Strictly Come Dancing Final

Last night was the final of Strictly Come Dancing 2016, the highlight of the year for some!  I would have liked Danny Mac to win, but fair play to winner Ore Odube his show dance was breathtaking.

Here is a reprise from my October 23rd blog, which indicates some of the prizewinning transits:

Ore Odube

Judge Craig Revel Horwood has said TV Presenter Ore is the one to beat. I would add do not underestimate a Scorpio – they go for it hell for leather!  He has Venus/Pluto, Mercury and Sun in Scorpio, and with 5 Fixed planets is very determined.  Mercury trine Jupiter in his chart gives him a wide capacity for learning, and Venus sextile Neptune combines a flair for dance harmoniously with musicality.  He also has an electrical energy (Mars sextile Uranus) and great personal power (Jupiter trine Pluto).  In addition, he has the North Node exactly sextile Chiron, so he also has healing qualities.  So he has a lot going for him in life, in whatever he undertakes.  The week before last he gained three 10s from the judges!  Currently, Pluto (his ruling planet) is exactly sextile his Mercury, enabling him to focus in the most profound way.  At the end of the competition the North Node sextiles his Venus (a karmic uplift).  And although he will have a few squares in his transits, Uranus will be exactly trine his Uranus, so he could pull off the final surprise!  He is partnered with  Joanne Clifton who has been taking part in Strictly Come Dancing since 2014.  Joanne has a quadruple conjunction of Pluto/Mercury/Sun/Saturn across the cusp of Libra and Scorpio, which is very intense, with a great deal of mental focus when it comes to musicality.  Like Ore, she has Sun in Scorpio.  There is a strong sensuality about her chart, with Venus exactly conjunct Mars closely square her Nodal Axis.  Relationships are a strong karmic focus of this lifetime.  She has a very go-ahead streak too, with Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius.  Bruno said yesterday that their chemistry and connection were outstanding, and in their astrological compatibility they are both born under the steamy sign of Scorpio!  There are also good mental and physical connections (his Mercury sextile her Venus/Mars), though her Saturn is conjunct his Venus which keeps control in the relationship.  Her transits are fairly quiet at the moment, but at the final Pluto trines her Mars (a supreme effort), and the North Node sextiles her Saturn (karmic honour). She also has surprise in her toolkit at the end, with the Nodal Axis squaring her Uranus.

As you can see, for both Ore and Joanne, the karmic factor of the Nodes were in play for the final.  Much has been made of the fact that he had not had any dance training previously, whereas both the other finalists, Danny Mac and Louise Redknapp, had some experience.

Claudia Fragapane

Claudia Fragapane just missed qualifying for the final, and I would just like to tie up a loose end by writing a few words about her, because I did not get round to doing so in my earlier blogs, and she clearly was a great contender in this competition.  Claudia is another Scorpio, of which there were many in the contest this year: Louise (another of my favourites throughout the competition) was also a Scorpio, and Ore Odube is an astrological twin of Greg Rutherford who was also a contestant.  Much was made of Claudia’s skills as an Olympic gymnast, which brought much to her performance, though her overly-gymnastic style was initially criticized by the judges.  With her ruling planet Pluto exactly sextile Uranus, she has a great capacity to surprise.  She feels she grew immeasurably as a person through the competition, and probably surprised herself. She has great determination, with half her planets in the Fixed Quadruplicity.  One of these is the Moon in Leo, which gives her some aptitude and willingness in performance.  She has an exact natal conjunction of Mercury and Chiron, which may have caused her initial diffidence and lack of self-confidence.  She also has an exact conjunction of Venus and Mars in Sagittarius, so there is a great sense of adventure, and ability to savour life.

Pint sized Claudia was partnered with the very youthful looking professional A.J. Pritchard, yet another Scorpio!  He has Venus, Sun, North Node, Jupiter and Pluto in Scorpio.  He also has the sensitive and complex conjunction of Neptune and Uranus which occurred in the early 1990s. They would have much to learn from each other, with her having half her planets in the Fire element, and him having half his planets in the Water element.

Their charts show them to be very much in tune, with several exact interaspects, most notably his Venus exactly conjunct her natal Mercury/Chiron conjunction, which may have been very healing for her.

