Yemen was in the news this week from more than one angle.  On Tuesday night’s BBC News it was headlined for reasons of the starvation and devastation of the country: Fergal Keane reported that babies were being born malnourished, medical systems were collapsing and aid was not getting through due to the war situation.  There is a civil war between the Houthis and Al-Islah, and Saudi Arabia has intervened.  This nation is reportedly the poorest in the Middle East.

There has long been an outcry about our cosy relationship with Saudi Arabia, and the fact that we have provided arms to that country, and how thereby we are contributing to the misery of Yemen.  And so, in the second story of the week, Boris Johnson (that loose cannon Foreign Secretary of ours) dared to mention this (well, he is known for stating his truth) on Friday.  As we are friends of Saudi Arabia, Theresa May slapped him down, saying he did not speak for the government.  Boris Johnson was always a risky choice for such a diplomatic position, but even his critics have been forced to admit he was speaking the truth.

The Charts

There are three charts for Yemen (1962, 1967 and 1990).  In terms of determining a national character from them, they all three have Sun trine Saturn (a cautious nature), but two of them have its opposite in Jupiter opposite Uranus (risk-taking).  So that is contradictory, but then so is a civil war.

On the day of Fergal Keane’s heartrending report, Mars was trine Mercury in the 1962 chart, information on Yemen’s behalf, Saturn was square its Moon representing the utter despair of their situation, and Uranus opposite Mercury (shock news).  Pluto was sextile its Venus by the time of Boris Johnson’s dramatic intervention.

For the 1967 chart, Mars squared Yemen’s Mercury, a stronger portrayal of news.  Uranus was opposite its Venus, portraying the disruption of its humanitarian aid, and Uranus was square its MC, indicating the shocking nature of the country’s crisis.  The latter two transits were still in play when Boris made his statement.

In studying the 1990 chart, the transits are more benign, and the chart may not be an accurate picture.  Neptune sextiles its Mercury and Uranus, and Pluto sextiles its Pluto which are strengthening transits.  Uranus conjuncts its Venus, causing some disruption. These transits remain through the week, up to the second event.  I am therefore not convinced by this chart, though if true, it may contain some hope.

Fergal Keane

As the author of the humanitarian filmed report, I thought I would take a look at Fergal’s chart.  He is a serious Capricorn, and Pluto at this time is exactly transiting his natal triple conjunction of Sun/Mercury/Jupiter conjunction (which in itself reveals a talented reporter), so it represents a deeply serious moment in his life, an endeavour to put the plight of Yemen at the top of the news agenda.  Yemen has been pushed down the agenda consistently by the situation in Syria, and to some extent Iraq.  Uranus also squares Saturn in his chart currently, so a feeling of shock-horror from him – I can never comprehend how these brave war reporters can function (which led me to read all those biographies going when John Simpson, Kate Adie, John Sergeant and Martin Bell were providing them).  Then there was Rageh Omaar in Iraq, and Orla Guerin still going strong wherever there is conflict.  One last transit which is very telling for how important this is for Fergal Keane at this time: the North Node is exactly transiting his Pluto, so he is reaching right into man’s inhumanity to man to reveal something to himself and not only to us.

Boris Johnson

When Theresa May appointed Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary, there was speculation that it was an appeasement but also a call for him to prove himself or hoist himself on his own petard.  It remains to be seen how the effects of this week will play out for him, but his transits too may be revealing.  That the ebullient Boris Johnson is feeling super-ebullient at this time is shown by Jupiter exactly trine his natal Mercury at this time.  At the same time, the seriousness of his words are shown by Saturn opposing his natal Mercury (his Sun ruler).  He feels especially powerful and emboldened, too, because Pluto is currently trine his Jupiter.  The North Node is currently transiting his natal Uranus, so he was pushed into being even more controversial and rebellious than usual.  Pluto sextiles his Neptune, so his finer awareness is heightened at the moment as well.  There couldn’t be a better time for him to speak out (and I am not a fan, but I am a fan of the Astrology).  At other times he may not be so lucky.

Saudi Arabia

Relations between Saudi Arabia and the 1962 chart are not easy: Yemen’s Neptune squares Saudi’s Venus (mistrust), and Yemen’s Mars squares Saudi’s Uranus (sparks flying between them).  With the 1967 chart there are more constructive aspects, such as Yemen’s Uranus trine Saudi’s Saturn, and Yemen’s Mars trine Saudi’s Sun.  With the 1990 chart there is great harmony, so again, this chart does not ring true: Yemen’s Mercury/Uranus trines Saudi’s Jupiter, which should provide good communication.

How does the event of Boris’ criticism affect Saudi Arabia?  There may be some embarrassment, with Neptune squaring its Moon, and some feeling of crisis with Chiron opposing the Saudi Arabian Mercury.  Some spiritual confusion too, with Neptune opposing its Jupiter/Neptune conjunction: maybe someone in their ranks is mulling over the criticisms of how they treat women in the religious context.  There does seem to be a need for some current soul-searching in this week’s transits.


We start the week tomorrow (Monday 12th) with a fantastic trine between the Sun and Uranus.  It’s a good aspect for taking a fresh look at life and finding original angles for creativity.  You may suddenly be struck with an idea completely out of the box for someone’s Christmas present, for instance!  In the Office, you may change the position of your desk, or come across a helpful innovation in your weekly routine.

Not that the day will be completely plain-sailing, for there is a square between the Sun and Chiron, so there may be health issues needing attention, and someone may even pull a sickie in the Office.  These two aspects may work together in some way, and hopefully health issues will be overcome.  For example, if you work in the theatre, someone may be forced to pull out, and a new star may be born in the shape of the understudy.

There could be a little unease on Tuesday (13th) from the upcoming Full Moon at 22 degrees Gemini which takes place on Wednesday (14th) just after midnight in the morning.  Tension could occur in relation to the dissemination of information, such as news reporting.  The parochial concerns could be pitted against the global concerns, and somehow the truth or the need for balance needs to be found.  In your own affairs, aim for the win win situation, which might be found somewhere (if only in higher consciousness).

The rest of the week is fairly quiet on the aspect-front, but there is a minor aspect on Thursday (15th) for those who are avid about working with the aspects.  Neptune from Pisces is semi-sextile with Venus in Aquarius.  There could be a little discomfort with blending styles in the Arts, or slight paranoia in human relationships.  Neptune in Pisces is trying to be true spiritually, and Venus wants to be free creatively, and both can be honoured if egos are willing to take second place to joint ventures and the integrity of the whole – remember that no man or woman is an island, and it is often worth persevering to work out something together that satisfies you both and creates good art, or relationship.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – good for innovation, but some health issues need attention
  • Tuesday – mental and emotional tension, but dissipating throughout the day
  • Thursday – minor artistic and relationship conundrums