Donald Trump – Relations and Relationships

I haven’t written about U.S. President Donald Trump since December 2015, so I thought  I would catch up with him, after two weeks of writing about Wimbledon. There is a great deal of speculation about his psychiatric diagnosis, his possible impeachment, and the effects of the coming 21st August eclipse on his chart.  But what I would like to focus on is his relationships.  He has had a cavalcade of advisors coming in and going out since he took office, and his style is very autocratic (i.e. he is not influenced much by those around him), so maybe his relationships don’t matter so much.  But I would like to take a peek at some of his family relationships and a few of the relationships with other leaders around the world.

The Entrepreneur

First, his relationship with himself: his fierce individuality is shown by a triple conjunction of Uranus/North Node and Sun in Gemini in 10th House of Career, Ambition and Politics. He is the embodiment of the Entrepreneur Archetype, and his chart expresses this to an unbelievable degree: Jupiter in Libra in 2nd House of Money exactly trine Uranus in Gemini in 10th House of Career.  He is the ultimate in the astrological textbook of entrepreneurship.  Richard Branson also has Jupiter exactly trine Uranus, but in Water signs.

Melania Trump

Melania Trump is the trophy wife, born under the supportive and artistic sign of Taurus.  She has a very grounded chart, with an electrical or magnetic energy from an exact trine between Mars and Uranus.  Mars is one of the two planets describing the men in her life, and emphasizes the Uranian nature of her husband.  It is always intriguing to wonder what she actually thinks of him.  Her Mars is exactly trine his Neptune, which indicates an attraction possibly based on glamour on both sides.  This is reinforced by her Neptune exactly square his Ascendant.  With her Jupiter exactly sextile his Ascendant, it is possible for her to aid his success.  Her Pluto is exactly sextile his Venus, indicating some genuine deep feelings in the relationship.  And her Pluto trines his Midheaven, so she is intrinsically bound up with his career and life path.  We do not have her birth time, so we do not know how the angles of her chart fit with his planets.

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump is Donald’s daughter by his first wife Ivana Trump, and he has given Ivanka a not inconsiderable share of responsibility (though he has not been listening to her concerns about climate change).  She has an intensely Libran chart (though a Scorpio Sun), with an exact conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Libra, showing an interesting relationship to power, and this is square to her Nodal Axis making the power connection karmic.  She inherits this conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto directly from Donald, though his is two degrees apart.  She also has an interesting relationship with healing, as her Chiron is unaspected.  I do not know the reason why this is, but it is something to watch.  There is also an exact conjunction between Venus and Neptune, indicating a subtle artistry.

As she works so closely with her father, you would expect harmonious interaspects between them, but in fact the relationship does not look easy: Her Venus opposes his Sun, her Jupiter squares his Saturn, her Saturn conjuncts his Chiron, and her Neptune opposes his Sun.

Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. (also a child of Ivana) has recently come into the news because of his revelations about dealings with the Russians.  He is a Capricorn Sun with the Sun  exactly square his Nodal Axis (power karma).  He has a helpful exact trine between Chiron and Saturn, bisected by Jupiter which creates two sextiles: it remains to be seen in what way this benefits him, his father, or international relations.

Like Melania, he has Jupiter exactly sextile Donald’s Ascendant, but while his Jupiter is on Donald’s 11th House cusp of groups, hers is on Donald’s 3rd House cusp of public speaking.  Donald Jr’s helpful Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron configuration undoubtedly is very strategically placed in Donald Sr’s chart for maximum effect, though Junior’s Saturn sits exactly on Senior’s Ascendant, so there are challenges too for Donald Sr. Interestingly, their working relationship began through the younger man joining his father’s real estate company, and Saturn rules real estate. Another link is Trump Jr’s Mercury on Trump Sr’s South Node, indicating a past life connection through a teacher-pupil relationship.  There is also a very explosive exact conjunction of Trump Jr’s Mars to Trump Sr’s Pluto, which is painful for both but enables Trump Sr to pull rank. Their relationship was notoriously stormy when Donald Jr was young, and Donald Sr was very much the absent father.  The Junior’s Neptune sextiles the Senior’s Jupiter, which provides some harmony at least, and Trump Jr’s Pluto conjuncts Trump Sr’s Jupiter, pumping up the power for both.

