UK General Election 2017

“Not that she wanted to be seen as a prime minister who didn’t keep her word.  The problem was the opposition.  They were doing the wrong thing by opposing her.  Never mind that they weren’t being very effective, the problem was that they existed at all.”

 ~ John Crace, The Guardian

Theresa May

Theresa May caught everyone on the hop this week when, after walking in Dolgellau Wales with hubby Philip, she decided to call a general election after several times over the last months protesting she didn’t need one.  She is hoping for a stronger mandate for her Brexit mission, and although she must be feeling very confident, and notwithstanding that the Labour Party are very weak at this time, it is still quite a gamble on her part.

At the time of her calling an election, there was a plethora of transits to her chart, so the Universe was really activating her!  But the majority of transits were minor ones, so she may have been feeling a bit hyperactive without any deep seated cause.  Indeed, many have pointed  out the contradictions in her thinking, mainly around how much support she has for her Brexiteering.  Uranus was trine her Venus, she felt ripe for a change.  Neptune was on her Mars, she felt a spiritual stirring for action.

As to her relationship with the Conservative Party, when she came to power, I wrote of this relationship: “Theresa May’s own relationship with the Conservative Party reveals her North Node conjunct the Party Venus (a close personal tie, and karmic), her Saturn square its Jupiter (she will keep it in line!), and her Jupiter trine its Ascendant (very favourable).”

I also looked into her relationship with the U.K. chart: “In her relationship with the U.K., her closest interaspects with the 1922 chart are Venus square Venus (needs some work to achieve harmony) and her Uranus on its I.C. (stirring and fairly uneasy, perhaps indicative of her decisive cabinet changes).”  With the U.K. Union chart of 1801, its Jupiter trines her North Node, fortuitous for her, and Uranus sextile her North Node (symbolic of her sudden and unexpected acquisition of power), plus its Neptune sextile her Jupiter (there may be something about the national character which chimes with her religious outlook).  There does not seem to be a strong tie with the 1066 chart, going back further in time, however.

The May 4th local elections may prove crucial as the results may sway public opinion one way or another.  Theresa has Mars trine her Sun, she’ll be going in all guns blazing; Uranus still trine her Venus, so she’ll still be confident on a personal level, and Neptune still on her Mars, inner conviction and drive intact.

Jupiter will be sextile the U.K 1922 Mercury, there will be seen to be some good news depending on the eye of the beholder.  Saturn will be sextile the U.K. Mars, solidifying opinions.  Mars will be square the U.K. Uranus (some level of upset, presumably for those who don’t like the good news), and Mars on the Ascendant, stirrings of emotion and action.  For the 1801 chart, Pluto sextiles the U.K. Neptune, showing a deep sea change going on psychologically.  For the Conservative Party, Pluto sextiles its Sun, which could be important for accumulating power.

Moving forward to the big Election itself, the following day of results shows a Full Moon (polarizing emotions again), but Jupiter turning direct, showing a new intake of breath and more momentum.  Theresa will have Saturn trine her Venus, which could bring her new commitment, and Neptune still on her Mars (so she will still be drawing on her inner inspiration for her action).  The Conservative Party has Jupiter square its Uranus and opposite its Neptune, so there may be new divisions and battle lines drawn.  Saturn will square its Chiron (new headaches), but Neptune sextiles its Pluto (so there will also be new sources of inspiration).  Pluto will still be sextile its Sun (stronger power, perhaps).  For the U.K. (1922 chart) Jupiter opposes its Chiron, so division will still be rife (the Brexiteer versus Remoaner feelings may still be running high), Saturn will be square its Nodal Axis (a grim task ahead and hard work for the prime minister), Uranus sextile its Mars (momentum) and Neptune square the U.K. Sun (more uncertainty).  As much as the election will solve things for some, there will be more frustration it seems.

Jeremy Corbyn

Well, it seems that for Jeremy Corbyn leader of a very much divided Labour Party, life has been one long campaign to prove himself these last two years.  Two leadership campaigns, and now the test of all tests – is he electable?  He seems up for the fight, and was in good fettle on the Andrew Marr couch this morning.  Labour is the largest of the anti-austerity parties, opposed to the bashing of the poor these last 7 years of Conservative rule, and their destruction of the N.H.S.  Alan Johnson (once tipped for the top) was quoted as saying in the Guardian on Saturday “Labour should be saying we are willing to work with other parties – through a coalition if necessary.”  The Greens certainly favour this option, and it could defeat the Conservatives.  However, in the Observer this morning Tim Farron of the LibDems has quashed the idea, no doubt stung by the coalition his party made in the first five years of Conservative power.

