offs, unless one or both have a more easy going Ascendant or Moon.  On a higher level, however, squared Suns can overcome all odds.

Famous Example: Julia Roberts and Danny Moder

Scorpio Sun with Pisces Sun****

This is a lovely partnership, unless one or other partner is very complex and proves too much hard work.  There is great emotional empathy, and compassion for others: a great well of it in the case of Scorpio, and an ocean of it in the case of Pisces.  They could take others under their wing, in charitable causes.

Famous Example: Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell (together 33 years)


A full compatibility analysis details every component of the two birthcharts in relation to each other, not just the Sun sign.  As there is a lot of work involved, it is my most expensive service, at £45.



Not a square in sight this week, but on the menu are two trines and a sextile, plus three sign changes for the planets.  That bodes well for a smooth week, with minor changes.

Today we are fortunate to have a trine between Mercury and Chiron, which is helpful for sensing body-mind connections, and co-operation between conventional and alternative medicine.  It is a good start to the week for establishing a daily yoga or meditation routine.

Tomorrow morning (Monday 7th) Pluto sextiles the Sun in Scorpio, and that is a serious but constructive start to the working week, and good for tackling in-depth issues and finding creative and meaningful ways of proceeding.  In the Office, it is a good day for discovering ways to put people first, and for Human Resources to prove their worth.

Mars enters Aquarius on Wednesday (9th) in the middle of the working week.  While Mars has been in Capricorn your energies may have been focussed on career plans and ambitions, and now there is a wider and more altruistic focus on society’s needs. There is a sense of team-work and a humanitarian supportiveness of the underdog in the use of the energies. You may find a new and helpful focus for your energy, where you can accentuate the positive and a better future. This is the day of the result of the U.S. Presidential election, and it certainly brings a change of mood and direction.

On Saturday (12th), two more planets change sign.  First, Venus enters Capricorn from Sagittarius.  You may have been spreading your wings socially of late, and now need to be more disciplined in that respect.  This placing is good for bringing what is in your heart into the work you do in the world, or social climbing if that is your desire.  Who you know may acquire more importance during this period (until 7th December), but it is more important to recognize why you feel as you do, and whether this is where you need to go.  More planning and deliberation is required before the social whirl begins again when Venus enters Aquarius.  The true task of Venus in Capricorn is to examine your feelings and loyalties, and know their worth.  It could be time to declutter your Christmas card list and address book, too.

Just after lunchtime, Mercury enters Sagittarius.  So if you had missed having a planet in Sagittarius since the early hours of the day, you can enjoy another burst of Sagittarian energy, in this case mental energy.  Mercury in Scorpio will have brought intense mental focus, and can now widen its field and become interested in new pastures and philosophies.  You may take up a new study for instance, or a new enthusiasm, such as learning a new language.  A friend of mine has just taken up a night class in Chinese.  Such things can bring a new lease of life, and a change can be as good as a rest in mental terms.  You may be thinking about travel plans, and these could solidify during Mercury’s stay in Sagittarius (until 2nd December) – you may find yourself booking up a winter holiday.  The group mind may be more positive and optimistic.

Chiron also trines the Sun on Saturday, and so, as we began the week with healing, we also conclude the week with healing.  Whereas on Sunday the emphasis was on the mind, and its role in healing, at the end of the week the focus is on creativity, e.g. healing through creativity.  The emphasis is also on looking at wholeness and inclusiveness, as a way to achieve healing.  There may be a connection between healing initiatives undertaken last weekend which bear fruit this following weekend, arising out of leisure interests and projects.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – mental healing
  • Tomorrow – constructive avenues
  • Wednesday – teamwork
  • Saturday – minor changes, and healing through wholeness