We are currently in the overlap period between the conjunction of Jupiter/Chiron and the forthcoming conjunction of Jupiter/Neptune, and there is a double event this week which reflects this.  The week will contain surprises (in some cases shocks), and some blessings.  Today the Sun is sextile Chiron, highlighting and to some extent creatively  solving healing dilemmas.  This evening Sound Pod (Cambs. U.K.) goes head to head with the X-Factor final.  Will we bravely forgo the X-Factor final, or will we switch on to see if our favourite Joe triumphs?  Healing values and priorities may be the issue today.  Is your lifestyle compatible with your own healing and well being, or is it being skewed by populist and technological activities?  The Sun squares Uranus tomorrow Monday 14th, when life may deliver the surprise verdict for you.  There could be sudden changes in lifestyle.  For instance, you may suddenly find you cannot physically reach for that extra pre-Christmas mince pie as your heartburn level dictates that you have reached saturation point.  It may be a turning point as you may suddenly see clearly what needs to change in your life. [Take note, Elliot from Holby City, we are seriously worried about your doughnut levels, and have been for some time].  In the early hours of Tuesday 15th (and therefore early evening/late afternoon in the U.S.) the Sun is sextile Jupiter.  Interestingly at exactly the same time the next morning (00.17 Hrs in the U.K.) the Sun sextiles Neptune.  Unless you are going for the unconscious option (let your dreamlife deal with it), you may want to stay up for both aspects, to see if there is an interesting resonance.  In both cases, Saturn will be rising, the Ascendant will be late Virgo, the Sun will be in 3rd House, while the triple conjunction will be in the 5th House.  Sun sextile Jupiter on Tuesday is a blossoming and a renaissance of self-expression, creativity and philosophical thought.  The linked event on Wednesday 16th Sun sextile Neptune is a dusting of icing on the cake, inspiration and grace.  Make of it what you will, and make the most of this double rainbow event of the week, which together can have spiritual overtones.  So what an amazing stage is set for the New Moon later on Wednesday 16th at 24 degrees Sagittarius, the Pantomime Fairy wielding a wand (that’s  “baguette magique” in French, I was reminded this week).  If you have global or personal wishes on climate change, or the manifesting of abundance in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds, make them on Wednesday.  It is a day to step out on a new footing, and be large-hearted and magnanimous.  Even if you have no Sagittarius in your chart (but everyone has a Jupiter), you can wear an honorary Sadge badge for the day.  Thursday 17th has a different agenda – high romance, a trine between Venus and Mars.  Mars is persuaded to take a courtly role.  A good day for finding the gift for the love of your life, romantic dinners whispering sweet nothings, and yogically the union between the male and female halves of ourselves, finding the harmony within.  It’s the last aspect of the week, and guarantees a passionate finale for your inner Bruno Tonioni on Saturday evening.  The outer manifestation Bruno, the judge on Strictly Come Dancing, is an excitable Sun in Sagittarius, with a spontaneous human combustion conjunction of Jupiter/Pluto in his chart.  May you have an interesting week.