At the end of 2009 we have Venus, Pluto, Sun, Mercury and the North Node in Capricorn.  It’s a sobering sign, but the Sun is always in Capricorn at this time of year, and Mercury and Venus often are.  Pluto and the North Node are additional and heavyweight features in Capricorn, and so we are taking serious note of where our individual and collective lives are heading.  This will inform our New Year’s resolutions, as well as the Saturn-Uranus opposition and the Saturn-Pluto square.  Can anyone still be ungrounded?  The coming year does have a fun factor though, in the shape of Jupiter-Uranus, and I would urge you to work with your Inner Clown to formulate at least one fun-factor resolution.  If you are unaware of what house this falls in natally, then you can see it as a general new bginning in 2010 which you are working towards now.  Astrologers will be blogging about this conjunction, which balances out some of the heavier placements.  There are no aspects today, so yesterday’s Mercury retrograde holds full sway.  However, I must report that travelling back from Christmas yesterday was not too bad, just a short and sticky patch on the M25.  Travel is not always bad when Mercury is retrograde, and it is not always good when Mercury is direct (is it sacreligious to say that?).  If there is a theme to the aspects of this week, I would say it is emotional processing, as it is what all the aspects have in common, starting with Venus conjunct Pluto tomorrow (Monday 28th).  It is possible that the social and family-orientated interaction of the Christmas period have given you much emotional food for thought to process and digest, and there are various aspects this week to help you or prompt you to do just that.  Venus conjunct Pluto digs deep into the psyche, and perhaps someone gave you a thought-provoking book for Christmas to accompany your own personal processing journey: I gave myself “Contented Dementia” by Oliver James (well, no one gave me the Bob Dylan CD…) which is a smoothly-written easy read about a method of coping with Alzheimer’s.  If you are going to read or write about such things, might as well make it palatable and hopeful, I conclude.  Tuesday (29th) brings a conjunction between Mercury and the Mean North Node, which may show up a literal rendering or accounting of karma, for instance you may find yourself returning an exact favour to someone without thinking about it, retrospectively realizing that’s what it was.  It’s also a good time to start a karmic ledger book now, but not for purposes of revenge, just interest (karma has such a dodgy press at the moment, it really needs re-defining).  Venus also squares Saturn, so you may be reminded of who or what was loved and lost in 2009.  It is the letting go part of the emotional processing,  of which the Venus-Pluto conjunction was the intensity of feeling.  And there’s more…tension builds up to the Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse at 9 degrees Cancer on Thursday 31 December.  Moon in Cancer is one of the most emotional Moons there is, and an Eclipse is a turning point, so it is a high tide of emotion if not for you then for someone close.  If you have been on an emotional roller-coaster throughout the week, or the year, it is time to acknowledge this if you are a pent-up sort, and sit yourself down with a cup of tea and a full box of paper hankies (whilst apologizing to the rainforests).  If you have been processing and emoting throughout freely, then you may by now have emptied out enough to focus on your New Year’s Resolutions.  Yes, it is time to open your copy of “The Secret” or one of Esther and Jerry Hicks’ books (it doesn’t matter which one)…actually, you don’t need to open it, just have it there with you while you make your list of resolutions, and remember to make one for the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, to express and bring on the lighter side of your life.  Happy New Year!