Caitlyn Jenner

 “Secrets of My Life”, written with Buzz Bissinger

 Caitlyn Jenner has written an autobiography, based around her lifelong gender dysphoria, and how she felt she was living a lie for most of her life.  She does not worry about the use of pronouns in referring to her, so I will generally be referring to Bruce Jenner as “he” and Caitlyn as “she”.  Bruce Jenner broke world records in athletics at the Montreal Olympics in 1976, as ironically the epitome of masculine strength.  But even as a young child, he felt himself to be a female in his core, and that led to inner conflict and secretive behaviours throughout his life.  However, he married three times and each marriage produced two children.  In later years, he helped to bring up the four children which Kris Kardashian brought to his third marriage, and took part in the long running television series Keeping up with the Kardashians.  But since 2015 he has finally addressed his gender issues, and transitioned from male to female.  Now writing about her life, Caitlyn emphasizes the role that her parenting has played in her life, and her work in supporting the LGBTQ community.  In past life therapy, gender dysphoria is often a result of a preferred sex, or a run of lifetimes in the opposite sex, though we tend to round out the soul balancing sexual roles.  The sex of the next life is known pre-birth, though it may not be an ideal choice, and other factors may be more important for the soul’s mission.  Or the change of sex may be the main theme of the life, especially in these times when it is becoming much more common.  Neptune exactly conjunct the South Node in the 12th House of secrets describes a major conundrum brought through from a past life.

Birth Chart

The most striking thing about Bruce’s chart at birth is the Sun on the Ascendant in Scorpio, an emphasis on the sexual nature, and also The Sportsman, and the one who loves the limelight.  You can see the deep set of the eyes from Scorpio rising.  The Sun square Moon may indicate a split in the psyche, or a conflict between the male and female sides.  The Sun sextile Mars is clearly The Athlete, and also shows up the love of fast cars.  The Sun trines exactly Uranus, so there is also The Rebel Archetype, one who embraces change.

There was also a lifelong struggle with dyslexia, probably shown in the chart by Mercury conjunct Neptune and the South Node, and square Jupiter.  Thus the book had to be co-written.  Dyslexia too was not well known in the mid-20th Century.  The actress Susan Hampshire was diagnosed in 1967 and was one of the first to publicize the condition.

Though his sexual challenges often drove him to despair (he came close to transitioning in the 1980s, even taking hormone therapy), he describes a basic cheerfulness (“I am optimistic because I am always optimistic”), and this is clearly seen in a triple conjunction of Moon/Jupiter/Part of Fortune in 3rd House of mental attitude.


The autobiography starts with detailing an early obsession in childhood with his mother’s wardrobe, and goes on to describe a lifetime of cross dressing in secret, usually in hotel rooms.

In 1976 as Bruce he won the Olympic decathlon event at Montreal.  Chiron, the Wounded Healer, was trine exactly his Mars (physical prowess) but square exactly his natal Moon (feelings of femininity), and Uranus (sudden success) was exactly on his Ascendant (physical body).  But his inner conflict was acute almost immediately afterwards, at the irony of his outward success as a man in contrast with his inner feelings as a woman.  The term “gender dysphoria” was a phrase still in its infancy, and he did not feel he could talk to anyone about his condition.  He married his first two wives without giving any hint of his inner conflict.  His father, proud of his Olympic achievement, died long before Bruce officially transitioned to being Caitlyn.

His first wife Chrystie supported him through the Olympic training years and the successful Olympic bid.  On 1st May 1979 he met his second wife, Linda Thompson. She had been the last girlfriend of Elvis Presley.  With Pluto on his South Node and sextile his natal Pluto, he was all set for a new phase of his emotional life.  With some classically compatible interaspects between their charts, such as her Sun trine his Moon and Venuses exactly trine, and her Pluto trine his North Node, he began a new relationship and started to build his second family.  The second marriage also eventually floundered because of his secret cross dressing, but also during this period he began to transition and took hormone therapy, before stopping at the brink of going all the way.

Kris Kardashian

Enter Kris Kardashian, wife number three, an extremely strong character, previously married to the attorney Robert Kardashian, and bringing four children to the marriage.  Theirs was an acrimonious divorce, and Robert’s Saturn was conjunct Kris’ South Node (difficult past karma).  Kris Kardashian, matriarch of the Kardashian empire, has an amazing exact conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Leo in 10th House conjunct her Midheaven (Careerpoint).  It is no wonder she carved out such a successful long running television slot.

Her previous husband Robert Kardashian was a friend of O.J. Simpson, and successfully represented him at the murder trial.  Bruce had known O.J. from the sports circuit, and tended to try and avoid him (“I have tried to erase O.J. from my mind”) but they socialized with him and his wife Nicole.  This has the hallmark of a karmic relationship, or part of a soul group situation.

O.J. has the North Node conjunct Mars (Warrior and Athlete karma) and Saturn conjunct Pluto (depressive energy).  Bruce’s planets are certainly entangled with O.J’s: Bruce’s Sun/Ascendant conjuncts O.J’s Chiron, and his Mars squares O.J’s Nodal Axis (awkward karma).  Bruce’s Neptune also squares O.J’s Sun.  Needless to say, Nicole’s death in 1994 and the subsequent trial of O.J. Simpson was a stressful time for Bruce and Kris.