The Labour Party has two charts, one for 1900 and one for 1906, and seems so split now that not many people rate its chances against the Conservative machine.  The split may cause a formal division in the future, if the Corbyn and anti-Corbyn divide is not resolved. Jeremy’s relationship with the first chart finds a friendly intellectual sextile between his Mercury and its Venus.  This Labour Party Pluto sits on his Venus, indicating a long but arduous path for him, but his Mercury/Venus on its South Node shows a karmic dedication.  His Uranus trines its Mars, so he is able to breathe life into it from one angle, and he has revived the true socialist ideal.  His Neptune sextiles its Uranus, again bringing a great deal of idealism.  His Pluto sextiles its Pluto, so he is able to string together the deep principles of one generation to another (e.g. through his old friendship with Tony Benn).  The second chart also shows affinity (e.g. Mercury trine its Mercury) and difficulties (its Saturn square his Sun).  His Pluto brings a trine to the 1922 United Kingdom chart, which is profound, and his Pluto brings a trine to the 1801 North Node, but again makes little connection with the 1066 chart.

For the local elections in May, which will be crucial to Labour morale and determination to fight,  Jeremy has Jupiter trine his Venus, Pluto trine his Mars, the North Node sextile his Uranus, and Jupiter sextile his Pluto.  Therefore he may do better than people expect, but that in itself may bring a backlash in those who see him as lacking in leadership material for the top job.  The first Labour Party chart transits show Mars square its Sun (highlighting conflict), South Node conjunct its Mars (ditto), Mars opposite its Jupiter (fighting spirit), Jupiter trine its Pluto (some heart) and Neptune square its Pluto (also some disappointment).  There are a lack of transits to the second chart, but one bring point in Chiron sextile its Jupiter, some healing experienced.

Going forward to the big Election day, Pluto is still trine Corbyn’s Mars (he will give his all), but Chiron will be square his Uranus (ultimate solutions may be lacking), though Jupiter will be on his Neptune (he will feel he has been true to himself). For the Labour Party (mark 1) Mars opposes its Saturn (stuckness and abrasiveness), but Uranus sextiles its Jupiter (maybe there will be surprising gains in Scotland), disappointment from Saturn opposing its Neptune, and more confusion with Neptune square its Pluto.  The Nodal Axis squares the Jupiter of the second chart, which could be buoyant, but not enough to ensure the success they need, I feel.   It could be that the Brexit issue will completely dominate the result.

Tim Farron

Tim Farron, leader of the LibDems, has a chart which is strong on Air signs (5 planets in total), and in his upbeat way is striving for a revival of fortunes for his party.  He has an exact trine between his Sun and Uranus, so tries to think outside the box, but his Sun squares closely the Nodal Axis so he may have a difficult karmic relationship with power.  His Mars trines exactly Jupiter, so you can’t fault him for enthusiasm.  The Sunday Observer seems to have taken him under its wing this morning.

His relationship with his party has a sextile between its Mars and his North Node, so he is destined to play a part in trying to revive its energies, but his Chiron squares its Neptune, so his approach may not be quite exactly what it needs.  He does not look like the leader who will take it on to victory.  In his relationship with the 1922 U.K. chart his Mars squares its Nodal Axis, so harmony may be difficult to achieve, but Jupiter trines its Mars so if sincere effort counts he would win points.  His Pluto conjuncts its North Node, which is difficult karmically.

For the local elections, Uranus will be sextile his Mars, so again he will display a lot of energy and enthusiasm for his task.  Saturn will be sextile his Jupiter, so he will be steady and display good leadership qualities.  The Nodal Axis will be squaring his Neptune, so he may not have a true grasp of what is needed, however.  The fortunes of the LibDem party on that day may be complex, e.g. unexpected wins in some places, but disappointments in others.  Neptune will be on the Sun of the party chart, creating confusion.  Saturn will be trine its Venus, so there will be loyalty displayed in some ways.

For the main event on 8th June, Neptune will be sextile Tim Farron’s Mercury, so he will be more focussed than in the local elections, his antennae will be sensitive.  Uranus opposes his Jupiter on that day, which can bring shock or upset, but the North Node sextiles his Jupiter, so in some areas he will have the credit due to him.  Chiron will be trine his Neptune, and so he will be able to rise about the smaller picture in some ways, and may even bring about some healing, e.g. to the reputation of the LibDems.  More disappointment shows up in Saturn squaring his Pluto, which sounds overall as though it bears defeat.  But that of course depends on expectation.

