A Compatibility Guide for Pisces

Are you a Piscean, or do you have a friend, relative or partner born under that sign? Here is how you blend with the other signs.

 Pisces Sun with Aries Sun

These two may have planets in each other’s signs, being neighbours, and that may give them some common ground.  Otherwise, they are very different: Aries is all action, and Pisces is all dreaming.  They can certainly learn from each other, being such extremes.  And they may also admire each other.

Famous Example: Pattie Boyd and Eric Clapton (married 9 years)

Pisces Sun with Taurus Sun

This is a  harmonious pairing, and both may  be gentle souls.  Together, they could achieve a quiet life, if that’s what they want!  They may also both be talented in the Arts, and could set up a cottage industry along those lines.  The Piscean will be very inspirational in such an enterprise, and the Taurean more hands on.

Famous Example: Liza Minnelli and David Gest (separated after a year of marriage!)

Pisces Sun with Gemini Sun

This is not an easy combination.  Although they are both adaptable (Mutable) signs, they could flounder in trying to find an anchor for their relationship, and may even clash at times.  The Pisces water may dampen Gemini enthusiasm, and Pisces may be too deep if Gemini is wanting to leave things at a superficial level.  On the other hand, the Piscean can raise the relationship to a transcendent level.  As both are dual signs (twins and fishes), the relationship can be complex.  But this relationship can work very well when both are focussed on high ideals and issues beyond the personal.

Pisces Sun with Cancerian Sun****

Here is a pairing which can be blissful, with plenty of shared emotion and sensitivity.  Life for these two together can be a sentimental journey.  They can live in a world of their own though, and need to ensure they are part of a wider group for grounding.

Famous Example: Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

Pisces Sun with Leo Sun

The angle between the two Suns may not be entirely easy, but they have much to give each other.  They are both creative in different ways, and may both be interested in the theatre.  Leo is a master at performance, and Pisces acts with great sensitivity and intuition.  Their creativity together can be inspired.

Famous Example: Matt Lucas and David Walliams (worked as comedy duo)

Pisces Sun with Virgo Sun

These two are opposites, and well aware of it.  Traditionally Virgo is tidy and Pisces is messy, but in some humorous cosmic twist when they are in partnership the Pisces can accuse the Virgo of being messy, and the Virgo may find the Piscean too tidy.  They can merge quite a lot in partnership, having a direct line to each other in the zodiac.  In addition, the Virgoan can be quite susceptible to Piscean emotion, and the Virgo may encourage the Piscean to put a lid on it!

Famous Example: Alison Steadman and Mike Leigh; their Suns are in opposition by only 1 degree ~ they were married for 22 years

Pisces Sun with Libra Sun

Though the angle between these two signs is not an easy one, both do well in compatibility generally.  Libran is people-pleasing and likes to promote harmony, and Pisces can easily blend emotionally and empathize with the other.  Both are idealistic, and Pisces is imaginative and dreamy, and will enjoy the vibe that Libra puts out.  These two can create a cocoon of love between them: others may enjoy this ambience, but some may find it too sugary with the absence of edge.  Some who are drawn to their company like a quiet life and will enjoy this, but some unconsciously seek drama, which they won’t find so much with these two.

Famous Example: Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow (consciously uncoupling)

Pisces  Sun with Scorpio Sun****

This is a lovely partnership, unless one or other partner is very complex and proves too much hard work.  There is great emotional empathy, and compassion for others: a great well of it in the case of Scorpio, and an ocean of it in the case of Pisces.  They could take others under their wing, in charitable causes.

Famous Example: Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell (together 33 years)

Pisces Sun with Sagittarius Sun

This is not traditionally an easy relationship, being squared signs.  However they do have a certain mysticism and faith in common, as Sagittarian ruler Jupiter was the original ruler of Pisces.  Both can have sagacity and wisdom, and both may be attracted to spiritual retreats.  Such a couple could be living on another plane!  Where their relationship may founder is that Sagittarius is outgoing, and may end up being the mouthpiece of the relationship.  Pisces is more introverted, and the Sagittarian may not be sensitive enough to understand Pisces’ moods and thoughts. There may be times when the depth and weight of Piscean emotion damp down the fire and enthusiasm of the Sagittarian, unless the Sagittarian has some Piscean features.

