Signs that Saturn in Libra is well under way are former leaders being brought to book (Saturn) for war crimes (against Libra sign of peace).  Tony Blair, who natally has Mars (the mythological God of War) on his Ascendant, is being scrutinized for his part in the Iraq war.  Meanwhile the former Bosnian Radovan Karadzic (bizarrely turned New Age healer, with natally a squaring Sun distorting Chiron the planet of alternative healing) re-starts his trial in the Hague in March 2010.  Saturn during its stay in Libra will transit Tony Blair’s Neptune/Saturn and Radovan’s Neptune and Moon, having already recently transited his Chiron at the end of Virgo earlier this year.  This morning Mercury sextiles Jupiter so theoretically blogs should flow today.  This aspect favours writing, communication and travel of all kinds.  Mercury also sextiles Chiron so add healing to communication and such combined activities should also flow well.  If you can combine writing about travel and healing, you will really be expressing this combination of planets to the max.  Seems like a good time to reveal that I have not worn my glasses for 3 weeks now.  My eyes are much more relaxed and I have lost some of the bags from under my eyes (not all).  I am not sure though that my fellow commuters are comfortable with being stared at so intently, but they haven’t got to put up with it much longer.  Do make the most of the good communication, travel and healing vibes today, because tomorrow (Monday 30th) Mercury squares Uranus.  That means disrupted communication and travel, just when you were hoping to get to work smoothly at the start of the week.  Trains were cancelled on my route last week, and as far as I know the disputes haven’t yet been settled…Watch what comes out of your mouth tomorrow as people may say bizarre things, and sometimes might not realize they are saying them.  The most eventful day of the week, aspect-wise, is Tuesday 1 December, starting with Mercury sextile Neptune.  This may help to resolve and smooth out some of the bizarreness of crazy Monday, but bear in mind that there are tensions building up to the Full Moon on the following day.  Mercury sextile Neptune helps us to express our spiritual needs and insights.  Next up on Tuesday is Uranus standing still before turning direct.  If a techie project of yours has been causing problems lately, this may signal a turning point.  Venus then enters Sagittarius, and the soul-searching period of Venus in Scorpio comes to a close and the party season begins.  Magnanimity flows and Christmas shopping starts in earnest.  The Full Moon occurs on the morning of Wednesday 2 December, a Gemini Moon opposing the Sagittarian Sun.  Again the theme is communication of all kinds.  You will need to see a particular piece of information in its context in order to get the full picture.  Don’t be careless with words, unless you have the full picture, in which case you can throw caution to the winds. But when will you know if you have the full picture?  You probably can’t be sure…It may be best to file the information away for the time being.  Thursday 3rd is an ideal day to file information away, for there are many minor aspects, and it could turn out to be a day when you are busy doing nothing.  Or many small acts contribute to an accomplishment.  If you are looking for commitment this week, Friday 4th could be your day with Venus sextile Saturn.  It is also a good day to clinch that perfect gift you have been after for someone: a gift at the right price, not too frivolous.  I have a gift suggestion for those who are artistically inclined.  It’s the new Mandala Colouring Book by Barry Stevens, available online at his website (the link is on my Contact page).  Socially, we may be opening our hearts this week with Venus in Sagittarius, but mentally we are going to become more discerning next Saturday 5th with the entry of Mercury in Capricorn.  We are likely to be analyzing the true worth of things, and thinking before we act.  Politicians and public servants may be coming under more scrutiny.  Soon we have the final phase of the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius, and we are judging the extremes of what we can accept as truth, from the stark realities of Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn to the flights of fantasy and faith offered by the triple conjunction