Wimbledon 2017 – Week 1

It’s that season again!  May the sun shine on Wimbledon lawns this next fortnight.  I  hope to be on hand to catch every astrological nuance, starting here with the first four seeds in the ladies and men’s game.  Look out for extra information under comments as we go along, and possible extra blogs.

Ladies Singles

Angelique Kerber – No. 1 Seed

The absence of Serena Williams due to pregnancy has helped keep Angelique Kerber at the top of the rankings.  Two key moments for Angelique this last year were 12 September 2016 (when she made it to the top of the rankings) and 17th October 2016 (when Serena Williams pulled out of the WTA Finals in Singapore with a shoulder injury, and left a clear field for Angelique).  On the first date, Uranus was sextile her natal Chiron in Gemini.  On the second date, Uranus was conjunct Angelique’s Jupiter (a lucky break). The picture for Serena was that Chiron (healing crisis) was square her natal Neptune, leaving her vulnerable.  Then of course, Serena realized she was pregnant, again influencing Angelique’s current position.

At the beginning of Wimbledon this year, Jupiter is trine Angelique’s natal Mercury, a wonderful indication of optimism and good co-ordination.  However, at the same time, Saturn opposes her natal Chiron, so she is not fully protected from injury.  Uranus squares her Sun, so there could be upsets.  Uranus trines her Saturn, which does give her some strength.  Uranus trines her Uranus, so she has the capacity to surprise her opponents (even though Uranus square her Sun means that life may also hold surprises for her).  Such a mixture of influences!

By the end of the tournament, Mars opposes her Sun (possible injury), Saturn trines her Jupiter (a more protective transit), Uranus is still squaring her Sun, and Uranus still trines her Uranus, so it may be a tournament of ups and downs, and she may not get to the very end, perhaps semi-finals may be her destination.

Kerber plays Irina Falconi in the first round.  Kerber’s Pluto opposes Falconi’s Mercury, squares her Nodal Axis and trines her Chiron, so Kerber has a natural advantage in the relationship.  At the beginning of Wimbledon, Jupiter squares Falconi’s Neptune (great illusion), but Neptune sextiles her Neptune (some spiritual balance).  I do not anticipate any great problems for Kerber.

Simona Halep – No.2  Seed

Simona started out as No. 5 seed this time last year, so has made good progress.  At the beginning of this Wimbledon season Chiron opposes her Mercury, which is not helpful physically or mentally, but it may be balanced out by Chiron supporting her Saturn with a sextile.  Jupiter will be squaring her Neptune, so she will be trying to be positive, and Neptune sextiles her Neptune so she will have some measure of spiritual balance.  Mars will be trine her Pluto, so a lot of energy and fighting spirit, and last but not least Pluto sextile her natal Pluto, so that ultimate psychological strength may override any problems from Chiron opposing her Mercury.

At the end of the tournament, Chiron still opposes her Mercury (she may not feel 100%), Pluto squares her Mars (a point of danger), Chiron still sextiles her Saturn, Neptune still sextiles her Neptune, and Pluto still sextiles her Pluto.  The Pluto square to her Mars may not affect her Wimbledon tournament, as it peaks at the end of August.  She may lose a little steam by the middle of the first week, as Mars moves away from its trine with her natal Pluto.  I do not think her transits look like winners, but will monitor her progress and look at her transits in relation to others later on.

Simona plays Marina Erikovic in the first round, who has four planets in Capricorn.  The dynamics between them shows up as Halep’s Saturn square Erikovic’s Venus/Jupiter, possibly denting Erikovic’s confidence.  Halep has Uranus bearing down on Erikova’s Mars/Neptune, too, so she can take the latter by surprise.  And Halep has Pluto square Erikova’s Mercury, a psychological advantage.  At the start of Wimbledon Erikovic has no significant transits, so it could be a wash out for her.