Bruce and Kris

Kris came up with the idea of the reality TV show featuring her family, while watching the Osbornes.  The set up does to some extent remind me of Peter Andre and Katie Price who met while in the Australian jungle for “I’m a Celebrity”, then proceeded to broadcast their life together in a series of reality T.V. shows.  With Midheaven in Leo in 10th House, Bruce himself has exhibitionist tendencies, and after transitioning Caitlyn commanded her own show, “I am Cait”, recording her journey of transition.  In their synastry, Bruce’s Mercury sextile Kris’ North Node, reminiscent of a karmic business arrangement.  They would rock each other’s world, with his Pluto square her Ascendant and her Uranus square his Ascendant.  Again, the enduring meaning for Caitlyn of this partnership is the parental role not only for their own two children, but for the step-children from Kris’s previous marriage.  This is notwithstanding the acknowledgement that his younger children were neglected by him for long periods early in their lives.


Caitlyn regards her “facial feminization surgery” on 15th March 2015 as a major event of her transition, “Caitlyn steps on to the stage”.  It took 10 hours.  Mars (surgery) was trine natal Pluto, Uranus was conjunct natal North Node (Change with a big C), and Pluto was exactly square the natal Nodal Axis (an ultimate karmic transformation).

The photoshoot for the iconic cover of Vanity Fair was taken on 6th May 2015.  Chiron was square her Venus, an attempt to heal through an image of beauty.  Uranus was trine her Pluto (again, the theme of  extreme transformation).

This memoir was published on 25th April 2017, with the North Node (karma) on his Mars in Virgo in 10th House, setting the record straight for her, and with Jupiter on natal Neptune in Libra in 12th House (revealing the secrets).  She was finally able, after a lifetime living a lie, to be honest, and that was a catharsis and the basis of a happier life.  It’s a story worth reading, a detailed study of an experience which many others currently undergo but is still groundbreaking.

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Mercury sextiles Neptune today, and we can afford to contemplate sensitive issues with our mind, more so than usual.  Perhaps the pace of a Sunday facilitates this process.  Sometimes we are getting on and doing, and at other times we are allowing ourselves to just be.  At such times, inner guidance can seep into our consciousness more easily.  Allow yourself an easy regime today, and make use of the gifts of this aspect.

Tomorrow, Mars opposes Saturn, which is not as easy, or not easy at all.  Two forces may be pushing against each other, and this could prove uncomfortable.  This can mean a conflict in the outer world, or the inner world.  There may be an impasse, such as when an interviewer asks an impossible question over and over again.  A psychological or physical block may be revealed.  Not a good day to push the envelope.

Wednesday (31st) is more dynamic, with a sextile between Mars and Uranus.  This favours engineering projects, and spontaneous action.  Sporting interests can prosper, or mental gymnastics if that is more your sphere.  A definite moving forward.

At lunchtime, Mercury trines Pluto, which deepens mental thought and discussion.  If you had already made headway on the physical plane in the morning, then it may be especially satisfying to add dimension to the mental plane, giving rise to some holistically satisfying engagements.

To add a third boost to the day, Mars then sextiles the North Node, bringing out the positive side of physical and practical actions.  There may be a karmic reward for some, e.g. on account of bravery.  If you need to assert yourself, and know for certain that you have the moral high ground, you can be confident in your course of action.

Thursday (1st June) is altogether gentler, but sound and secure in its vibe, with Venus trine Saturn.  It reaffirms loyalties, and restraint where it is needed.  There may be quiet commitments in relationships, such as the understanding of an engagement of the heart, perhaps unspoken.

Friday (2nd) is a little more awkward.  Mars squares Chiron, which is like the square peg in the round hole.  What may be required is the acknowledgement and acceptance of two different outlooks, and the agreement to co-exist.  Even better, an encouragement of the other’s right to exist.  However, one party may not be able to elevate their outlook, and a minor skirmish may occur. This would be a healing crisis, showing what needs to be healed.  Some things are better revealed than kept hidden, and a coming to terms can begin.

Saturday (3rd) may be exciting socially, and vibrant meetings may occur, some planned but those unplanned more evident.  You may run across an old friend while shopping in the High Street, dip into the nearest coffee shop and discover some amazing coincidences which have taken place since you last connected.  It is a good day for networking, but there may also be a bizarre element, which hopefully you can take in your stride.

Mid-afternoon, the Sun trines Jupiter, one of the happiest aspects of the year.  The Sun may be shining, to match your mood.  The aspect favours broadening your mind, planning foreign travel, expanding your plans, publishing initiatives, having a flutter on the lottery, and much, much more!  Leos and Sagittarians especially will benefit from this aspect.

Last but not least, Venus trines the North Node, bringing some smooth karma.  Relationships, money and the Arts may be the focus of this.  Play your cards right, and a little dose of charm can win the day!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – contemplating sensitive issues successfully
  • Tomorrow – uncomfortable
  • Wednesday – dynamic; mentally profound; karmic action
  • Thursday – gentle commitment
  • Friday – awkward
  • Saturday – socially exciting; lucky; smooth karma