Wimbledon 2017 – Week 2

The first week of Wimbledon produced some great tennis (a highlight being Andy Murray’s match with Fognini), and a few upsets.  The first four men’s seeds are still standing, but No. 5 seed Stan Wawrinka went out in the first round.  Petra Kvitova and Karolina Pliskova went out of the women’s tournament.  Here are the next seeds, coming up (again, I will be adding content under comments throughout the week, as there are still players I would like to cover):

Ladies Singles

Caroline Wozniacki – No. 5  Seed

This is from 2015:

“Caroline Wozniacki has 7 out of her 10 planets in Cardinal signs, so is a natural leader.  She has a natural system of checks and balances within her psyche, with a triple conjunction of Chiron/Sun/Jupiter in Cancer opposite her Saturn in Capricorn.  Her Mercury squares Mars, so she can get irritable or suffer from frayed nerves.  Her Sun/Chiron conjunction is exact, so she may have some healing talent.”

In the middle of Wimbledon 2017 Wozniacki has a Solar Return (her birthday is on Tuesday 11th July) and the Sun on her healing Chiron, which is a minor boost.  Mercury is on her South Node, which may pull her back into old patterns.  Uranus squares her Mercury, also producing mental strain.  In addition, Uranus transits her natal Mars, putting her in danger of injury.  Neptune trines her Pluto, so she maintain her serenity in the face of much stress.  But Pluto opposes her Sun/Chiron.  The Mars and Pluto transits are similar to those of Klizan in week 1, who was forced to withdraw from his match with Djokovic due to a left calf injury.

At the time of the final of Wimbledon she has lost the more personal transits, but Uranus still causes mental strain on her Mercury, still transits her Mars (incident prone), still opposes her Sun/Chiron.  Caroline will need great strength if she wants to reach the final.

She has just played a tough 3 set match with Kontaveit, and now faces Coco Vandeweghe (No. 24) in the next round.  In their synastry,Vendeweghe’s Pluto trines Wozniacki’s Jupiter, so they can bring out the best in each other and produce a good match.  Coco’s Jupiter also trines Wozniacki’s Neptune, which also brings out good play in each other.  The play has depth and complexity, with Coco’s Uranus conjunct Caroline’s Neptune and Caroline’s Pluto sextile Coco’s Neptune.

Coco is an outrageously outright Sagittarian, with Mars, the Sun, the Moon (a New Moon) and Mercury in that sign.  The strength of a New Mooner is the ability to always start afresh, and that can be in the middle of a match!  Her Sun squares her Jupiter, so she could be relentlessly optimistic, sometimes unrealistically so.  Her Mercury is square to Jupiter, so she may not always be able to focus, and sometimes overstretches herself.  Mars sextiles Saturn, which is nicely controlled in action.  Her ruling planet Jupiter is trine closely Uranus/Neptune, making her enterprising and giving her the capacity to surprise, as well as great faith in herself and in the force being with her.  Jupiter also trines her North Node, adding luck and extra good karma.  Uranus is closely conjunct her North Node, and surprise is the game of her karmic mission.  What a live wire of a chart she has!

Transits for Coco on Monday: Mars opposite her Venus could make her accident-prone in a very minor way (scrapes and bruises).  Jupiter squares her Neptune, making her a little more confused than usual, and Neptune opposes her Jupiter returning the compliment and increasing the confusion.  Not a good line up of transits.  This gives Caroline Wozniacki the edge in tomorrow’s match

For the end of Wimbledon, Jupiter is still square her Neptune, but Neptune is square her natal Sun in addition, adding to the confusion, and Neptune is still opposite her Jupiter which does not show an improved picture at all.  I therefore do not think Coco will be a finalist.

Johanna Konta – No. 6 Seed

I have not looked at Johanna’s chart before.  It is the first time she has made it into the second week of Wimbledon.  She’s a very enjoyable player to watch, pulling off some sublime strokes at times.  Her debut at Wimbledon was even in doubt, as she sustained a spinal injury last week, but showed from her play at the outset that she was not unduly affected. She is a stolid Taurean, with an interesting exact conjunction of Mars and Chiron in Cancer, which may be one of the secrets of her success.  It may enable her to assess physical energy very quickly and make adjustments while playing.  This conjunction can have a painful side, but was not involved in her injury the week before Wimbledon.