Karolina Pliskova – No. 3 Seed

I have not looked at Karolina Pliskova’s chart before.  The 25 year old has the Sun in Aries, largely unaspected, so she is independent and free-spirited.  She has few personal aspects, so may be focussed on wider concerns in the world.  She apparently has an identical twin, which is also unusual and may complicate her psychology.  Jupiter trine closely her North Node means she has an upbeat karmic mission, and may refer to her sporting interest.  She has the complex Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn of those born in her year, 1992.

At the beginning of Wimbledon, Jupiter trines her Saturn, which is a helpful start.  Pluto however exerts pressure by conjunction on her Uranus/Neptune, so she may feel at times as though she is skating on thin ice.  Mars opposing her Neptune is also unsettling.

At the end of Wimbledon she still has Jupiter trine her Saturn (good), and Pluto is still on her Uranus/Neptune, but the Mars transit has moved on.  Again, I don’t feel these are winning transits, but will review the situation later.

Karolina plays Evgeniya Rodina, who has another very Capricornian chart – the upcoming generation of tennis players often have the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. These two have an interesting personal synastry, including Pliskova’s Sun sextile Rodina’s Venus and square Rodina’s Chiron.  Rodina’s transits for the beginning of Wimbledon include the Nodal Axis square her Jupiter.  It could be a good match.

Elina Svitolina – No. 4 Seed

Here’s another new name! Elina has Sun in Capricorn conjunct Chiron, with half her planets (5) in the water element.  She has vigour (Mars sextile her Sun), emotion (Water) and sensitivity (Sun closely trine Neptune).  Mercury square Mars in her chart may make her irritable, and combined with a watery chart that may make her moody.  Venus trine her Saturn provides stability, and Mars trine Jupiter great enthusiasm.  But Mars opposite Uranus/Neptune can also be irritable, so she may have to work hard in stabilizing her moods.  There is, however, a strong theme of healing in her chart, with Sun conjunct Chiron, Neptune trine Chiron and the North Node sextile Chiron, so she may move towards healing of some sort later in life.

At the beginning of Wimbledon, Mars sextiles her Sun, providing a strong start.  But she has the Nodal Axis square her Pluto in Scorpio, which is some difficult situation to deal with, possibly in her private life.

By the end of Wimbledon, the Mars connection has passed but the Nodal connection to her Pluto is still very much current, so again we are not likely to be looking at the winner.  If a birth time should turn up for her, that may refine the picture.

21 year old Ashleigh Barty challenges Svitolina in the first round. The chemistry between these two is competitive, possibly karmically so with Elina’s Mars square Ashleigh’s Nodal Axis.  Ashleigh’s transits at the beginning of Wimbledon could be quite dramatic, with Saturn trine her Mars, Pluto on her Jupiter, and Uranus square her Neptune.  She may be overwelmed by the occasion.

The winner of the Ladies’ Singles may not be any of the four top seeds.

Mens Singles

Andy Murray – No. 1 Seed

Andy Murray has swapped places with Djokovic, who was No. 1 seed last year, with Andy Murray 2nd.  Roger Federer is in the No. 3 seed position, as he was last year, and instead of Stan Wawrinka (who was No. 4 last year) we have the return of Rafael Nadal.   Andy was quite philosophical about going out early in the recent Queens tournament, saying it would give him extra preparation time for Wimbledon.  He was beaten by no. 90 seed Jordan Thompson, and curiously on the same day Wawrinka and Cilic also went out.  On that very hot day, Uranus was on Andy’s Venus in Aries in 8th House – the unpredictable, and Neptune was opposite his Ascendant.  He had recently stated that he didn’t think at his age he would be playing much more than a year or two hence, which is difficult to believe.

So a win at Wimbledon this year would be very timely…At the onset of Wimbledon Uranus is still on his Venus, but the North Node sextiles his Mars, which is a vigorous start.  Pluto squares his Jupiter, so there may be some cards stacked against him (he currently has a sore hip, ruled by Jupiter; plus he has a difficult draw).  Neptune still opposes his Ascendant, but the North Node trines his Uranus, so he can still pull some surprises out of the bag.

