Jupiter Square Pluto

The major square between Jupiter and Pluto occurs late on Thursday evening, and its effects may also be noticeable during the day on Friday.  You may have been feeling its pressure building up over the last week or so.  It represents power issues and power struggles, and the abuses of power.

I believe its effects have cast a shadow a bit further back in time, for the election of Donald Trump in the U.S. Presidential election, was very much a Jupiter-square-Pluto event.  It was explosive, dramatic, and concerned the exaggeration of truth and power.  The consequences are huge.  We may see a climax in the reaction to this event on Thursday and into Friday (Thursday in the U.S., Friday in Australia).  Donald Trump may announce an outrageous policy or appointment around that time.

Pluto impacting on Jupiter in this way causes wild energy to go rampant, and Jupiter impacting on Pluto in this way causes an exaggeration of power, arrogance, and lack of concern for consequences.

This aspect last occurred 6 years ago, in 2010, and at the time I focussed on the division between religion (Jupiter) and atheism.  I wrote:

“The Jupiter square Pluto experience  will challenge us to define our faiths, beliefs and choices.  We are likely to meet extremes, and choose between the light, the dark or the middle way.  All roads will eventually lead home, but some routes are more circuitous than others, and some consequences take more than one lifetime to undo.  Whether we use the prop of the Divine, or go it alone, that is the question.”

The first pass of the square occurred in July, and the second pass in August, when I noted:

“The dramatic event of last week fell between the aspect of  Jupiter in Aries (the individual, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks) square (versus) Pluto (the Institution: United States, Defence) with Pluto also representing the uncovering of information…”

Jupiter is in a different sign this time, having been in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn in 2010, and now in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn.  The current situation in the Middle East, which became inflamed during the Arab Springs which began in 2010, is certainly due for some of the peace-promoting potential of Jupiter in Libra, but the square that occurs this week is more likely to bring about some brinkmanship, e.g. between Russia and the west during this period.  Ironically, Donald Trump cosying up to Vladimir Putin of Russia has a temporary effect of looking like the U.S. could be in accord with Russia, at least from Trump’s inauguration in January.  So things are confused and in a state of flux right now between Obama’s policies and Trump’s intended reversal of policies when he takes over, e.g. non-interference abroad.

Those parties who are prone to unpredictability and volatility, such as the Donald Trumps of this world, are more likely to cause problems under this square than those who are more level headed and measured in their approach, such as the Angela Merkels of this world.

We have seen in the U.K. stark divisions in our society this year, between the haves and have nots, the Remainers and the Brexiters, the Corbynistas and the Blairites.  Brexiters have accused Remainers of labelling them as racist or stupid.  Scotland is still at sea about whether or not to stay within the U.K., especially after the U.K. overall voted to come out of the European Community.  Jupiter square Pluto represents these divisions coming to a head.  As Hillary Clinton won the Popular vote in the U.S. election, the divisions between those who welcome a Trump Presidency and those who don’t are equally polarized and creating high passions and divisions.  Donald Trump has allowed the feelings of racism and misogyny to re-surface where they had been suppressed.

This has been a year when, due to political elections, people have made their choices of conscience, and what seems negative to one side seems positive to the other, but was consistent both sides of the Atlantic.  It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that France could elect Marine le Pen of the Front National along the same lines, and the European Union may break up.  But people have been invited to choose, and they have decided.  In religious or biblical terms, this is the “day of judgement” or “sword of cleavage”, or the “separation of the sheep from the goats”, the light versus the darkness.  And this Jupiter-Pluto square is that type of energy.  The new buzz word for this year is “Post-Truth”.*

So in our personal lives, it is a good time to search your conscience, and make decisions based on your best ideals, or practicalities if you are more of a pragmatist.  Unless you are a hot headed type (a Donald Trump) make your decisions coolly (a la Angela Merkel).  You know what the big issues are currently in your life, and if you know what Houses this square falls into in your birth chart (15 degrees Libra for Jupiter, and 15 degrees Capricorn for Pluto), you may fine tune the areas of you life affected.  The 48% who voted for Brexit in the U.K. are currently having to work out what to do with their despair – some are in denial, and trying to engineer another referendum, some are getting more involved with politics to make a difference, or continuing to work in social ways or with charities to reverse issues of poverty and raise awareness.  In the U.S. those who wanted a Democratic President, or a non-Trump President, are also trying to come to terms with the fact that not only will progress be halted in a number of ways, but that gains made in the last few years may be reversed, such as racial equality or LGBT rights.  It is probably too early to decide what can be done in this situation, but this week may be a galvanizing force in that respect.  It would be a confrontational week for action, but it is always a good time to improve the mindset and the quality of thought, and set intentions in the direction you want to go, however difficult the times are.

