“Medical Medium”

Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to finally Heal

by Anthony William

Published by Hay  House 2015

Once in a while, as a blogger, I believe you are allowed to evangelize.  And this is my time.  At a time when the performance of the NHS has been allowed to plummet to an all time low by Prime Minister Theresa May, and we are  being urged to take our healing into our own hands, two books are available to us which are utterly inspiring and empowering in this respect.  “Medical Medium” and its sequel “Life Changing Foods” can be your template for diet and health in this New Year of 2017.  In fact, I have just given away a load of books to the charity shop on these subjects, trading them in for these two bibles.

What is so unusual about Anthony William?

Just to read Anthony William’s backstory in the first  book “Medical Medium” is incredible.  But credible in my eyes.  At the age of four he diagnosed his grandmother’s lung cancer.  Later, in his teens, he then developed his sensitivity to the extent that he could not sit in a cinema without diagnosing the illnesses of everyone in the cinema and knowing what  they needed to heal.  He was told by his inner mentor “Spirit” that his level of awareness was so rare that only Edgar Cayce and Padre Pio shared this in the last century. And over the years, he has helped tens of thousands of people through his ability to see into the bodily systems and prescribe natural regimes to overcome their ailments.

Of our time, and beyond

The knowledge Anthony imparts is more relevant to the environmental problems of our time than the work of the earlier healers.  In his first book, he goes into the causes of some of our mystery illnesses, especially so called auto-immune diseases.  He has informative chapters on Fibromyalgia, Diabetes (my own battle), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Migraines and Lyme Disease among many others.  Many of the causes involve toxins such as metals in our environment.  But he leaves no one without hope.  He suggests fruits and vegetables whose purpose it is to heal, and recommends the elimination of foods such as dairy products which hamper our healing. He also recommends certain supplements, some of which I already use such as Hawaiian Organic Spirulina, and some of which I have yet to track down.  As one who has been attracted to the raw food movement, I feel in harmony with this approach, though I have never made a lot of progress on this path despite being a vegetarian.  Some of  the information he reveals flies in the face of current scientific thinking; he explains it is ahead of its time.  But he does include a great deal of scientific explanation, at the same time.  I am hoping that some scientists out there will latch on to some of the directions and avenues which he points to, for their research.  Somehow what he says in this book makes so much sense, that I am newly encouraged to healthier eating.

“Life Changing Foods”

Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits and Vegetables.

by Anthony William

Published by Hay House 2016

As soon as I started reading “Medical Medium” I ordered its sequel. It is a different book, only currently available in hardback, but well worth the investment.  It also has the added attraction of glossy colour photos of recipes, so is more of a kitchen book.  This book seeks to go into greater detail of the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of various fruits and vegetables, and it has made me newly fall in love with the edible plant world!

There is also more detailed information about various ailments and environmental factors which influence us, in this era which he (and other spiritual teachers) calls The Quickening.  With this book beside you, you can feel confident of tackling some of the seemingly insurmountable problems that are facing us both personally and collectively. And his spiritual perspectives on each fruit and vegetable are delightful.   I have a couple of months before my next diabetic appointment, so have time to try and test out the information.  I have already tried the celery juice for improving digestion, which has been very sound.  I have upped my consumption of blueberries, but he recommends wild blueberries which is a bit of a conundrum to find in this small town.  The book is dotted with quirky but satisfying information and suggestions, and he is not afraid to use the “M” word: Miracles.

I have selected some foods which seem to match the requirements of the zodiac signs:

Aries – pomegranate for impatience

Taurus – ginger if you are holding back from speaking

Gemini – coriander to deal with distraction

Cancer – sweet potato to make you feel safe and soothed

Leo ­- artichokes for healing the heart

Virgo – celery for healing the digestion

Libra – apples for bringing you back to balance

Scorpio – parsley if you are on an emotional roller coaster

Sagittarius  – nettle leaf for scattered energies

Capricorn – radishes to bring you out of despair

Aquarius – cranberries if you are experiencing alienation

Pisces – cauliflower for combating confusion

My quest continues, with newly infused enthusiasm and inspiration.


My very first blog was written on 30th January 2007, so this blog is approaching its 10th birthday!  The website was set up one year before that.  Thank you to anyone who has read my blog over the years.

So to celebrate this occasion, I am setting a competition, for which the closing date will be 30th January 2017.

All you have to do to enter is to post under comments either your favourite out of all my blogs in the last 10 years, and the reasons why, or an idea for a future blog.  I will repost the competition the next couple of weeks, in case you need time to think about it.

There will be three prizes:

1st prize – a full astrological analysis, including a year ahead, for yourself or someone of your choice, worth £35

Two runner up prizes of a Year Ahead, worth £17.50

In the event there are more than three entries, I will adjudicate.


Tomorrow (Monday 16th) we have a conjunction between Mars and Chiron, which could precipitate a crisis, or a reminder of wounds past which need to be aired and to find solutions.  Someone around you may need some soothing vibes.  Massage may be a good tool, if you are not rubbing salt in the wound.

Tuesday (17th) may bring karmic rewards of information leading to the neutralization of karma, and progress forward, with Mercury trine the North Node.  There may be insights which undeniably strike home in that regard.

Mars squares Saturn on Thursday (19th), which means that energies could be just plain awkward.  There may  be frustration, irritation, mismatching, lack of harmony or inspiration.  Patience is required during the day, as  you may feel you are taking two steps forward, and one step back.

In the evening the Sun enters Aquarius, and there may be a sense of relief, and some lightening of outlook.  Some of the pressure may be taken off the Mars/Saturn rub.  You may feel  you are about to make some progress, and can tune into the immediate future with more confidence.

We end the week with a profound note on Friday 20th.  Venus will be sextile Pluto, which is good for feelings, and finance.  Love and Art will be deep in nature and impact, and this will give some soul satisfaction, maybe regardless of what is going on in the world.

I recommend eating nurturing avocados if you are watching the inauguration of the 45th American President that day. Anthony William says: “For noticeable benefits, eat one avocado a day. For extreme benefits, eat two per day.”

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – sore
  • Tuesday – helpful karmic information
  • Thursday – just plain awkward, improves later
  • Friday – feeling the satisfaction at soul level