A Look Ahead at 2017

The Year that Was (2016)

How do we remember 2016?  Let me count the ways:

First of all, we lost so many legends.  I got to write about more than a few of them.  I covered David Bowie,  Alan Rickman, Terry Wogan, Nancy Reagan, Ronnie Corbett, Prince, Victoria Wood, Jonathan Cainer, Muhammed Ali, Jo Cox, Shimon Peres, Leonard Cohen and Fidel Castro.  And of course, there were many, many more I could not cover.  Since 18th December Zsa Zsa Gabor, Rabbi Lionel Blue, Rick Parfitt, George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds have passed over.  It did not escape anybody’s notice that this was a year of loss.

The other incredible phenomenon of this year was that, both sides of the Atlantic, the unthinkable happened.  A huge proportion of the population was shocked by the other slightly larger proportion of the population.  On 23rd June in the U.K. the electorate voted to leave Europe in the Referendum, highlighting a divided nation.  On 8th November in the U.S. their electorate voted to elect Donald Trump as their President, even though Hillary Clinton had won the “popular vote”.  We are still dealing with the consequences of both events, and 2017 will begin to tell how both scenarios will play out.

The prevailing major aspect of 2016 was Saturn square Neptune, which is both depressing and subversive.  I tried to describe it last year:

“Saturn represents the frustration of inaction and Neptune oversensitivity which can also result in paralysis….  But there are hidden agendas which may now emerge: the factors and causes which you may not have suspected, but which have contributed to the current state of affairs, like a slow pollution which has gone unnoticed.”

Of course this does not do it justice.  How I see it in terms of the shocks that came in 2016 is that it represents the underestimation of the disaffection of so many people, which caused them to vote for Brexit and Donald Trump.

Let’s see if we as a human race can collectively do better this year, and what are the planetary prospects for that.

Transits to U.K. Chart, post-Referendum

Some dates to watch:

4th January 2017 – Neptune transits the U.K. Uranus in 10th House: Some bizarre goings on in Westminster, or in connection with our role in Europe

29th January 2017 – Pluto transits the U.K. Part of Fortune in 8th House: Some drama

4th June 2017 – Uranus from Aries in 11th House sextiles natal Mars in 9th House – good for showing some mettle in international relations

12th July 2017 – Jupiter from Libra in 5th House sextiles natal Sun in 7th House: more confidence, especially in society and relationships

20th November 2017 – Jupiter Return in 5th House: Confidence in our image boosted

8/9th December 2017 – North Node transits Neptune in 3rd House – Scandal and misinformation in the Media, with a karmic flavour

Transits to Donald Trump Chart for first year of Presidency

30th December 2016 – Saturn conjunct Donald Trump’s Moon in 4th House: Deflating mood concerning the women in his life

28/29th April – North Node transits natal Ascendant: A karmic reckoning

28/29th June – North Node transits natal Mars in 12th House: possible danger to his person

19th July 2017 – Jupiter transits Donald Trump’s Chiron in 2nd House: favourable news concerning his financial schemes

4th August 2017 – Jupiter Return in 2nd House: good news for his finances

10th October 2017 – Jupiter transits Donald Trump’s 3rd House cusp and sextiles Ascendant – bolder in speech, and more confident in himself

19/20th December 2017 – Saturn transits Donald Trump’s 5th House cusp and trines his Ascendant: more stable in himself, but sharing more responsibilities with a child

Update on the Circular Economy

I wrote in my blog of 3rd May 2015:

“The Yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur, while sailing round the world, thought deeply about sustainability, and has initiated a system which she calls “a circular economy” to use resources differently.”

Some progress was reported over this Christmas period in her enterprise, which fits the Saturn/Uranus trine and can bring hope for us going forward as a species.

It relates to the built-in obsolescence of our material goods in the way we currently manufacture them, and the laboriousness of the current process of recycling. Saturn represents the old, Uranus represents the new, and the process of positive transitions and developments in recycling is represented by Saturn trine Uranus.  A new bicycle prototype has been created, using stainless steel (which doesn’t have to be painted) and can last 50 years.  Furthermore, it is planned to rent out the bicycles for children, so they can be traded in for bigger models as they grow.  How cool is that?  The idea is being considered for other types of manufacturing such as washing machines, and companies such as Google have shown interest in the principle.

Ellen MacArthur is a sea-loving Cancerian with a Virgo Ascendant, which tends to be mindful of sustainability and ecology.  I am not sayin’ Ellen has gone from sailing to saving the world, but her actions are surely a light as to how to proceed, and an example or wayshower to others.  She has one method at least for turning around the economy.

 Dates for your Diary if planning ahead:

Backtracking slightly, the Saturn-Uranus trine which occurred on Christmas Day 2016 will have some bearing as we go forward into 2017, being so close in time.  It is an entirely constructive set of forces, bridging the old and the new, enabling us to take the best of 2016 and bring it into our hopes and plans for 2017.  Maybe you were struck by a good idea over the Christmas period, something you would like to implement in the year ahead.


Monday 6th: Jupiter goes Retrogradeprogress plateaus, a need for reworking (Jupiter went retrograde on 8th January last year, if you would like to consult your diary for its effect).

Sunday 26th: New Moon and Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces – A turning point in the collective unconscious


Friday 3rd: Jupiter opposite Uranus, as Boxing Day 2016 (may have been linked with the earthquake in Chile) – uneasy surprises

Thursday 30th: Jupiter square Pluto – (As last year 24 November) power struggles and brinkmanship reach a peak


Thursday 6th: Saturn turns Retrogradea setback to progress (occurred 25 March in 2016, if you would like to consult your diary).