Johanna certainly has the energy to push through her goals, with Mars exactly sextile her Sun.  Mars also trines her North Node, so she is able to use this energy in her karmic mission, and Mars sextiles closely her Chiron (self-healing may be a strength).  Mercury squares her Mars, so she has an irritable side.  And to top up a long list of Mars aspects, Pluto trines Mars, so she has a formidable storehouse of energy at her disposal when she needs it, for a long 3-set match for instance.  This strong Mars may well come from warrior training in past lives, for Mars itself is on her South Node, together with Chiron, suggesting a warrior lineage which incorporates healing (such as some of the oriental disciplines).

If she has a weakness, it’s Jupiter exactly opposite Saturn, which can sometimes make it difficult for her to make decisions, or presents life dilemmas which are hard to reconcile.  She also has the complex Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn of the early 1990s which can be difficult, but can also make it possible to process complex systems of thought.

The Guardian describes Konta’s attitude to life: “She is uniquely focussed, a quality that can often make her seem cold and robotic in public.  But it helps her to stay in the moment, which is how she prefers it.  She does not worry too much about the future.”

In the middle of Wimbledon, Mars sextiles her Sun, adding strength and energy to her portfolio.  Uranus is on her Mercury (a factor which was involved in her recent injury), which is not easy but does add to her intuition.  She has a Mars Return (more energy!), Neptune sextile her Uranus (more intuition!), and Pluto sextile her Pluto (a factor which was involved in her recent rapid healing) adding psychological strength.  That is looking good for her at the start of this week.

At the end of Wimbledon, Mars squares her Mercury so mentally she may be a little more brittle.  Some of the high energy transits have trailed away.  She still has Neptune sextile her Uranus and Pluto sextile her Pluto, but that, I do not think, is enough to get her into the final.

Konta plays Caroline Garcia on Monday.  Here is another player whose chart I haven’t seen before.  Interestingly, she has 0 Fire planets, and 0 Mutable planets,5 Fixed and 5 Cardinal.  Her Sun is in Libra and conjunct closely Jupiter, so she may have a lucky touch.  Her Sun is also exactly trine Saturn, with Saturn exactly trine Jupiter, so she has good and balanced judgement. Her Capricorn Uranus/Neptune conjunction is exact, and Mars is exactly sextile this conjunction, so she can use this understanding of complexity in her physical prowess.  Her chart is not without difficulties, as she has an exact square between the two difficult planets Saturn and Pluto.  So there is a lot of contrast in her chart and psyche.  She also has Chiron exactly square the Nodal Axis.  Quite an extraordinary chart.  I haven’t seen her play yet, but that looks like an interesting experience.

In her synastry with Konta, Konta’s Mars/Chiron squares her Sun, so Konta could have her rattled.  Konta’s Uranus sextiles her Mars, producing electricity between them, and possibly exciting matches stemming from that.  Garcia’s Saturn squares Konta’s Sun, which can dampen Konta’s game (though not so much this week, as Konta has heightened energy).  Her Uranus/Neptune conjunction sextiles Konta’s Pluto (they understand each other on a generational level).  But while Garcia’s Pluto trines Konta’s Mars (heightening her energy) it also opposes Konta’s Sun, which gives Garcia sometimes a psychological advantage.  It could be a tough match for Konta.

At the centre point of Wimbledon, Mars squares Garcia’s Sun, which could make her incident-prone, but Saturn sextiles her Sun which is steadying.  Pluto sextiles her Mercury, so she will be in good condition mentally and psychologically.  Neptune trines her Mars, so she is sensitively in tune with her body and soul.  Pluto conjuncts her Uranus/Neptune, which is possibly a hazard, and Mars trines her Pluto, lending her an extra helping of energy. At the end of Wimbledon, similar conditions apply for Garcia, plus a nervy square of Mercury to her natal Mercury: a finer point which could tip the balance towards Konta.

I think Konta has the extra push from the Universe tomorrow, and could make the next round.

Svetlana Kuznetsova – No. 7 Seed

I am looking at another chart freshly here.  Kuznetsova has an emotional Sun/Mars in Cancer, with Mercury also in that sign, and half (5) of her planets in Water signs if the Moon is in Scorpio (it may be just in Libra).  Her Moon may also be conjunct Pluto, adding an extra weight of emotion.  Her Sun trine Pluto gives her psychological power.  Mercury trine Saturn helps her concentration, but Pluto squaring her Mercury means that at times her deeper emotions can overwhelm her mental processes.  Jupiter trines her natal Uranus, so she can be enterprising and opportunistic.  But Jupiter squares the Nodal Axis exactly, so there are issues of overconfidence stemming from past lives.

