A Compatibility Guide for Aries

Are you an Aries, or do you have a friend, relative or partner born under that sign? Here is how you engage with the other signs.

 Aries Sun with Aries Sun

A dynamic duo, who probably believe in having a daily argument to clear the air!  They may put a lot of energy into expressing their views, but can put aside and forget their differences fairly easily.  Needless to say, there  is a lot of passion in this relationship, and perhaps a shared interest in physical activities such as sport, e.g. football.

Aries Sun with Taurus Sun

As neighbouring signs, they may share planets in each other’s signs, and understand each other well.  This partnership tends to work very well if the Taurean allows the Aries to lead, and enjoys supporting the Aries. Traditionally, Aries is ruled by Mars and Taurus by Venus, so John Gray’s book: “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” would have much to say to these two, whichever way round the sexes may be, or indeed whether homosexual, bi-sexual, transgender, pan-sexual or any other combination.

Famous Example: Victoria Beckham and David Beckham

Aries Sun with Gemini Sun

Good and lively compatibility.  Aries adds energy and activity, so providing they have shared interests, such as sport, they can do a lot together. They are a dynamic duo, an action team!  In this partnership, Aries initiates a physical work-out (as in “let’s go to the gym”!) and Gemini brings about the mental gymnastics (as in “why are we going to the gym?  Let’s go hiking or biking, or play chess.”). If some of their planets meet in Taurus, they may have artistic or musical interests in common.

Famous Example: Elton John and Bernie Taupin (song-writing duo)

Aries Sun with Cancerian Sun

The approach to life for these two are poles apart.  The Aries wonders why the Cancerian has to make life so complicated.  It’s straightforward isn’t it?  And the Cancerian wonders how the Aries can fail to get emotionally involved.  The Crab may sometimes judge the Aries pronouncements as insensitive.  It is not the easiest of connections.

Famous Example: Neil Kinnock and Glenys Kinnock (married 50 years)

Aries Sun with Leo Sun****

Here’s a really sunny combination, but these two are both born leaders, so they might need to take it in turns to lead.  Or they may create a group around them who are happy for them to host gatherings.  They can create a really feel good ambience.

Aries Sun with Virgo Sun

These two have very different energies, but can bring out what the other needs.  The Virgo could have a quiet energy, with a patient attention to detail.  In contrast, Aries can be impulsive and fiery.  They can both be practical, though, in different ways.  Virgo can persuade the Aries to slow down, and Aries can influence the Virgo to flow more and not get bogged down.  Virgo practicality brings realism, and Aries practicality brings physical momentum, so in this way they can work together.

Aries Sun with Libra Sun

These two signs pull in opposite directions, but can balance each other.  Libra can bring peace to Aries, and Aries can bring energy and movement to the equation.  The colour for Aries is red, and the colour for Libra is blue, so the combination in purple or violet can bring the two together in unity.

Famous Example: Ola Jordan and James Jordan, dance partners and married 13 years

Aries  Sun with Scorpio Sun

These two can be quite a go-ahead partnership, with plenty of drive to get things done.  They are both very passionate, too.  Occasionally, this can make for a quarrelsome duo, however, which may not work.  Others may find them quite forceful and full on, if they can’t match their energies.

Famous Example: Debbie McGee and Paul Daniels

Aries Sun with Sagittarius Sun****

A good blend of two fire signs, with plenty of warmth between them.  There may be some anger issues, especially if Aries is in a grump, but generally these two can accomplish anything.  Aries forgives easily, so any issues tend to blow over quickly.

Famous Example: Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond (shared love of fast cars)

Aries Sun with Capricorn Sun

These two signs are in squared relationship to each other, so may not be easy to work out.  Both can be self-centred, and may not put the relationship first.  Capricorn may put up emotional walls, and Aries can be a battering ram.  Factors other than the Sun may help to make the relationship work, such as sympathetic Moons.  Aries can bring warmth to the Capricornian, and Capricorn can bring discipline to the Arien, which may be exactly what the other needs.

Famous Example: Mary Archer and Jeffrey Archer

Aries Sun with Aquarius Sun

This is a dynamic combination, very active and quick-moving.  Aries moves fast physically, and Aquarius thinks at the speed of light.  They both have leadership qualities, so can initiate projects and get things going, though they may vie for top dog.  Never a dull moment!

Aries Sun with Pisces Sun

These two may have planets in each other’s signs, being neighbours, and that may give them some common ground.  Otherwise, they are very different: Aries is all action, and Pisces is all dreaming.  They can certainly learn from each other, being such extremes.  And they may also admire each other.

