A Compatibility Guide for Capricorn

Are you a Capricorn, or do you have a friend, relative or partner born under that sign? How do you relate to the Capricorn in your midst?

Capricorn Sun with Aries Sun

These two signs are in squared relationship to each other, so may not be easy to work out.  Both can be self-centred, and may not put the relationship first.  Capricorn may put up emotional walls, and Aries can be a battering ram.  Factors other than the Sun may help to make the relationship work, such as sympathetic Moons.  Aries can bring warmth to the Capricornian, and Capricorn can bring discipline to the Arien, which may be exactly what the other needs.

Famous Example: Mary Archer and Jeffrey Archer

Capricorn Sun with Taurus Sun ****

This can be a relationship of great mutual support.  Taurus has a tendency to take the supportive role in a relationship, and Capricorn can have a great moral rectitude which provides stability.  They may share an interest in the earth and earth’s treasures, from gardening to pottery to archaeology.  They can also be a very successful partnership on a material level.

Famous Example: Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King

Capricorn Sun with Gemini Sun

These two signs do not easily combine, partly because Earth and Air do not always mix.  In addition, Capricorn may be overly practical and serious for the Gemini.  However, Capricorn is not overly energetic and can absorb some of Gemini’s excess nervous energy in a steadying way.  These two can reinforce each other’s scepticism, Gemini being super-rational, and Capricorn being super-practical.

Famous Example: Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre

Capricorn Sun with Cancerian Sun

These opposite signs make an excellent foundation for home and family, complementing each other’s make up and skills.  They are able to make satisfying arrangements when it comes to the work/life balance, and are both natural parents.  There may be some tension, due to their opposite polarity.

Capricorn Sun with Leo Sun

At first acquaintance, these two may not have very much in common.  Leo is hedonistic, and Capricorn can be quite austere or even ascetic.  So their lifestyles may not suit each other, although they may give each other what the other lacks: Capricorn can bring discipline to the table, and Leo warmth and trust. Capricorn can keep Leo down to earth.

Famous Example: David Bowie and Iman

Capricorn Sun with Virgo Sun ****

Another potentially successful pairing.  Again, these two can work together harmoniously, with Virgo having a strong work ethic, and Capricorn believing in ambition.  Capricorn likes to administer and delegate, and Virgo likes to get on with the job, so when it is that way round, the relationship is easiest.  These two can gel well in a business partnership, or be a formidable alliance in the workplace.

Famous Example: Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall (a classic romance)

Capricorn Sun with Libra Sun

This combination may not be quite so easy, as they are both Cardinal signs (wanting to lead), and this may be difficult for Libra who wants to please, in the face of Capricorn who may want to stamp his or her authority on their plans.  They can be united in working for the same ends, e.g. a large scale project, in which they have their designated areas of expertise. For example, in a small firm where Libra handles the Human Resources, and Capricorn is in charge of general administration.  In family life, they may similarly have to divide their chores.  Capricorn can help shape Libran aspirations, and Librans can help keep Capricorns buoyant.

Famous Example: Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan

Capricorn  Sun with Scorpio Sun

This is a good partnership, as both have a quiet emotional reserve, but at the same time an understanding of the serious side of life.  Between them, they can tackle the big issues, and socially help the community.  At least one of them will need a sense of humour, though.

Famous Example: Ludovic Kennedy and Moira Shearer

Capricorn Sun with Sagittarius Sun

As neighbouring signs, these two may share planets in each other’s signs.  This can be a balancing relationship, especially if the Sagittarian is classically optimistic and the Capricorn is classically realistic.  If they have planets in each other’s signs, they may flip from one mode to the other, and hopefully their biorhythms would be such that one is able to raise the other’s mood and thinking if necessary.  There is a slight chance that both would be negative at the same time (aargh!) or both high at the same time.

Capricorn Sun with Capricorn Sun

This can be a great partnership, and they could both be singing from the same hymn sheet, and want the same things out of life.  They may share ambition, social status, and administrative ability, so could head up a corporation or institution together.  They may be quietly confident in their relationship, without being showy or flaunting their success.

Famous Example: Carol Vorderman and Richard Whiteley of Countdown

Capricorn Sun with Aquarius Sun

As neighbouring signs, they may have a great deal in common.  At one time they were both ruled by Saturn, but now Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and personalities born under Aquarius can be very different and individualistic.  As long as the Aquarian has an understanding of the traditional values of Capricorn, and the worth of some of its enduring values, the partnership may work. It may also require the Capricorn to keep up with technology and social media, to aid communication.