At the mid point of Wimbledon, Jupiter sextiles her Uranus, which is favourable, though there are few other supporting transits. By the very end of Wimbledon though, this favourable transit is at its peak.  She could be blessed with a place in the final!

She plays Agnieszka Radwanska next, on Monday.

Agnieszka Radwanska – No. 9 Seed

I wrote in 2014:

“She has a bouncy, enthusiastic and energetic conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in her chart, which is useful in a sporting life.  But Agnieszka has a natally depressive exact conjunction of Saturn and Neptune…”  She may therefore have contrasting moods – she certainly varies her shots skilfully.

At the mid point of Wimbledon , the Nodal Axis squares her Mars, not so good for looking after the physical body.  But Chiron sextiles her natal Jupiter, so there are some positive vibes and healings going on for her.

By the end of Wimbledon, the Chiron sextile to Jupiter becomes exact, and that is a good sign for her.  Mars sextile her Mars, so it has left the square with her Nodal Axis and her energy is at a peak.  Therefore if she gets through the next round, her prospects improve, and could put her on the way to a place in the final.  She probably has an equal chance of winning as does Kuznetsova, but they meet on Monday.

Their synastry shows Kuznetsova’s Uranus square Radwanska’s Sun (so Kuznetsova can surprise Radwanska).  Kuznesova’s North Node is sextile Radwanska’s Sun, so there is a karmic knowing of each other.  Radwanska’s Saturn opposes Kuznetsova’s Mars, so Radwanska can slow down her progress.  Radwanska’s Uranus opposes Kuznetsova’s Sun (so she can surprise her back!).  That can make for some lively interplay between them!  Radwanska’s Neptune opposes Kuznetsova’s Mars, so Radwanska can overwhelm her.  And, last but not least, Radwanska’s Pluto sits on Kuznetsova’s South Node.  Radwanska can often have the final say, and that is another karmic feature of their synastry.  Thus says the astrology, but in previous meetings Kuznetsova has often had the upper hand.

They seem evenly matched, but if I have to choose for this match I will go for Agnieszka Radwanska.

Men’s Singles

Milos Raonic – No. 6 Seed

Milos Raonic was one of three top players knocked out on the first day at Queen’s (with Murray and Wawrinka).  Recycling my evaluation of his chart from 2014:

 “Milos has 5 planets plus the North Node in the sign of Capricorn- a steadfast line up for a tennis player.  His Venus is exactly trine Pluto, giving him a strong presence on and off the court.  Mars trines his North Node closely, so it is important for him to attain and sustain a peak fitness.  His serve is highly praised in the tennis world, and that may be a product of his Mars-North Node trine. “

At the mid point of Wimbledon: Uranus trines his Mercury, producing original and surprising work on the tennis court, and a heightened intuition.  Neptune sextiles his own Neptune, centring him spiritually, but curiously Jupiter also squares his Neptune which may make him over-confident in some respects.

At the end of Wimbledon, he still has the skills of Uranus trine his Mercury, added to which are the physical prowess and energy of Mars sextile his Mars, so he could be at peak condition.  Neptune still sextiles his Neptune, but he has lost that slightly overbalancing Jupiter square to his Neptune.  These are good transits for him for the end of Wimbledon, and may see him into the final.  They are not better though, I do not think, than Federer or Thiem’s final transits.

Raoinic plays Alexander Zverev (Seed No. 10) on Monday.  Alexander Zverev is the brother of Mikhail, who was just beaten by Federer.  In his synastry with Raonic shows Zverev has Mercury trine Raonic’s Neptune, the ability to tune into each other’s game.  Zverev has Saturn on Raonic’s Uranus, which can cause some disruptive play between them, and Raonic’s Chiron opposes Zverev’s Saturn, increasing that tendency.

Zverev is a new (to me) kid on the block, with a wilder hairstyle than average (from his photos, unless he has just tamed it).  His Sun is right at the beginning of Taurus, and he has 0 Water planets (so may not be so emotional) and half his planets in Earth so is practical.  He is sensitive, though, with Neptune exactly square his Sun, and Chiron exactly opposite his Sun.  He has Mercury conjunct Venus, which may give him writing or diplomatic abilities.  With Mercury exactly square Uranus, he is not afraid to be controversial.  Mars appears unaspected in a chart without a birth time, so his energies may be as wild and free as his hair.  Neptune trines his North Node, so he has a spiritual side.  With Neptune square his Chiron he may be impossibly idealistic (as well as practical).  An intriguing young man.