*from The Guardian:

“In the era of Donald Trump and Brexit, Oxford Dictionaries has declared ‘post-truth’ to be its international word of the year.”

from Wikipedia:

Post-truth politics (also called post-factual politics) is a political culture in which debate is framed largely by appeals to emotion disconnected from the details of policy, and by the repeated assertion of talking points to which factual rebuttals are ignored. Post-truth differs from traditional contesting and falsifying of truth by rendering it of “secondary” importance.


This is a week of turbulence, but it is a week which also has its up sides.  This morning, in the early hours, Neptune turned direct.  You may have let out a sigh of relief, realizing that your spiritual ideals and efforts may have recently been honoured, and you are embarking on a new phase of spiritual progress.  Under Neptune in Pisces, a new voyage of the spirit is under way, or a new phase of the voyage since Neptune set sail in Pisces (February 2012).  Mysteries may be solved, and things lost may be found again.  Some confusions may start to clear.

Tomorrow evening (Monday 21st) the Sun enters Sagittarius, in time to lift spirits for the Christmas home run.  As in the Tesco advert currently running, you might start to feel “bring it on”!  You’ve already surrendered to the cold Autumn mists, and the Christmas lights may be switched on for you, internally.

Tuesday (22nd) is one of the highlights of the week, with a sextile between Mercury and Jupiter.  It is especially good for Christmas shopping, or any other forms of business, sales and exchanges.  It is good for travel, and holiday plans, and all types of communication and learning.  Positive thought and intent are also supported by this aspect.

On Wednesday (23rd) Mercury conjuncts Saturn, so there may be pressure to knuckle down to decisions and paperwork, and if you have been weaving optimistic plans the previous day, to try and pin down  that travel schedule or tour operator, clinch that business deal (unlike on the Apprentice last week where they shook hands and hoped for the best…), and generally try to close loopholes and prevent losses stealing on gains previously made.  It may take some hard work, but it can be done.

The Autumn Statement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer is due to take place that day in the U.K., and may well be disappointing.  Though the new Conservative regime under Theresa May know it is important to curry favour with the public at this time (and avoid an early general election), the Chancellor Philip Hammond in the effort not to fall out with anyone may end up not pleasing anybody.  Mercury conjunct Saturn is quite an austere aspect, and may not reverse much of the austerity of the previous regime under George Osborne.  As if to emphasize the point, the Mercury/Saturn conjunction falls exactly on Philip Hammond’s North Node, so he may be aware of the karma around this, but feel his hands are tied for some reason, to do the honourable thing.  On the Andrew Marr sofa this morning he had a brief but heated debate with the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell who wanted him to change course, but he did not seem like he was for turning.  I would love some Christmas cheer for the N.H.S. but it may be business as usual.

Thursday (24th) is the most important day of the week, with the previously described square of Jupiter and Pluto building up, and peaking late evening in the U.K.  As mentioned, the consequences may be more apparent on the Friday.  Some of the implications from the Autumn Statement may cause heated debate, and may be just as divisive as ever, and not as healing as hoped for the disenfranchised sections of society.  Clashes of interest and power are likely to be manifest on all levels, from the international to the personal level.  The peak of this will at least clarify what you are contending with, e.g. you might find out what someone really thinks about your cherished plan, or where their interests really lie.  Again, as in the EU referendum and the US Presidential election, one man’s meat seems like another man’s poison.  It is difficult to see the whole, or unify it all, or bring both sides together, but at the end of the day we are all one humanity on this globe, and we have to find a collective way through.

Friday (25th) initially it may seem you are picking up the pieces, and trying to make sense of divisions, with Venus conjunct Pluto.  Love is the starting point, and seeing where compassion lies in the situation. Finance and relationships are under an intense spotlight, and temporary negotiations may yield plasters for bruised egos.

But as the day wears on, humour may even help, or save the day, with Venus squaring Jupiter.  There could be awkward social situations or gaffes, but laughter could bring release from tension.  Even silliness may be advised.  Some lightness may be achieved.

Saturday (26th) begins with a square between Mercury and Chiron, and health concerns may be a focus.  But solutions may be found quickly, if you dig deep, or make use of resources to hand.  Your mind may be geared to problem-solving, and you could surprise yourself.

Finally, Mercury trines Uranus and around lunchtime, you may find you have achieved a major turnaround in circumstances, by the use of intuition, vision, and ingenuity.  Bright ideas will be plentiful, and where two or more are gathered ideas can spark between you, bringing enough illumination to see you through the weekend and insight to reflect on your current path.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – spiritual progress
  • Tomorrow – raising spirits
  • Tuesday – best day
  • Wednesday – hard slog
  • Thursday – power struggles
  • Friday – from the ridiculous to the sublime
  • Saturday – from problems to solutions