Theresa May alliance with the D.U.P

This has been a long week in politics, and few have foreseen the karmic drama resulting from this election: the ringing endorsement of Jeremy Corbyn, and a hung parliament being managed by a diminished Theresa May, self-sabotaged, allying with a regressive Irish party.  I would have loved to change the subject this week, but the soap opera continues…

A Review of her transits

How do her transits stand today, in the middle of trying to achieve a very unpopular and precarious alliance?

Saturn is trine her Venus, set to peak in the next few days.  Who knows how long she can stay as leader of the Conservative Party?  The next couple of days are crucial.  As I mentioned last week, Saturn trine natal Venus is the transit which took Ed Balls out of politics.  But this transit could nevertheless be constructive in finding herself a perch for continuing in her role.

Neptune is conjunct her Mars.  In calling the election, she was following her gut instincts, and this transit represents that.  But, as we have seen, this has also carried a massive miscalculation or delusion about how the public see her.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing.


The Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland were projected to receive 8 seats in the exit polls on Thursday night.  If they had received fewer seats, the course of history may have been different.  As it is, they obtained 10 seats, 2 more than projected, and have now become the kingmakers for the Conservative Party.  However, their outlook and values are looked upon in horror by many: opposition to gay marriage, anti-abortion stance, and climate denial. Therefore there is a groundswell of opinion which sees the very existence of this alliance as amoral.  And who knows what cost will be extracted by the D.U.P. in return for this life-saving act?

Their current leader, Arlene Foster, was recently implicated in an overspending scandal in connection with the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.  But for the moment she is the woman Theresa May is dealing with.  She is a Cancerian, born on a New Moon in Cancer, so very patriotic.  Additionally, she has Mercury and Mars in that sign.  She has half her planets in Water, so is very emotional.  She has a worryingly difficult Uranus, making her unpredictable and rebellious: Uranus square to the Sun, Moon and Mercury, and opposite Chiron.  This would make her very unreliable as one to do business with.  Pluto trine Saturn gives her strength and power.

The Synastry with Theresa May, however much Theresa wants to portray them as a natural friendship, is not carefree.  Theresa May’s Saturn is conjunct Arlene Foster’s Neptune, so there could be much unspoken distrust and paranoia between them.  Arlene’s Neptune sextiles Theresa’s Mercury, so Theresa’s practical mental issues may sometimes coincide with Arlene’s ideals.  They both want to press ahead with Brexit, for instance.

What transits have propelled Arlene into this situation? Pluto is trine her natal Saturn at the moment, strengthening that powerful natal Pluto-Saturn trine.  Mars is square to her natal Uranus, so the turn of events may have taken her as much by surprise as anyone.  The Nodal Axis is square her Neptune, putting a karmic focus on her spiritual values.  Chiron trines her natal Neptune, challenging her to bring out some refinement in her outlook.  Saturn squares her Pluto, bringing some serious responsibilities and decisions.


Theresa cannot afford to drop the ball and lose the momentum of Brexit, having triggered Article 50 in March.  She means Brexit.  The talks were due to start 11 days after the election.

Theresa’s transits on 20th June reveal the approach of retrograde Pluto to her natal Jupiter, which peaks on 17th July.  If she can overcome her current hurdles, she may revisit some of her former power around that time (17th July), and her Brexit plans may come more into focus.  However, this retrograde revisiting may not necessarily work in her favour, and she may even have left office by then.

However, if we look upon the triggering of Brexit as the Brexit chart, the transits to that chart around 20th June are favourable to some momentum: Uranus on its Mercury, North Node trine its Mercury, Neptune sextile its Mars, Uranus trine its Saturn, North Node trine its Saturn, and Saturn trine its Uranus.  A power tussle is revealed though, in the shape of Pluto square its Jupiter.

The transits to the 1922 U.K. chart on 20th June are not particularly encouraging: Neptune square its Sun (Uncertainty), the South Node on its Mars (karmic conflict), and Pluto square its Saturn (more struggle).  But there is some dynamism: Uranus sextile its Mars (movement) and Mars trine its Uranus (more movement).

Is Boris waiting to take over?

George Osborne said on the Andrew Marr couch this morning that Boris was always rumoured to be wanting to prepare a coup, and no more now than usual.  The rumours will persist.  His current transits show Uranus sextile his Sun (definitely a taking-over mentality!), Chiron square his Venus (going through personal changes), and Mars trine Saturn (readiness for action).  But this may remain all on the mental plane.  Many consider him too undiplomatic (despite remaining as Foreign Secretary) to head a government responsible for processing Brexit.

A review of Jeremy’s transits

I was hoping for a hung parliament, and though Jeremy Corbyn’s transits did not indicate a win, he has done well, and won over some of his detractors.  Chiron is currently square his Uranus, and Jupiter is on his Neptune.  I wrote on 23rd April:

“Going forward to the big Election day, Pluto is still trine Corbyn’s Mars (he will give his all), but Chiron will be square his Uranus (ultimate solutions may be lacking), though Jupiter will be on his Neptune (he will feel he has been true to himself).”

Looking at this with the benefit of hindsight, the Pluto trine to his Mars showed up in his strength and stamina, and Jupiter on his Neptune gave him that extra faith and optimism.  I have never seen him as chipper as in the Andrew Marr hotseat this morning!

The Pluto trine to his Mars comes back in full force on 22nd January (could there be another election at that time?).  The troublesome Chiron square to his Neptune comes into full force at the beginning of April 2018 – will he be trying to steer Brexit by then?


The first aspect occurs on Tuesday (13th), and a bright and breezy one it is: Mercury trine Jupiter.  It enables an expansive mental outlook, a broadening of philosophy and enjoyable journeys.  You can afford to let your mind roam to the possibilities of summer holidays, university courses, and hopes for the future.

The following day, Wednesday 14th, may reveal loopholes or illusions in your thinking, with Mercury square Neptune.  It is still important to dream big on Tuesday, so that you have more to work with on Wednesday, and don’t get too bogged down on what doesn’t seem possible.  Journeys could be complicated, however.

Thursday (15th) could bring a sense of defeatism however, with Sun opposite Saturn.  Again, I emphasize the importance of dreaming big on Tuesday, so that you can still see the higher picture if you encounter obstacles on Thursday.  Always look on the bright side of life.

There may be more complications on Friday (16th), when Neptune is stationary prior to turning retrograde.  You may think that a spiritual path is settled, when something shows you the merits of another philosophy, which may be equal and opposite.  You may need to incorporate more angles of the truth into your view of life.  Perhaps you need to look more compassionately towards those you have been criticizing.

The Sun also sextiles the North Node on Friday, which is a happier prospect, and enough to lift the end of the week.  You can give expression to your creativity in your newly balanced spiritual outlook, having dealt with some illusions.  Power will be more balanced, too.  Perhaps there may be some resolution for the government in their search for allies who will help them endure a little longer.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – very buoyant
  • Wednesday – woolly-headed
  • Thursday – slow
  • Friday – spiritual challenges, but karmic progress