At the middle of Wimbledon: Chiron steadies his Neptune with a trine, necessary because his natal Neptune is a bit too out there.  But that is not a particularly strong showing, astrologically.  By the end of the week, Pluto trines his Mars, giving him extra strength, energy and depth, which he would need if he were to make the final push.  This doesn’t seem strong enough for the final, but may get him to the semi-final at best.

I believe that Raonic has the stronger astrological showing in this tournament.

Marin Cilic – No. 7 Seed

From 2015:

“Marin Cilic has a very challenging natal chart, containing a Grand Cross in Earth signs, composed of Neptune opposite Chiron and Mars opposite the Sun.  He could struggle at times, especially when a transiting planet is crossing one of those four points.  With Saturn conjunct exactly Uranus, he can sometimes be subject to earthquakes in his life, psychologically at least.  He has chosen a difficult path, but would have the character to match.  There is a modicum of luck, with Sun exactly trine Jupiter, and great enthusiasm (Mars exactly sextile Jupiter).  Mercury is also exactly sextile Uranus (mental brilliance), so he could be a master of precision with all those precise aspects!”

At the mid point of Wimbledon: The North Node sextiles his Mercury (good mental karma), Saturn trine his Venus (loyalty in his personal life), North Node trine his Saturn (fair karma if earned).  These are not exciting transits, but they are fairly supportive.

At the end of Wimbledon: Mars squares his Mercury (he could be fractious or irritable, maybe throw a tantrum?).  He still has the North Node trine his Saturn, but not much else.  I do not think he will make it to the final.

Cilic plays Roberto Bautista-Agut on Monday.  Their synastry shows Cilic’s Sun trine Bautista-Agut’s Mars, and their Marses sextile, so a good flow of energy between them (should make for good rallies!).  Cilic’s Neptune trines Bautista-Agut’s Mars, so Cilic is attuned well to his opponent’s energy and able to read it well, and sympathize with him when off the court.  Cilic’s Pluto is sextile Roberto’s Neptune, so more empathy between them.

Bautista-Agut’s prospects mid-Wimbledon: Pluto squares his Mercury, which may break up his concentration.  This transit becomes exact at the final, so he is not likely to get there.  His transits are overall weaker than Cilic’s, so I would assume from that that Cilic will beat him tomorrow.

Dominic Thiem – No. 8 Seed

For fans of Thiem, I have no extra information at this stage!  But there is some conjecture to be found under last week’s comments from various quarters.

To recap, at the French Open, I wrote:

“Thiem has Sun in Virgo (known as a humble personality) and Moon in Aries (aggressive baseline player), with Ascendant in Cancer (probably very patriotic). Uranus and Neptune are exactly conjunct in Capricorn opposite the Ascendant, early in 7th House. He has the ability to bamboozle an opponent… He has Mars conjunct closely Jupiter, great energy and enthusiasm, in Libra in 3rd House. Mars squares Uranus/Neptune – creating complex electrical energy. With Uranus/Neptune sextile exactly Midheaven (Careerpoint), he could have a brilliant career!”

“The transit of Jupiter on Dominic’s Mars (sporting success) takes place at the beginning of Wimbledon which is late this year (3rd July), so he will make a very good start there …But he has a Jupiter Return close to the Wimbledon Final, which if he stays the course of that tournament could spell great success. The Return takes place 19/20th July, and Wimbledon ends on 16th.”

” I think Thiem could do even better at Wimbledon than he does at Roland-Garros.”

It was then pointed out to me that Thiem would meet Roger Federer in their half of the draw.  I then added:

“My enthusiasm for Thiem’s prospects are based on his Jupiter Return in Libra just after the close of Wimbledon, which occurs in his 4th House.

My enthusiasm for Roger’s prospects are based on ” Jupiter sextile his Sun (an excellent prospect), he still has Pluto strengthening his Venus, Jupiter square his Mars has lifted, Neptune still trines his Mars (you could see some stunning work if he is in the final)”. It is true that he has one or two other disadvantages (notably Saturn on his Neptune, which peaks a few days after Wimbledon), but overall I think this is a strong set of transits.”

So if Thiem were to meet Roger Federer in the semi-final, I think the latter would have the edge.

Thiem plays Tomas Berdych No. 11 Seed on Monday.  Berdych has slipped down one Seed since last year, when I quoted from 2015:

“As a Virgoan, Tomas is very analytical, but he has a sense of showmanship with Venus and Mars in Leo.  We do not have his birth time, so his Moon could be in Libra or Scorpio.  If in Scorpio, that would make him extremely emotionally intense as the Moon would be conjunct with Pluto in that sign.  There is a lot of seriousness overall in his make up, with the Sun exactly sextile Saturn, and Venus exactly square Saturn.  His great energy is coming from Mars closely sextile Pluto.  He has hidden depths, and a very strong will (5 of his 10 planets in Fixed signs).”

