London Bridge Terrorism Attack

It is another heavy hearted day for the U.K. and our capital London.  At 10.08 pm last night, a white van drove over London Bridge, killing and maiming pedestrians.  Then three men from the van made their way to nearby Borough Market, and wove their way in and out of coffee bars and pubs, stabbing innocent people on a night out in London.  In all so far, 7 people have been killed and 48 injured.  It is so heartbreaking and unfathomable: no matter how many times politicians make speeches about the “cowards” who do these things, and their aims of creating division and hatred, we still do not really understand the psychology of the perpetrators.  What we do understand, as we learned again only just recently in the Manchester bombing, is the capacity for people to come together and help each other in these circumstances, and the bravery and efficiency and selflessness of the emergency services that respond.  Awesomely, we are told that within 8 minutes of this latest attack being reported, not only had the emergency services begun their work in earnest, but the three terrorists had been shot dead.

On a personal note, I was unfamiliar with this part of London, but a year and a half ago we took a trip there with some dear friends, had a meal in the Shard, then wandered around Borough Market and Southwark Cathedral.  It was so beautiful there, and we had such a lovely day, it seems unbelievable to contemplate what has happened there.

This election week (see earlier blog) is sobering enough, without this catastrophe, and I will only take a very brief look at its astrological picture.  With the uncovering of this new network of individuals, hard on the heels of that of the Manchester incident and its arrests, more astrological information may emerge.

At the time of the attack, we were just emerging from a birthday celebration in Norfolk, and looked up at the sky to see the beautiful conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter.  Minutes later, the tragedy was reported on the news.  It seems so unlikely that something like that would happen under such a touching celestial picture.

But Saturn was on an Ascendant in Sagittarius at the Galactic Centre, which did indicate the serious nature of that event.  Mars was opposing the Ascendant and Saturn.  Venus was conjunct Uranus in 5th House, depicting the people socializing in their cafes and pubs.  Could it be, I wonder that the proximity of this conjunction to the destructive asteroid Eris was the deciding astrological factor?  Also, Friday’s exact square of Mars and Chiron was on the angles of this chart, highlighting pain and crisis.

I’m just looking at the transits to the charts of the UK and London, and I have three charts for each.  For London (1824) Saturn squares its Sun (sorrow), and Pluto trines its Saturn (a sobering event).  For London (1965) Neptune opposes its Pluto (chaos), Pluto sextiles its Neptune (deep sensitivity) and Pluto sextiles its Chiron (potential for healing).  For London (1215) Mars squares its Uranus (violence) and Pluto trines its Sun (soul searching).

For the UK Chart (1922) Jupiter opposes its Chiron (a healing crisis and challenge), Saturn square its Nodal Axis (a very karmic indication), Uranus sextiles its Mars (the unexpected) and Neptune squares its Sun (confusion). For UK Chart (1801) Jupiter on its South Node highlights past karma, and Pluto sextiles its Neptune (deep sensitivity).  There is no discernible effect on the 1066 chart.

The response to the Manchester tragedy depended a great deal on its cohesion and identity as a City, and that was quite a responsibility for the leadership of the newly elected Mayor Andy Burnham.  His main transit for the Manchester Arena bombing was Neptune on his South Node (past karma and compassion) requiring great sensitivity from him.  Manchester have pulled together magnificently, and tonight are holding a charity concert to honour the victims.  Ariana Grande herself is taking part.  Some have criticized her, saying it is too soon, but I think it is a courageous way to fight back after such a tragedy.  She visited young victims in hospital yesterday.

London is a vaster entity, and the Mayor Sadiq Khan has had two similar incidents within a few months, the Westminster Bridge attack having occurred in March.  Again, I feel he has been a great Mayor, much more hands on than his predecessors, and inclusive of all races and religions in his approach.  He is made of the statesmanlike material so many politicians are lacking these days.  At the time of the Westminster attack Mars was opposite his Jupiter (a threat), Saturn was square his Pluto (responsibility in a tragedy).  Last night Chiron was trine his natal Neptune (a crisis in healing and sensitivity), and he was in evidence straightaway appealing for calm and vigilance.


This afternoon, Mars enters Cancer, which represents an energetic shift from a mental and analytical mode, to that of feeling and protectiveness.  Mars stays in Cancer until 20th July, so it is a good time to nurture those you love and foster family feeling.

Tomorrow Mercury squares the Nodal Axis, and you’ll be questioning the laws of karma, why things happen, the roles of fate and free will, and the like.  It is an important day for dialogue, but that may include some quarrelling, as people get to grips with the issues of the day.  You may re-visit old friends, in order to understand the past.

Mercury also sextiles Chiron, and this can balance conventional medicine and alternative methods; co-operation may be needed.  Healing solutions will be sought, and to some extent found.

On Tuesday (6th) Uranus trines the North Node, and this can bring unusual karma and ingenious solutions to long standing patterns.  It is a good aspect for group activity, especially where there is a karmic element to the proceedings.

Two more planets change signs that day: Venus enters Taurus, and Mercury enters Gemini.  There may be a sense of ease due to the fact that Venus is entering its own sign, and Mercury is also entering its own sign.  Venus in its home sign allows a slower, more placid pace of life, and cultivates gardening, art, music and financial interests.  Mercury in its home sign allows the intellect to flourish freely, allows a spirit of enquiry, teaching and learning.  It may help students to clear their minds during exams, for instance.

There is a Full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday (9th), around lunchtime.  This may put the emphasis on travel or education, but with some emotional fullness.  Michael Portillo on some exotic train somewhere may be wearing florid colours…Some President somewhere may be doing something outrageous…The challenge with this Full Moon is to think globally, expand your consciousness, and to maintain a positive attitude.

It is of course the day of the results of the UK General Election, and though for some that may be a parochial matter, the Sagittarian Full Moon is about how it affects our international position.

Soon after that, before lunch has been digested, Jupiter is Stationary, prior to turning direct at 13 degrees Libra.  There may be a change of mood, and an attitude of getting on with things.  Progress has to be made, one way or another, regardless on which side of the political divide you stand.  It is a time when we will be taking a deep breath, and moving forward with our lives.

In the afternoon, Venus sextiles Mars, and having campaigned diligently you may turn to the pleasures in life and of the season.  Your heart energy may be renewed in some way, be it in friendship, or in the enjoyment of nature.  It could also be lucky for some lovers.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – feeling and protectiveness
  • Tomorrow – questioning the laws of karma, finding healing solutions
  • Tuesday – unusual karmic patterns, comfortable in heart and mind
  • Friday – high emotion, moving forward, smelling the flowers