Famous Example: Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, television presenters

Pisces Sun with Capricorn Sun

This relationship is governed by the sextile, a harmonious aspect.  Both signs can  be quiet and gentle, and so this partnership can flow nicely.  They bring qualities to each other in stability (Capricorn) and emotion (Pisces) and so as a unit they have a lot to offer.  Capricorn can help give shape to Piscean dreams, and Pisces can add nuance to Capricorn’s realism.

Famous Example: Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster

Pisces Sun with Aquarius Sun

As neighbouring signs, these two may have planets in each other’s signs, which will assist understanding.  Both are intuitive: Aquarius in a mental way, and Pisces in an emotional empathetic way.  As a union, they can be quite evolved, if they are using their higher faculties, and the potential of their ruling planets Uranus and Neptune.  This can make for a very interesting life together, full of mystery and wonder!

Pisces Sun with Pisces Sun

Generally speaking, people of the same signs get on well, and can achieve mutual understanding.  But there is no middle ground with this partnership, either they will get on famously, or they could bring out the worst in each other.  They might be spiritually very much in tune, or they could mismanage their lifestyle together to a point where it is unworkable.  But this partnership won’t be boring!

Famous Example: Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper


A full compatibility analysis details every component of the two birthcharts in relation to each other, not just the Sun sign.  As there is a lot of work involved, it is my most expensive service, at £45.



If you have been feeling tired and unproductive this last week, today could be a day of reconstruction, with Mars trine Saturn.  You may take steady steps towards your goals, and set up the forthcoming week in a deliberate fashion.  A purposeful day.

The early hours of Tuesday morning (7th) brings a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury at 17 degrees Pisces.  If you are lying awake, sleepless in St. Austell, you may have some moments of crystal clarity about issues you are working on.  Otherwise, you may incorporate this quality into your day’s work on  Tuesday.  You may be able to bring together different concepts or facets of the truth to produce a viable way of proceeding.  If you are researching, you may uncover a valuable nugget of information.  This conjunction in Pisces also favours writing poetry.

Mercury sextiles Pluto on Wednesday (8th) and this takes the concentrated thought one step deeper.  You may build on ideas you had on Tuesday, for instance, and add a psychological dimension you hadn’t previously thought of.  Words will speak volumes on Wednesday.  Meetings won’t waste time on small talk.  If you are engaged in a piece of sustained writing, such as a thesis, you can make good headway.  Information obtained that day could go right to the heart of the matter.

Thursday (9th) brings more progress, with the Sun sextile Pluto. Again it favours in-depth issues but with the emphasis on enriching creative ventures.  In the context of your working week, you may be able to implement ideas developed earlier in the week, consolidating themes which were more tentative.  You may feel that  you have overseen the production of a well oiled machine.

In the early hours of Friday (10th) Mars switches signs, from Aries to Taurus, and the energy changes from gung-ho to laid back.  Whereas you may have been feeling “Let’s get this done at all costs”, suddenly you feel it’s not right to rush a project and that the process needs to take its own time.  Again, if you are awake at that time, you may gain an insight into why.  So any enterprise on Friday needs to take account of the new energy and attitude.  As Taurus rules the Arts, an aesthetic angle or a musical rhythm may need to come into the equation, for instance.  Or a more supportive role may need to be taken by someone, and a former leader may need to stand back.

Mercury also conjuncts Chiron on Friday, and a problem or crisis may present itself which brings out the best of your problem-solving abilities.  You may be able to pluck out a solution from mid-air, especially if you assume that the answer lies at hand.  The problem may lie in the context of balancing conventional and alternative medicine, and how far to trust the experts on the matter or your own instincts. If  you are travelling and encounter unusual circumstances, unusual remedies may occur.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – constructive
  • Tuesday – clarity
  • Wednesday – deep thought
  • Thursday – accomplishment
  • Friday – gentle action, and problem-solving