Friday 19th: Saturn trine Uranus, as Christmas Day 2016 – the process of positive transitions and developments in renewable energy, recycling and sustainable living on the planet


Friday 9th: Jupiter goes Directfull steam ahead (occurred 9 May in 2016, if you would like to consult your diary).

Friday 16th: Neptune goes Retrogradespiritual backtracking, more illusions surfacing, mental health needs in the spotlight (occurred 13th June last year).


Looks to be an important month!

Thursday 3rd: Uranus goes Retrograde – the excitement of progress suddenly turns flat, for a period of re-examination (occurred 29 July 2016).

Friday 4th: Jupiter square Pluto (3rd pass) – more insight into power struggles and brinkmanship

Monday 7th: Full Moon and Eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius – turning point,  highlighting what needs to change in society

Monday 21st: New Moon and Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo – another turning point, more focussed on new beginnings

Friday 25th: Saturn goes Direct – hard slog starts to pay off (occurred 13 August 2016).

Sunday 27th: finally, after months and months of teasing, Jupiter sextiles Saturn.  One of the best aspects of the year – balance, and constructiveness


Looks to  be an important day!

Thursday 28th: Jupiter opposite Uranus (3rd pass) – uneasy surprises

Also Thursday 28th: Pluto goes Direct – Psychological progress, and more cohesion globally over issues that affect nations (occurred 26th September 2016).


Thursday 10th: Jupiter moves into Scorpio (for a one year sojourn) – Life-affirming for Scorpios


Saturday 11th: Saturn trine Uranus (3rd pass) – a very constructive time for dealing with international problems, or structural problems in society and communities, or long term projects in your own life.  The process of positive transitions and developments in renewable energy, recycling and sustainable living on the planet.  Hopefully, progress made.

Wednesday 22nd: Neptune goes Direct – spiritual progress, and a boost to issues that affect sea life and water management on the planet.  A sense of quiet satisfaction. (occurred 20th November 2016).


Sunday 3rd: Jupiter trine Neptune (probably the best aspect this year).  See my Christmas 2016 blog for its full flavour – There is “space” for religion and spirituality to breathe in their own right, and come together in harmony.

Wednesday 20th: Saturn enters Capricorn (for a two and a half year sojourn) – A sober tone, a sense of realism, may bring in authoritarian regimes politically, but in some cases more stability.


The week and year start at 6.53 a.m. on Sunday morning 1 January 2017 with a sensitive conjunction between Mars and Neptune at 9 degrees of the ocean that is Pisces.  Plenty of New Year skinny dipping, ducking and diving, perhaps?  Depending on which House this conjunction falls in your chart, you’ll be able to focus on ways to combine the physical and spiritual.  Not so easy if you are very physically orientated, you might feel held back.  But if you are starting from a spiritual viewpoint and working through to the physical, you could be very satisfied.  The best New Year’s resolutions, if they are made on this day, combine the two modes of being.  If you are after more turbo-charged resolutions and new starts (e.g. training for marathons), maybe wait until 11th January when Mars sextiles Pluto.

More sensitivity seeping in on Tuesday (3rd) when Venus enters Pisces at 7.47 a.m. Venus in the previous sign of Aquarius has been socially minded, but there’s a more introspective feel with Venus in Pisces.  Just when you are supposed to be emerging from the seasonal chrysalis and emerge back into the working world, you may feel like retreating.  If you have managed some meditation and retreat over the Christmas and New Year season, then try and bring some of that through to your working regimes. Good will and peace to all workers!  Something may touch your heart that day, and remember that Venus stays in Pisces until 4th February, so if you catch yourself shedding tears of compassion during January, you may be having a Venus in Pisces moment.

Towards the evening, there will be an opportunity to apply your sensitivity and emotion in a mental project, with Mercury sextile Venus.  Verbal and communication skills combine diplomatically with artistic and musical skills, which favour meeting up over coffee, negotiating, or just enjoying discussion.  Creativity too is often stimulated under this sextile. It should make for a friendly and congenial evening.

Late lunchtime on Wednesday (4th) brings a change of mental emphasis, as Mercury while still retrograde re-enters Sagittarius.  You may be able to let go of the seriousness around communication (from Mercury in Capricorn) and introduce some lightheartedness (from Sagittarius), albeit this may come over trivial, frivolous or even klutzy.  But the mood may be more enjoyable, and it may not matter.

Note that Mercury will go direct again on Sunday 8th January, and re-enters Capricorn on Thursday 12th, so you may be having some deja vu sometime soon.

On to Saturday (7th) and early in the morning Sun conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn.  You may wake with a profound dream, or realize you need a plan.  Listen very deeply to your Soul that day, and move forward with the holistic picture in mind.  Someone may be claiming your attention, and you may not be able to fully engage with your own agenda but keep your own vision in mind.

Venus also conjuncts the South Node, bringing relationships under the karmic spotlight, so again you may be called upon to help another, or address a past life issue of your own.  Venus at the South Node reminds us how much can be achieved by Love.

Best wishes to  you all for your hopes and dreams in 2017!

The week in bullet points:

  • Sunday – sensitive action, or active sensitivity
  • Tuesday – sensitive feelings, and artistic communication
  • Wednesday – silly communication
  • Saturday – profound experience, and karmic relationships