Ivana Trump

Ivana Trump was Donald (Sr’s) wife at the time he was building his business empire, and I thought it might be interesting to look at this relationship too.  Theirs was an acrimonious divorce (she has Venus opposite Pluto, and Venus rules her 7th House of Marriage), but something must have brought them together and drawn them to create a family.  Ivana is a Piscean Sunsign, and we do have her birth time, which gives her an Ascendant in Scorpio.

In her relationships: With Donald, his Neptune trined her Mercury (a mental affinity), his Venus trined her Jupiter (a social affinity), his Mars sextiled her Uranus (providing excitement for both), his Venus trined her Ascendant, and there are some deeper psychological connections.  His Neptune is on her Chiron (some healing qualities, at least in the prime of their relationship), his Chiron sextiles her Pluto (a deep psychological understanding).  Lifestylewise, his I.C. (sense of security) was conjunct her Ascendant, and their relationship endured for 13 years.

With her son Donald, she has a trine from her Chiron to his Mars, which is strengthening for both, but his Saturn (which conjuncts his father’s Ascendant) opposes her Sun and squares her Moon, providing a great deal of frustration for her and accentuating her natal Sun-Moon square which is difficult in terms of finding her own identity.  She has mixed aspects from his Uranus: a destructive square from his Uranus to her Pluto (mutual agony), but a sextile from his Uranus to her Midheaven (he may have original ideas to help her in her career); his Pluto trines her Venus (a trine of deep feeling which turns up in the relationship between Donald Sr and Melania), and there is a sweet sextile between his Neptune and her Venus.

Between mother and daughter there is a strong tie of Ivana’s Mars trine Ivanka’s Sun (she may have taught her daughter aspects of the female warrior) but Ivana’s Neptune conjuncts Ivanka’s Saturn (providing some discomfort between them).  Ivana’s Pluto sextile Ivanka’s Saturn is a vehicle by which they can give each other great strength.

Theresa May

Who can forget the iconic moment when Theresa and Donald held hands in those heady days when their premierships were in their infancy?  Was Theresa star struck in that moment?  Did she subsequently regret giving her hand so readily?  According to the astrology, their true relationship looks fairly antagonistic.  Her Sun squares his Mercury, her Venus squares his Midheaven, her Jupiter squares his Uranus, her Saturn squares his Ascendant, and her Pluto sits on his Ascendant.  She needs a great deal of self-control not to let any misgivings show.  Meanwhile, he appears to be supportive to Theresa in her Brexit dilemma, and promises much economically for the future for the U.K.  There are two supportive interaspects between them, and they both involve Neptune, the planet of deception:  her Uranus sextiles his Neptune, and her Neptune sextiles his Ascendant.  It is very difficult to see through this relationship.

Vladimir Putin

The issue of how much Vladimir Putin of Russia interfered with the election of Donald Trump remains current.  Again, it is intriguing to know how close they are.  Donald very recently held hours of talks with Putin and they were filmed sitting amicably together.  There is a close tie between Trump’s Chiron conjunct Putin’s Sun, which is very telling. It is a mutually dependant conjunction often found between parents and children, and is quite symbiotic in nature.  There is a mental affinity, from Putin’s Mercury trine Donald’s Sun, but also a defensive square between Putin’s Mercury and Donald’s Saturn.  Their Marses are exactly trine!  So they are both men of action together, and capable of acting together.  Putin’s Saturn is on Trump’s Jupiter, so Putin firmly has his thumb on Trump’s sense of freedom, and Putin’s Saturn also trines Donald’s Uranus, so in that regard Donald does have some freedom in some ways too.  Putin’s Uranus squares Donald’s Jupiter, which means there is an area of risk between them, and ways in which they don’t trust each other.  Putin’s Neptune sextiles Trump’s Moon (spiritual and emotional affinity) and trines Trump’s North Node (a karmic and spiritual harmony).  Finally, Putin’s Pluto sextiles Trump’s Sun, a working together on the issue of power, with Putin allowing Trump a great deal of rope, but deep down they know who holds the greater power.  That relationship holds much more interest astrologically than Donald’s with Theresa.

