John Bercow

John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, has had an eventful week.  On Monday, he courted controversy when he stated that in his opinion Donald Trump should not address the joint Houses on his proposed visit to the U.K., and this morning a video has been released of him revealing that he voted to remain in last year’s European Referendum.  The controversy lies in the fact that he has expressed political opinions, as his post requires him to be absolutely impartial.  A motion of no confidence was launched against him, which may come to nothing.

Birth Chart

John Bercow has the Sun conjunct Mercury across the Capricorn/Aquarius cusp.  The Sun conjuncts closely the  South Node in Capricorn in his chart, suggesting themes of Politics and Power in past lives.  There is a theme of power in his chart: Sun in Capricorn, Sun conjunct the South Node, Mars in Leo and Jupiter opposite Pluto. The office of Speaker holds great powers, and when he was elected Speaker in 2009 it was written in the Guardian that Bercow was “dragged most willingly to perch on his new throne”.

He has a great following in the House of Commons, and equally he has made enemies.  He has sensitivity and emotional depth (Moon in Scorpio conjunct Neptune), but his Venus (social relations) is locked in a T-square with Jupiter/Chiron and Pluto, which can make his relationships quite difficult.  Venus also represents the women in his life, and his wife Sally has not exactly enhanced his reputation, plus their relationship has been quite stormy.

Office of the Speaker

When running for this office, Bercow said: “I wanted it because I felt that there was a task to be undertaken and that’s about strengthening backbench involvement and opportunity in parliament, and helping parliament get off its knees and recognise that it isn’t just there as a rubber-stamping operation for the government of the day, and as necessary and appropriate to contradict and expose the government of the day.”

Looking at his chart, he doesn’t have the obvious hallmarks of impartiality.  A previous outstanding figure in this role was Betty Boothroyd who served from 1992 – 2000.  She had the classic chart you would expect to find, the Sun exactly conjunct Mercury right in the middle of Libra, the sign of impartiality itself.

On the day John Bercow was made Speaker (22nd June 2009), Jupiter was exactly conjunct Chiron, mirroring his own natal conjunction.  It is a role designed to bring unity and heal. Saturn was also sextile his Neptune, so it was undertaken in a spirit of great sincerity and sense of honour.

Events this week

1.  Issue of the Trump visit

On Monday this week, Bercow expressed that he would be strongly opposed to the U.S. President addressing the Houses of Parliament, stating that “opposition to racism and sexism” needed to be considered.

His transits show that Uranus from Aries was exactly trine his natal Mars in Leo, triggering a calculated risk on his part, so if the astrology is right he knew what he was doing, but at the same time may have felt compelled to speak.  After many MPs objected to the prospect of Donald Trump’s being honoured in this way, and a petition signed by 1.8 million members of the public, he may have felt he was speaking for most people, and that it was in the public interest.

This act of impartiality put him in the firing line, especially with his detractors.

2.  Brexit issue today

Today, he was shown in a video telling students that he voted remain in the European Referendum.  Again, he has been denounced by various people, especially his known detractors.

His transits still show Uranus trine Mars, but there are two possibly sinister transits showing up in addition. Neptune opposes his Pluto, which peaks on 5th March, so his position as speaker may be threatened.

Only two days later, Neptune squares his Venus, which peaks on 7th March.  This may be a personal confusion or scandal, possibly involving his wife.

Though he intends to see the Brexit process through, which may take a further two years, his position is a little precarious.

Sally Bercow

The Bercows live at Westminster, as a requirement of the post of Speaker, and that itself must be claustrophobic and frustrating. They have three children, the eldest of whom is autistic.  Though his wife Sally seems like a more frivolous character, their charts show some remarkable similarities, so there is a bond between them.

In her chart, she has the Sun at the end of Scorpio conjunct Mercury at the beginning of Sagittarius, sextile John’s Sun/Mercury conjunction.  Both have a high proportion of Fixed planets, so they may both be stubborn.  With the Sun closely conjunct Neptune in Scorpio, she is deeply emotional and probably finds it hard to express that in political circles.  In his chart his Moon conjunct Neptune reflects the fact that his wife is very emotional.  Whereas he has Venus square Jupiter, she has Venus square Mars which is more indicative of inappropriate behaviour!  She also has Mars trine Uranus, which likes to shock.  In addition to that, her Saturn is unaspected, so that may make her a libertarian.

These traits have got her into hot water.  A fan of popular media, she joined the Big Brother house in August 2011, at a time when Uranus (controversy) was trine her Mercury (media and communication).  Neptune was also square her Sun, which can produce unwise decisions: whatever her hopes from the experience, she was first to be evicted.

Neptune was again square her Sun in November 2012, when she tweeted against Lord McAlpine in an allegation of a scandal; but with in addition the more serious transit of Pluto squaring her Uranus, she was taken to court and lost, having to pay damages for the effect on his reputation.

In her relationship with John Bercow (Synastry), his North Node trines her Sun, so it really is a karmic relationship.  They do have close connections, with his Neptune on her Venus, his Venus sextile her Mars (strong attraction), and his Saturn conjunct her Mars (so he does keep her in line a bit – she has been quieter lately).  In response to her various shenanigans he has been quoted as saying she is “not my chattel”.

On March 7th, when John Bercow has Neptune exactly square his Venus, possibly indicating a problem with the woman in his life, she has Saturn exactly square her Pluto, indicating a very difficult problem for her.

Opinions this morning

On the Andrew Marr show, it was pointed out that John Bercow had not divulged his views before the Referendum.  Tom Watson, on the same programme, praised his work as Speaker, and said he had shown great support of the backbenchers having a voice and getting their views across.  Whatever your views, whether anti-Trump or pro-Trump, Remain or Brexit, John Bercow has been brave to air his views this week, and the Bercows make a colourful couple.


There is still time to work with yesterday’s trine between the Sun and Jupiter, especially if you missed it (as I did).

This trine favours expanding your thought and creativity, and seeking new philosophical paths.  There may also be a touch of luck involved.

The first aspect of the week occurs on Tuesday (14th), Valentine’s Day: Sun sextile Saturn.  It’s not the most romantic of aspects, but it’s not a bad aspect either.  In terms of relationship, it is about loyalty and commitment, and the promise to look after each other.  So that is the focus of the day, if you are preparing your sonnet or limerick.  It favours laying down plans and foundations, and that may be applied to relationship.

Thursday (16th) is also highlighted this week, in terms of speedy communication, with a sextile between Mercury and Mars.  If you are travelling, you may be pleasantly surprised that your wheels are working and there are no rail impediments.  The time may whizz by on your journey.  Once you reach your destination, talk will be prolific, efficient and to the point.  It should be a productive day generally, with mind and body in sync.

On Saturday (18th) the Sun enters Pisces.  If you are going in for hi-tech procedures this week, then establish them earlier, as your preoccupations might go more soft-focus on Saturday.  You may be engaged in a sentimental review of an issue, or a relationship, and may need to relax and surrender to that, and take the day or weekend off from watching screens.  Get in touch with your emotions.  Listen in to your loved ones.  Hear the whispers of the Universe…

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – solid foundations
  • Thursday – let’s get busy
  • Saturday – going inward