Famous Example: Pattie Boyd and Eric Clapton (married 9 years)


A full compatibility analysis details every component of the two birthcharts in relation to each other, not just the Sun sign.  As there is a lot of work involved, it is my most expensive service, at £45.



Venus re-enters Pisces in the early hours of tomorrow morning, so for the rest of today enjoy the straightforward refreshing vibe of Venus in Aries, telling it like it is from the heart.  Venus in Pisces is idealistic, in an emotional and devotional way, e.g. immersing itself in the ideal of perfect love, or the unconditional love of the expanded heart, and you may find yourself teary in a sentimental way.  You may be harking back to old models of love, e.g. old patterns in your life, or literally old historical patterns such as courtly chivalry.  The emancipation of modern times may need to be weighed against old-fashioned values, if only to discard them.  Venus hovers at the end of Pisces for the rest of the month, returning to Aries for another fresh start at the end of the month.  This gives you a chance to review your love life, and what your heart desires.  If you are an Aries, today’s blog may be of especial interest in this respect.

Later on, Mercury trines the North Node, which may offer you information leading to a more constructive karmic avenue.  You may receive insights along these lines.  There may be a sense of destiny about the day, and you may make a gesture of intent.  Progress can be made through writing, communication and publishing ventures. The North Node, which retrogrades, is in the first degree of Virgo, about to enter Leo, so if you have any Virgoan karmic projects (e.g. health, study, crafts) they may be completing their cycle of being at this time, and there may even be an element of perfectionism in their execution.  North Node in Leo will be a different kettle of fish, and again this change will come at the end of the month, or into May if you take the True Node reading.  I will therefore write about this at a later date, but for now be aware of completing some aspect of karma related to Virgoan concerns.

The most dynamic day this week is Thursday (6th) which is impacted by a trine between Mars and Pluto.  If you can utilize this trine, you may find you have huge reserves of energy, a real power source, with which to deal with a major concern or activity, which may be practical or psychological.  Some people may find the reverse, that the huge energy of this aspect actually wipes them out as they cannot integrate it: if you find this is you, try to take time out to rest, observe what is happening, and process.  You may be able to oversee those who are doing the hard physical graft!  Or just make the tea.

There is a counteractivity going on that day (and both events occur early in the morning) in that Saturn is stationary prior to turning retrograde.  So there is a strong current of inertia pulling alongside the drive of the Mars-Pluto trine.  You may find there are actually two contingents working, or not working, alongside each other: the go-aheads, and those standing in the way of progress (who may have good reasons).  This is a long-term feature, as Saturn does not go direct again until late August.  It is a period of review, and stuckness in some ways for some area of your life (Saturn is in late Sagittarius, if you know which House it falls in for you).  Saturn is also hovering at the Galactic Centre, which makes it a more heavyweight consideration.  It poses a definite “Why are we here?” question.  How you deal with Saturn retrograde depends to some extent on your relationship with Saturn at this stage in your life, e.g. are you impatient to hustle events on, or can you wait for them to happen in their own time?  Are you willing to look at the blocks or research the reasons behind delays?  Some of us prefer the “devil we know” realism of Saturn to the “chancer” that is Jupiter.

Friday (7th) Jupiter opposes the Sun, which may be good-humoured enough, but not necessarily on the right track.  It is one aspect of the prankster, where one person may think something is funny, but someone else may not share that view.  You may be tempted to let rip, or make a bid for freedom, but need to weigh up the consequences.  Freedom is a great ideal, but the circumstances may not be right, or it may not sit well with someone you have made a commitment to at this time.  You can do something positive with that desire and energy, such as plan or book a holiday break in the Sun for later in the year.  Or use that energy to cheer someone on who is not quite feeling it.

Not the cheeriest of endings to the week, Venus squares Saturn on Saturday (8th), so you will need some of the Mars-Pluto and Jupiter-Sun energy lingering in your system glowing into Saturday.  Venus interacting in this way with Saturn helps you to see what elements in relationships you need to let go of.  For example, some gradual deterioration of an elderly person in your life may get you down, and set you thinking.  The song “Let it Go” from Frozen may do the trick for you, but personally I find it annoying!  Just let go, with grace, however you need to do it.  You do need to face reality on Saturday though, because the following day (Sunday 9th) brings a square of the Sun with Pluto and a new cycle of Mercury Retrograde, so you need to clear a path emotionally on Saturday.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – sentimental; karmic information
  • Thursday – energetic in some ways, inertia in other ways
  • Friday – upbeat; inappropriate laughter
  • Saturday – let it go