In the chemistry between Thiem and Berdych, again there is a good karmic tie of Dominic’s Sun trine Berdych’s North Node.  Berdych’s Uranus and Chiron square Dominic’s Mercury, inducing some mental strain on him.  However, Berdych’s Uranus and Chiron are well aspected with Thiem’s Mars, so physically he is more in harmony with Berdych.  Thiem’s Pluto sits on Berdych’s Saturn, which is difficult for the latter.

For Berdych, transits for the middle of Wimbledon: Mars trine his Saturn, fairly constructive, but Neptune square his Uranus, which is tricky.

Transits for the end of Wimbledon:  He loses the trine, but keeps the tricky square, so it does not look as though he gains ground through the week.

Thiem’s transits are definitely better for this match.

Grigor Dimitrov – No. 13 Seed

Previously, I have written:

“He has two interesting conjunctions in his chart: one is the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn of the early 1990s, which at the time I dubbed “the winds of change”. It enables him to deal with complexity and strong energies.  That may describe his role in tennis at the moment, as part of a new vanguard.  The other interesting conjunction is that of Mars and Chiron which is very close, so there is some aspect of his energy (Mars) which has been wounded, and which he may have repaired, to find his Inner Healer. His athleticism shows in his chart as the Sun exactly sextile Mars.”  The Mars/Chiron conjunction may well be turned into a strength (see Johanna Konta, who also has it, and  turned things around very quickly after her injury at Eastbourne).

After dating Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova, Dimitrov is currently in a relationship with the singer Nicole Scherzinger. They have a romantic conjunction between Dimitrov’s Venus and Nicole’s Sun,  and a dynamic conjunction between Dimitrov’s Mars/Chiron and Nicole’s Mercury.  There is also extra chemistry from his Venus sextile her Mars.

Midway through Wimbledon Dimitrov has a Mars Return, so he won’t be short of energy and fight.  Pluto is sextile his natal Pluto, so he’ll be true to himself at the deepest level.  At the end of Wimbledon the Nodal Axis squares his Sun, so his karma is not easy.  Neptune sextiles his Uranus, so he will be feeling sensitive.  He will be playing Roger Federer tomorrow, who seems unbeatable at the moment, and has good transits for the end of Wimbledon.  I don’t think Dimitrov will beat Federer.


At 4.07 this morning, while you were hopefully sleeping, there was a Full Moon at 17 degrees Capricorn.  Perhaps you felt the emotional tension yesterday, or had a sleepless night.  On waking, perhaps the tension may not quite have dispersed, and if so that may be because tomorrow the Sun is opposed by Pluto, and the effects of this may seem similar to the build up of the Full Moon.  So it is a challenging start to the week, and one in which you need to ensure that you treat yourself with kid gloves, and others with tender loving care.  Those with a tendency to create drama may take the stage, but it is best to treat these two days as a damage limitation exercise.  If you are looking for the highest expression of Full Moon in Capricorn, there may be an opportunity for the successful culmination of some administration or organization.  With the Full Moon having occurred overnight, it is also possible that you received some dream guidance along those lines.

Tomorrow’s aspect of Sun opposite Pluto also occurs around the same time, 4.35 a.m.  You may wake with a dream message around that time.  Certainly the message of this aspect is a deep one, and one which may not be easily accessed by the conscious mind.  Again, the day may belong to those who express along more dramatic lines.  There may be more tears to release, and the conversation may revolve around mortality and  health matters (physical or mental health).  Looking inwards may be a profitable exercise, but look out for those who may be struggling with the process.

After tomorrow, the emotion may start to ebb away, and there are no more aspects until Friday (14th), so you can regard this intervening period as a process of regeneration.  You are rewarded for your inner work this week on Friday by a refreshing sextile between Mercury and Jupiter, the light at the end of the tunnel (if there was a tunnel).  You may emerge with new ideas and receive stimulating and positive news.  The aspect is good for sales and business, travel and education.  Literary works and publishing ventures also thrive successfully.  If you’ve been suffering a writer’s block with your novel recently (as I have), there may be a breakthrough.  International or global communications may reach out productively, too – you may find more response in an email from abroad than in your locality.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – conflicting emotions
  • Tomorrow – the need to dig deep, but gently
  • Friday – green light on communications