They went out of the competition on 11th December, on a high transitwise and performancewise: Jupiter was sextile Claudia’s Venus/Mars conjunction, but this beneficial transit had just peaked.  However, Saturn was transiting her natal Mars, and Pluto was square her Saturn. Although Neptune was trine A.J.’S Venus (a transit also on the wane) and their performance as inspired as ever, Uranus was square his Neptune.

Head Judge Len Goodman

from my blog of 4th September:

“It is the last year for head judge Len Goodman, who reportedly plans to spend his retirement on the golf course.  This is borne out by his transit picture, which looks remarkably quiet going forward, partly because the structure of his chart shows half the zodiac occupied and the end of several years of excitement.”

Last night special tribute was paid to the outgoing Head Judge, who will be greatly missed.  Pluto was exactly trine his natal Mercury, which indicates an important ending for him.  Another break with a longstanding commitment in his life is shown by the Nodal Axis exactly squaring his Uranus.

Those who fear withdrawal effects can watch the Strictly Christmas Special on Christmas Day!


It’s another quietish week on the aspect front, which next week will make up for!

There are no aspects as such, just two planetary changes of sign, and a change of direction for another planet (guess which one).  Therefore I would describe this week as one of minor changes (some would say more than minor).

Two of these changes take place tomorrow (Monday 19th), so the day may be upgraded to one of medium change.  First, Mars enters Pisces, which changes the collective energy from go ahead to go gently.  Mars in Pisces gives more in terms of action on behalf of charity and compassion, and unseen or unacknowledged work behind the scenes.  There is altruism, but Mars in Pisces is not necessarily without its own agenda.  It is unselfish, but that in itself may have a need.  At any rate, coming up to Christmas, it is definitely in the spirit of the season to think of those in need or who are suffering, and in these times we don’t have to think long and hard to find such a cause to contribute to.

The second change of the day is Mercury turning Retrograde.  The principle of Mercury is communication, and we have been promised three strikes this week in the U.K., all relating to communication, so already we know of some disruption which will take place.  Southern Rail, which have been severely disrupted anyway for months, are holding a strike from 22nd December for three days, and for three days from New Year’s Eve.  Those who have managed to hold on to their jobs in the affected area will hopefully have some annual leave and not need to travel.  They particularly need the rail service to work during working weekdays, and Mercury goes direct again on 8th January.  However, Mercury direct has not worked for them in the past few months, so 8th January is only a faint light at the end of the rail tunnel.

Post Office workers are staging a strike actually starting tomorrow (maybe they’ve heard the word).  They are striking for five days this week, including Christmas Eve.  It is a dispute over jobs, pensions and branch closures.  There was consequently a panic over my Christmas card writing when I heard, and eek I only just completed them on time.  Astrologers are always warning people to complete their documentation in time for a Mercury Retrograde, but it’s a double whammy on this occasion.

Thirdly, there are Airline strikes coming up to Christmas.  Some baggage handlers, check-in staff and cargo crew are striking in some airports, notably Stansted, Luton and Gatwick.  This is a 48-hour action affecting 22nd and 23rd December.  There is also a potential strike at Heathrow Airport affecting British Airways.

Not trying to put a dampener on  your travel plans, but just amazed that all this is coinciding with the onset of this Mercury Retrograde period.

The third bringer of change this week is the Winter Solstice on Wednesday 21st, when the Sun enters Capricorn.  I always find this moment bittersweet, because just when we are really struggling with the fading of the light, it begins to return but so poignantly imperceptibly.  However, it is a moment to be celebrated by virtue of the fact we know on some level the light is returning.  Some are more sensitive to this point in time than others.

Capricorn is a more sobering sign than Sagittarius, and contains both the Christmas celebration and the New Year.  This year Christmas coincides with Hanukah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, on the evening of 24th December.  Though the New Year is a new beginning, it is also a time of planning, and planning is a feature of the sign Capricorn.  Capricorn is about career and status, achievement and organization.  So the ingress of the Sun into Capricorn which takes place on 21st reminds you of where you want to be going in the future, turning attention to the resolutions which may be imminent.

I will be posting my blog on Christmas morning, next Sunday, though without any expectation that anyone will be reading it!  However, you do need to know at this stage that there are no less than four beneficial aspects on Christmas Day, so if you are flagging between peeling the sprouts and putting on the roasted parsnips do tune in to find out what gifts the planets are bringing!

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – gentle action; communication disruption
  • Wednesday – a sense of purpose