At the end of the tournament Mars squares his Venus which may make it memorable, Uranus still transits his Venus, North Node still sextiles his Mars, Pluto stills squares his Jupiter, the North Node still trines his Uranus and Neptune still opposes his Ascendant.  It may be that the way he plays on his first day is an indication of his play right the way through.

Murray opens against 20 year old Alexander Bublik from Russia, who has strong ties with Murray’s chart, though that doesn’t guarantee they won’t be ships that pass in the night.  However, the beginning of Wimbledon looks to be an important experience for this young player, with the North Node sextile his Sun.  If Bublik turns out to be a promising player, he may have significant matches with Murray in the future.

Novak Djokovic – No. 2 Seed

Djokovic was born a week apart from Murray in the same year, and though they are Seeds 1 and 2, both of them have experienced some lack of motivation this year.  This may just be a temporary phase.

At the beginning of Wimbledon, Chiron is on Djokovic’s Moon (poignant emotion), Mars squares his Jupiter (uncontrolled enthusiasm), Pluto squares his Jupiter (as with Murray), and North Node trines Uranus (as with Murray).  Both he and Murray seem to have some personal pressures.

At the end of the tournament he is very mentally focussed (Mercury conjunct his Ascendant and sextile his Mercury) and has lost the Mars transit.  But he still has the Chiron transit to his Moon, Pluto square his Jupiter, North Node closely trine his Uranus.  If it’s a Murray-Djokovic final, it could be a close run thing, but this set of transits is not inspiring.

He has a new coach, in Andre Agassi, and they have a strong synastry, some of which is challenging (e.g. Djokovic’s Pluto opposite Agassi’s Sun and Agassi’s Neptune opposite Djokovic’s Sun, but there are a lot of favourable links between them (e.g. Agassi’s Moon sextile Djokovic’s Jupiter and Saturn and Agassi’s Jupiter trine Djokovic’s Mars).  The transits for the end of Wimbledon for Agassi  are not remarkable, but a trine from Chiron to his Neptune may be personally fulfilling for him.

Djokovic meets Martin Klizan in the first round.  In their synastry, Djokovic’s Jupiter squares Klizan’s Sun, and Klizan’s Jupiter opposes Djokovic’s Uranus, so they could induce errors in each other’s game.  Klizan has Mars on his Sun at the beginning of Wimbledon, so he’ll be keen and energetic, but possibly incident-prone.  Pluto also opposes his Sun, so he is under strain.  He does have some upbeat and jovial vibes going on, with Jupiter sextile his Venus and the North Node sextile his Jupiter.  It may be an up and down game.

Roger Federer  – No. 3 Seed

Roger Federer has had a good year, winning the Australian Open, but decided to take a rest during the French Open to give himself a better chance for Wimbledon.  At 35, he is still going strong.

At the beginning of Wimbledon Jupiter is sextile his Mercury, which is good for his spirit and co-ordination, Pluto trines his Venus, which is personally strengthening, Jupiter squares his Mars (a little overconfidence), Neptune trines his Mars (a fine co-operation between his spirituality and his physicality), the Nodal Axis squares his Uranus (a little unpredictability), and Saturn on his Neptune (some anxiety).  So a mixed batch of transits, but mostly favourable.

By the end of Wimbledon, he has Jupiter sextile his Sun (an excellent prospect), he still has Pluto strengthening his Venus, Jupiter square his Mars has lifted, Neptune still trines his Mars (you could see some stunning work if he is in the final), the Nodal Axis still squares his Uranus, Saturn still sits on his Neptune, but in addition Saturn is sextile his Pluto.  That could be a winning combination!

Federer in the first round is up against Alexandr Dolgopolov, a Scorpio (unusual sun sign for a tennis player) with the Sun powerfully trine Pluto.  He is the top ranked Ukrainian male player.  Alexandr’s planets form some tricky aspects to Roger’s, and Alexandr could be on good form at the beginning of Wimbledon with Uranus trine his Uranus.  But because Roger’s transits are so strong for the end of Wimbledon he will probably get through.