Paul Nuttall

Sagittarian Scouser Paul Nuttall heads up the motley crew of the UKIP party.  This weekend it was reported that their former leader Nigel Farage had been visiting Julian Assange in the Ecuadorean Embassy, at a time when the U.S. and Donald Trump had re-asserted their intention to prosecute Assange.  But in ebullient Sagittarian style, Paul Nuttall was interviewed by Andrew Marr this morning and appeared upbeat about his prospects, and his policy of banning the burka.  With four planets in Sagittarius, Paul has the Warrior (Sun conjunct Mars) and the Trickster (Sun conjunct Neptune) combined in his chart, and he has been caught out on the subject of whether or whether he was ever at Hillsborough on the day of its disaster.  He has a very fiery chart (6 of his 10 planets in the Fire element) and  could be hot headed.  He has fairly favourable ties with the UKIP party chart, and some surprisingly dynamic and engaged aspects with the 1922 U.K. chart.

For the main election, Pluto conjuncts his Venus, which could be personally damaging, Neptune squares his Neptune (disillusioning), but on the plus side Jupiter (his ruling planet) sextile his Neptune (keeping his faith) and conjuncts his Pluto (he may get a seat if he chooses his location well – he says he will be selecting a location this week).  The performance of UKIP in the election may be quite complex, with Pluto on its Uranus and Neptune.  There is clearly still a lot of support for the party, and tied in with the support for Brexit.

Caroline Lucas

That stalwart for the environment Caroline Lucas, joint leader of the Green Party, wrote a brilliant account of her first five years in parliament (“Honorable Friends?”) and continues to uphold the need to consider the environment, policies which seem to be low down in the priorities of other parties.  The transits for the General Election are not enormously encouraging for  Sagittarian Caroline, though a friendly sextile from Chiron to her Venus ensures that she is able to uphold her central message about the Earth.  For her Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley the North Node will sextile his Mercury, so he will be prominent in campaigning and the public will get to know him better.  But there are no stand out transits for him.

Nicola Sturgeon

This is a crucial election for Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party, who was riding high at the last election, with the collapse of the Labour vote in Scotland, and the Scottish Referendum being a close run thing.  However, she may have recently lost ground as there has been some disillusionment on the home policies, such as the state of education in Scotland under her guard.  Also, the Brexit vote has hugely complicated her brief as she and a large number of Scots want to stay in the European Union, so tough negotiations lie ahead, and there has been little co-operation from Theresa May on their dilemmas.

Uranus squares her Sun at Election time, which could bring a huge upset, e.g. she may well lose some ground.  Uranus also opposes her Jupiter, so her hopes may also be bruised.  The Nodal Axis squares her Neptune, which is disillusioning, and Saturn squares her Pluto, which is disappointing.  She is a plucky lady, so may pick herself up and dust herself down, but certainly the planets are not very supportive at the crucial time, and she may have a lot of thinking to do.

I may return to the subject before the election!


Today Mars squares the Nodal Axis, so it is the day for preparing your lines of action.  Karma may dictate that you cannot sit and lounge around this Sunday, you’ll be prompted to action, whether willingly or unwillingly!

Tomorrow morning Mercury trines Saturn, which is good for concentration and knuckling down to the tasks of the week.  In the office, it will be a case of keeping your nose to the grindstone, and your shoulder to the wheel.

On Wednesday (26th) there  is a New Moon at 6 degrees Taurus, honouring the Earth and all things related to it.  Maybe Theresa May will renounce the policy of fracking, or Caroline Lucas will gain a practical victory in the Commons.  If you have a project in relation to the Earth, your practical intentions will be supported by this New Moon.  It’s a good day for gardening, or sitting out in the garden enjoying the fruits of your (or someone else’s) labours.

Friday (28th) sees Venus re-entering Aries after its period of retrograde motion.  You may feel that you can make progress with personal desires, if you have recently felt held back.  There is a change from subtlety to warmth and dynamism in the energies of your relationships.  Venus first went into Aries in February, so you may feel that you recover some lost ground from that time.

A little later, Mercury conjuncts Uranus at 25 degrees Aries, an aspect which last occurred on Mother’s Day if you can relate back to that time of ” surprises and inventive ideas..Meetings could bring some lightning flashes of wit”.  Mercury is retrograde this time, however, so messages could get more garbled than you intend, so be clear.

Later still, the Mean North Node changes sign, from Virgo to Leo.  The North Node stays 18 months in a sign, and moves in retrograde motion.  The North Node represents collective karma as it moves along the evolutionary path, so it will be moving from mental application (Virgo) to more creativity and expression (Leo).  You may be called to a new creative project, or a leadership role, under this influence.  In international relations, power will be even more of an issue.  You may register this new influence in two stages, the first at the end of this week, and the second time when the True North Node enters Leo in the second week of May.  The North Node and the Nodal Axis are subtle influences, and you may perceive the two ingresses differently, or one more than the other.  The important thing to bear in mind is how your own karmic mission dovetails into the collective evolutionary path.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – karmic action
  • Tomorrow – application
  • Wednesday – new beginning
  • Friday – warmth and selfishness, bright ideas, and a karmic sea-change