Emmanuel Macron

Here’s a new relationship on the block, with Emmanual Macron inviting Donald to Bastille Day celebrations and parades.  Emmanuel Macron was born 10 days before Donald Trump Jr. in the same year, so Donald may experience a sense of familiarity about him, and there may be elements in their relationship which are similar.  Macron’s Sun/Mercury trines the Ascendant of Donald Trump (Sr) which is very validating for the latter.  Macron’s Venus conjuncts Donald’s Moon, making for some sympathy between them.  But further down the line it may be seen that there is some combustibility for as with Donald’s son there is a Mars/Pluto conjunction, close but not exact as with the son.  Interestingly, Theresa May’s Pluto is two degrees away from Donald’s Mars (the other way round from the conjunctions with Donald Jr and Macron), so there is some reason for Donald to respect Theresa’s position. Also as with the son, Macron’s Saturn conjuncts Donald’s Ascendant – Donald may find at times that the relationship is like a millstone round his neck.  There is a nicely flowing sextile though between Macron’s Neptune and Trump’s Chiron, which may be helpful when things need to be smoothed over.

I have barely touched such a vast subject here, so may return to it some time soon!


We start the week with two squares, and there is a lot more going on than last week aspectwise, so there is a lot to do in terms of working with the planets this week.

Tomorrow Venus squares Neptune, so this highlights the need to look through the nature of relationship and relationships, and see past the illusion or past assumptions which have prevented you from seeing clearly.  In the office, at the beginning of the working week, this may involve you looking at colleagues in their human vulnerability, where perhaps working structures may have set them up as competitors.

Tuesday (18th) introduces the second of the squares, Mars square Uranus.  This may involve mechanical items going wrong, or tempers getting frayed.  There is a sense of urgency about getting things done which actually prevents the smooth running of production.

Fortunately, there may be help at hand in the shape of a later trine between Mars and Chiron, which can assist the matching up of parts in better relation to each other, e.g. in mechanics, production or even relationships.  There may be some macho posturing during the day while things are getting sorted (e.g. “watch and see how it’s done”).  The day’s aspects will certainly sort out the men from the boys.

The evening brings a superb firework display of sociability, in which you may forget any wrangles of the day.  Venus trines Jupiter, which is one of the best aspects in the year, and last surfaced on Christmas Day 2016.  It is not only sociable but also holds romantic promise,  e.g. an idyll on a South Pacific island, or a fly-past marriage proposal, or just a candlelit dinner for two on the riverside.  If you are spending the day alone, spoil yourself and show yourself how much you appreciate yourself.

Wednesday (19th) brings another trine, so everything is on the up…It’s much more prosaic though, and lacking the romanticism of the previous day’s trine.  It is about getting down to the nitty gritty, making lists (such as who to invite to the wedding), and maybe sorting out financial forms such as self-employed tax requirements.  Some solid work can be done under this aspect.

On Thursday (20th) Mars enters Leo, and you may decide to put on some display of pomp and circumstance (both Trump and Macron have Mars in Leo).  This aspect favours the performing arts, e.g. maybe you are putting the finishing touches to your script for the winter pantomime.  It is an ideal influence for the spirit of the Proms and for enjoying this event.  The Proms takes place this year between 14th July and 9th September.  Mars in Leo accompanies this almost exactly, from 20th July to 5th September.  The Edinburgh Festival also falls within this period, from 4th to 28th August.  So if you hear the extra flourish of the cymbals and drums at the Prom, or extra guffaws at the Edinburgh Festival, it is the background sound of Mars in Leo.

There may be some disruption to plans or routines on Friday (21st) with the intervention of a square between the Sun and Uranus.  Creativity may need something extra from outside the box.  Even then, you may need to leave ironing out the creases for another day.  The energy of the emotional Sun at the end of Cancer does not mesh well with the strident needs of Uranus at the end of Aries.  You may have the wrong casting for your pantomime, and solutions may have to wait for the right people to appear or people to accept your outlandish ideas.  Expect the unexpected.

However, after the spanner has gummed up the works, two other interesting aspects enter into the picture, which may enable you to end the day with some satisfaction, if not a completed project.  The Sun trines Chiron, enabling healing initiatives.  And Mercury conjuncts the North Node, bringing karmic information and communication of a subtle but revealing nature.  If you follow these two subtle cues, they may provide added interest to your creativity, and make your pantomime script stand out among all the others.

Our final astrological event of the week is the entry of the Sun into Leo on Saturday (22nd), adding more pomp and circumstance to the display and creativity under way.  Put all your characters into gold costumes with plumes for your parade.  It is time to showcase your talents, and not hide your light.  If you can’t do that when the Sun is in Leo, the world may be missing out on your unique contribution.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – sensitive relationships
  • Tuesday – hasty actions, solutions, and vibrant social atmospheres
  • Wednesday – down to work, productively
  • Thursday – a love of display
  • Friday – the unexpected, then healing and karmic information
  • Saturday – creativity and self-expression