Rafael Nadal  – No. 4 Seed

Fresh from the triumph of his 10th win at the French Open, Rafael will be hungry for another Grand Slam win.  For his win in the  final of the French Open he had Jupiter trine his Sun, and Uranus conjunct his natal North Node, plus Neptune square his Chiron.

At the beginning of Wimbledon the North Node sextiles Rafa’s Mercury, so his mental faculties may be acute.

By the end of Wimbledon, that transit is still operational. He will also have Jupiter square his Venus, which is enjoyable and could make for some flamboyant artistic moves.  This set of transits is not as powerful as Roger’s.

The Australian John Millman plays Nadal in the first round.  They have squared Jupiters, so it could be an exciting match with spacious use of the court.  Saturn currently opposes Millman’s Sun, so it is not a lucky patch for him, plus Uranus is squaring his Mars, bringing possible injury.  If so, Chiron trine his Mars currently could bring quick recovery.  It does not look as though Millman constitutes a threat to Nadal at this point.

So, for the top four men’s seeds, Roger Federer’s transits look the most promising.  I shall be looking at other competitors throughout the fortnight.


Mars opposes Pluto at 12.02 p.m. today.  This may bring a confrontation of sorts, or some discharge of energy.  Tempers may flare, unexpectedly.  If you are reading this blog after that time, you may be out of the woods, but keep a low profile today if you wish to avoid conflict.

Tomorrow holds the prospect of real healing, with Venus sextile Chiron.  If you are engaged in a healing project, you may find the opportunity to heal occurring on more than one level, at least deeply felt and peacefully so.  Art and music may be a vehicle for healing ways, or healing through the voice (such as hypnotherapy).

Venus enters Gemini on Wednesday (5th), and friendship may be extra communicative.  If you are meeting up with an old friend, the conversation will flow. It is a very “Hail fellow well met” sort of vibe.  If you have an artistic or musical idea, you will be able to articulate it easily.  A non-stop chatter day.

Another aspect the same day, Mercury square Uranus, also focuses on communication, but brings controversy to bear.   Even if the communication is amicable, there will be an element of challenge or verbal jousting.  In technology, be prepared for a possible glitch or outage.  In amongst the non-stop chatter there may be a feeling of “this is too much!” or overwhelm, and you may need to take a moment to yourself.

As if that were not enough mental stimulation on Wednesday, there is also a trine between Mercury and Chiron, but that is constructive mentally, and good for putting yourself together after you have had your “moment”.  Later in the day there will be an emphasis on finding solutions to problems.  Expert codebreaker Alan Turing had this aspect in his natal chart, so have faith that you can crack the issue of the day, be it a computer problem or a conversational conundrum.

On Thursday (6th) Mercury enters Leo, and so there may also be a refreshing change in your mental outlook, possibly as a result of all that mental toil on Wednesday.  The mental focus shifts from one that takes into account emotion (Mercury in Cancer) to a more creative and joyful mental outlook.  There may also be a competitive edge, such as the desire to win in a debate.  Your mind may turn to plans around the summer holidays and how you can tweak some of the detail on that.

The Sun also trines Neptune on that day, and that introduces a spiritual element to your creativity, adding inspiration and spiritual power to your endeavours.  All in all, it could be a very uplifting day.

High spirits are also a characteristic of another aspect of the day: Sun square Jupiter.  That can find humour going over the top, or being downright silly (as long as it is not at someone’s expense).  You should get at least one good laugh out of Thursday!

Friday (7th) has a smooth-sailing sextile between Mercury and Venus, which favours diplomacy and writing projects.  Friendship and cafe culture thrive under this aspect, and you may capitalize on earlier conversations this week, and continue discussions and finding common ground.

There may be a little unease towards the end of Saturday (8th), with a Full Moon brewing in Capricorn for the early hours of Sunday morning.  But you may be buoyed up by a week’s interesting communication, and the desire to translate that into practical gains.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – confrontational
  • Tomorrow – healing
  • Wednesday – verbose, computer glitches, solutions
  • Thursday – high spirits
  • Friday – writing, and good communication
  • Saturday – emotions brewing