Sports Review

With the Athletics World Championships currently pushing my favourite programmes off the screen, and my unwillingness to write a sequel to “Trump’s Worst Week”, I am going to do a rare sports blog.

Mo Farah

Mo was one of the three heroes of the 2012 Olympics who had birthdays on 23rd March (with Chris Hoy and Jason Kenny).  The Aries Sun sign gives great physical energy, and its ruler Mars is associated with sport.  As a child, he wanted to be a footballer or car mechanic, both provinces of Aries.

His choice of running within sport is consistent with his North Node (karmic mission) in Gemini (the runner’s sign) exactly square his natal Mercury (the runner’s planet).

Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in his chart, which I call The Entrepreneur.  Certainly I always think of him when I eat Quorn, and he is a good advert for its physical benefits.  He signed a contract to advertise the product in December 2013.  Uranus was trine his entrepreneurial Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at the time.

He also has a paternal and patriotic Moon in Cancer, and has three children.

He had an anxious time around 2015, his name “being dragged through the mud” in the doping allegations of his coach Albert Salazar.  His blood tests were found to be clear.

Friday’s was to be his last 10,000 metre race, and he came up trumps.  Mars was trine his natal Uranus, giving him a nice push. Uranus trined his natal Neptune, so his nervous system was in good tune.  But Uranus was opposite his Pluto, which may indicate a departure in his way of life.  Venus sextile his Venus smiled personal satisfaction.

Mo was quoted as saying of his wellbeing: “It is just having a brilliant medical team, looking after yourself, understanding what your body can do and being true to yourself”.

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt, too, had his last race this week, with sadly different results.  He is another highly regarded “good guy” in the Athletics world.  He is possibly the fastest sprinter of all time.

In 2012, I wrote:

“Natally, Usain has Moon conjunct Jupiter (Pisces) in a T-square with Chiron (in Gemini – the sign for sprinting) opposite Uranus in Sagittarius.”

Like Mo, he had a successful Olympics in 2012, and I noted “Mars was exactly sextile his Uranus (enhancing his speed)”.  That is a similar transit to Mo’s  winning Mars trine Uranus this week.

In his chart, Mercury trines Uranus – not only indicating a brilliant mind, but literally depicting the speed (Uranus) of his sprint (Mercury), the “Lightning Bolt”.

Yesterday, on his defeat by Gatlin (Usain came third), though he had some very good transits (Jupiter was sextile his Uranus and Uranus was trine his Sun), Saturn was activating his T-square, squaring his Moon/Jupiter conjunction and opposing his Chiron, holding him back a little.

The coming eclipse on his birthday 21st August indicates a new way of life.

Justin Gatlin

A collective sigh or groan went up as Usain was defeated, except perhaps in the U.S.A., as the clean living Usain Bolt was defeated by an opponent who had been known to use drugs earlier in his career when testing was not as rigorous, but had been allowed to compete in the race despite this.

Sean Ingle described the atmosphere in the Observer: “As a full moon rose over the London Stadium, Justin Gatlin bared his teeth – and shocked the world by defeating Usain Bolt in his final ever 100m race”.

The Sun in Aquarius trine Mars/Saturn/Pluto makes him a very disciplined warrior and at times a formidable opponent.  We do not have his birth time, but the Moon square Neptune at Noon of his day of birth may indicate involvement with drugs and possible deception.  Saturn closely square his Nodal Axis could be indicative of karmic issues to be resolved.

He has a similar natal aspect to Usain Bolt in Mercury sextile Uranus, indicating fast sprinting, but not as strongly highlighted as Usain’s.

He was subject to an 8 year ban on 22nd August 2006.  At that time, Saturn and Neptune were square his natal Chiron. On 3rd August 2010 he returned to the athletics circuit, with Jupiter sextile his natal Mercury (his running liberated) and Neptune trine his natal Pluto.

At his win yesterday,  Saturn was sextile his natal Sun and sextile his natal Saturn (steady), Jupiter was on his Mars (luck and enthusiasm in his energy field).  Thus it looks like a combination of determination (Saturn) and luck (Jupiter) helped his win.

In his relationship with Usain Bolt, there is a karmic square between Gatlin’s Venus and Usain’s Nodal Axis.  Sean Ingle commented: “Bolt’s reaction, however, showed the class of the man.  The first thing he did was hug Gatlin.  Then he told the crowd: ‘It is one of those things’, before describing their reaction to him as ‘wonderful’ ”


Brazilian footballer Neymar was also in the sports news this week, being the first footballer to be valued at £200 million, being transferred from Barcelona to Paris St. Germain.

With Mercury exactly conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, he has a special ability to focus.  He has a charismatic conjunction between his North Node (karmic mission) and Venus.  He’s also very ambitious, with North Node/Venus/Uranus/Neptune/Mars, all in Capricorn.  He has his father as adviser.

This week, Jupiter was trine his natal Sun (high self-esteem), but square to his Neptune (is this his real value?).  Neptune sextiles his Venus, adding personal glamour, and Pluto conjunct his Neptune (power to his glamour…).  Many questions have been raised by this event.


We have a Full Moon at 15 degrees Aquarius tomorrow, which is also an eclipse.  Several issues are coming to a crescendo on the world stage, but at the same time Theresa May has been in Italy, Jeremy Corbyn was in Dubrovnik, and Donald Trump is to take a 17 day golfing holiday.  Aquarius is the sign of freedom, but it may not be wholly possible to escape their responsibilities under a Full Moon.

Full Moon in Aquarius opposite Sun in Leo brings a push and pull between one’s own self-expression (Leo) and the needs of the collective (Aquarius).  So it is a good time for you to practise balancing those in your life.

It’s all good news from then on, for Thursday (10th) brings a lovely sextile between Mercury and Venus, which is harmonious and communicative in equal parts.  Socializing, writing and broadcasting, and diplomacy all thrive under this aspect.  Someone may appreciate a visit from you, if you have some spare time.

In the evening, there is a beautiful, celebratory sextile between the Sun and Jupiter.  There may be news of a success or breakthrough for someone in  your circle, or some enjoyable travel plans afoot.

Saturday (12th) has a trine between Venus and Neptune, and may be characterized by a subtle sense of poetry.  Venus and Neptune happily combined favour the Arts, music, dance and poetry, and enjoying time at the beach.  You might find yourself affirming that you do like to be beside the seaside.  Socializing will be sensitive and spiritual.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – high emotions and balancing
  • Thursday – a five star day
  • Saturday – tantalizingly delightful