Famous Example: Carla Bruni and Nicholas Sarkozy

Capricorn Sun with Pisces Sun

This relationship is governed by the sextile, a harmonious aspect.  Both signs can  be quiet and gentle, and so this partnership can flow nicely.  They bring qualities to each other in stability (Capricorn) and emotion (Pisces) and so as a unit they have a lot to offer.  Capricorn can help give shape to Piscean dreams, and Pisces can add nuance to Capricorn’s realism.

Famous Example: Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster


A full compatibility analysis details every component of the two birthcharts in relation to each other, not just the Sun sign.  As there is a lot of work involved, it is my most expensive service, at £45.



There’s a special fanfare accompanying Mercury turning direct today, in that it signals a rare period of time where all the planets are in forward motion.  The next planet to turn retrograde will be Jupiter on 6th February.  These next few weeks therefore may be times when progress can be made in a number of areas.  But for today celebrate that communications may start to flow better, and if you have got behind on your paperwork, it’s catch up time.  In the meantime, there has seemed no end in sight for the rail misery on Southern Rail.  Maybe there will be some positive moves afoot, though as I have said before the vagaries of Mercury have come and gone in the last year without any resolution.  Prime Minister Theresa May has espoused a “sharing society” in this New Year, but the National Health Service remains unsupported by the government.  Will she prove herself in this retrograde-free window?

Begin your initiatives now, in your plans for the week, but factor in a possible hiccup on Tuesday (10th), in the shape of Sun square Uranus.  The Sun in Capricorn is very organizational, but Uranus from Aries may throw a spanner in the works.  In your plans, try to anticipate possible loopholes and have contingencies ready.  If you are working in a group, someone may want to break ranks or assert their individuality.

Wednesday (11th) is the day this week for getting things done.  If you have slipped back in your New Year’s resolutions, or want to create new ones, it is time to forge ahead thanks to a sextile between dynamic duo Mars and Pluto.  There is plenty of cosmic energy available, if you can handle it!  Seize the week, or even the year.

There is also a helpful second sextile between the Sun in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces, ensuring that the steamroller of Mars and Pluto doesn’t ignore central administrative plans or compassionate concerns, and allowing for healing to take place.  The two sextiles do not completely connect, but are about 4 degrees apart in the same signs, so have a working sympathy, and certainly don’t get in each other’s way.  Medical appointments or surgeries have a good chance of a favourable outcome.

Don’t overdo things on Thursday (12th), as you may feel like overstretching or trusting your luck a little more than would be realistic, with the Sun square Jupiter.  You could feel quite chipper, and that all’s right with the world.  But there’s a Full Moon building up, and your emotions may be running away with you.  The Sun is still in Capricorn, and you may still be building castles (whether in the air, or in the sand, it matters not where), but Jupiter may be pulling you off your intended course, and your ideas may outstrip your resources.  Cut your suit to match your cloth.  This aspect is fun loving, but pranks could get out of hand.

With a Full Moon at 22 degrees Cancer also on that day, there are bound to be tears.  The Cancerian Full Moon is one of the most emotional of the year.  Just as you felt you were getting somewhere with your administration, organization, plans and resolutions, someone may be throwing a wobbly.  You may even hear the words, from some quarter: “I can’t do this!”  But they probably can, they just need a little tender loving care to get them through the Full Moon, and then wash away the tears.  The tears may be a hangover from family matters over the Christmas period, and nothing to do with the task you are trying to co-ordinate.

Support may come after the Full Moon (11.34 a.m. in the U.K.) from forward moving Mercury re-entering the sign of Capricorn (at 14.03 Hrs) and bolstering the Capricornian energy and efforts.  The Sun and Pluto are already maintaining serious work ethics in that sign, and Mercury adds mental ingenuity to the projects on hand.  That’s three planets on the same page, and Mercury may swing the element of communication in favour of collective progress this month.

The last aspect of the week (and coming just before Friday 13th, lucky for some) is Venus conjunct Neptune at 10 degrees Pisces, which occurs on Thursday evening.  This is a conjunction of beauty, inspiration and artistry, especially as it occurs in Pisces, a sign touched by genius.  If you are putting on an evening performance in the Arts, this could be a magical experience for you and your audience, despite any collywobbles experienced early in the day’s preparations.  If you are socializing, people may be more than usually attuned to each other, sensitive of each other’s needs, and not treading on each other’s dreams. Poets John Keats and Leonard Cohen had this conjunction natally, so who knows what can be produced creatively at the end of this week?

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – catch up with communications
  • Tuesday – hiccups
  • Wednesday – full steam ahead, and healing
  • Thursday – mixed: optimism, emotion, pragmatism and spiritual love (in that order)