Solar Eclipse of 21st August 2017

“The challenge posed by the North Korean regime’s nuclear weapons programme had been festering for more than a decade, but it was Donald Trump who turned it into a global emergency with a few words” ~ Julian Borger, writing in the Observer today

I can’t remember a Solar Eclipse which has had more hype than this coming one for Monday 21st August 2017.  The Sun and Moon are conjunct at 28 degrees 53 minutes Leo, and in the U.K. it takes place at 18.30 Hrs.  In North America total darkness will be experienced, so it will not escape anyone’s notice.

Meanwhile the international stage seems to be reaching crisis point, with Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un trading warnings, and China urging them both to simmer down.

We all know by now that the Eclipse falls on Donald Trump’s Ascendant/Mars at the end of Leo.  Mars also trines his Moon at the time, inciting his emotions.  Saturn conjuncts his Moon, so he may also be feeling quite negative.  Pluto squares his Jupiter, which can bring uncontrolled and exaggerative behaviour, which we are already experiencing.  Neptune trines the U.S. chart (indicating sensitivity), the South Node transits the U.S. Moon (indicating population karma), Saturn opposes the U.S. Mars (the possibility of some harsh action), and Uranus squares the U.S. Pluto (some shock factor).  Chiron opposes the U.S. Ascendant (a healing crisis in relationships), but Chiron sextiles Pluto (some healing going on).

Kim Jong Un has two possible birth dates, but the 1984 date seems most likely, from past observation.  The 1983 chart has Pluto at 29 degrees Libra, which is at least in a harmonious sextile to the Eclipse.  Neptune at 27 degrees Sagittarius at the Galactic Centre is trine (also harmonious) with the Eclipse.  In the 1984 chart, Mars occupies 28 degrees Libra, Neptune is still at 27 degrees Sagittarius, and in addition Chiron is at 27 degrees Taurus, squaring the Eclipse (healing crisis).  Uranus opposes his Mars (inflammatory) but trines his Jupiter (giving him the capacity to surprise), Neptune squares his Nodal Axis (spiritually dodgy), and as has been mentioned before Pluto (nuclear) is right on his Sun.  For the North Korean Chart, Pluto (the nuclear factor) is exactly trine its Sun, so it feels empowered.  Mars trines its Jupiter (it feels enthused), Jupiter sextiles its Jupiter (it feels lucky), Uranus trines its Saturn (it feels strong)…These are not discouraging transits for Kim Jong Un, sadly.

Can China make anybody see sense?  The president Xi Jinping has fostered relations with both sides, and must feel like a very uncomfortable go-between at the moment.  He said this week: “At present, the relevant parties must maintain restraint and avoid words and deeds that would exacerbate the tension on the Korean peninsula.”  He has a lot of transits during the Eclipse. Mars sextiles his Mercury and Jupiter trines his Mercury, so his words may be true and carry weight.  Mars sextiles his Mars, so he is involved and active.  Saturn opposes his Mars (as with the U.S. Chart, indicating harsh action) but Mars sextiles his Saturn.  Jupiter conjuncts his Saturn, possibly enabling some mitigating action and lifting of the situation, and Saturn sextiles his Saturn (serious but balanced judgement).  Pluto opposes his Uranus (some shock factor), Saturn sextiles his Neptune (realism), Mars conjuncts his Pluto (negotiating a dangerous situation), Jupiter sextiles his Pluto (wise use of power), and finally Saturn trines his Pluto (great strength).  It would seem that Xi Jinping has the most constructive manner and astrological influences, and may be the key to solving the problem.  For the chart of China, Jupiter squares its Sun, which is upbeat though exaggerative.  Neptune sextiles its Jupiter, which is spiritually balanced, Uranus sextiles its Uranus (the power of surprise) but Chiron squares its Uranus (it may need to use shock tactics).

Getting on with our own lives

And then there are our own lives…have you noticed stirrings of change arising, whether solicited or unsolicited?

I tend to play such things down, but I am beginning to wonder what these events are leading up to.  It may be that we have cause to pause, or may undergo a shift.

Life, and eclipses, are to an extent what you make of them.  For example, if you are a sabre-rattling war-mongerer, you are going to attract the like.  Your approach to life and eclipses may make all the difference to what is created and manifested.  This is above all a time to examine your approach to life and what you are communicating and creating, and to be mindful.

With that in mind, I am taking a brief look at the possible approach of each of the Zodiac signs:


Aries are the Warriors, and as such may inflame issues, so you may need to cultivate the conscious peaceful warrior within.  If you were born at the end of Aries (roughly between 17th and 19th April) you may benefit or profit from a trine to your Sun from the Eclipse.  In some situations, there are winners and losers, and you could be a winner.


Taurus is the Rock for many people, and a calming influence, with a long fuse.  As such, you may help to keep events on an even keel.  If you were born at the end of Taurus (roughly between 18th and 20th May) you may feel a little stressed as the Eclipse squares your Sun.  You may need to put yourself first for a change, and stay centred.


Gemini will be the great Commentators of the occasion, keeping a running commentary going and ensuring that communication is happening, despite the fact that their ruling planet Mercury will be retrograde at the time.  Everyone needs to be kept informed!  If you were born at the end of Gemini (roughly between the 18th and 20th June) your Sun will be sextile the Eclipse, bringing mild benefits to you, though you do need to ensure you don’t over-activate your nervous system – keep meditating!


Cancerians are the Nurturers of the Zodiac, and will keep everyone supplied with Chicken Soup or your best vegetarian equivalent.  They will keep things cosy and possibly try to block out the world outside, and shelter their loved ones.  If you were born at the end of Cancer (roughly between 19th and 22nd July) your natal Sun will be semi-sextile with the Eclipse, which is mildly uncomfortable, but not enough to disturb the nest hopefully.


Leo will be right at the Centre of things, which is where they like to be.  So they will be comfortable with the role of leadership which the Eclipse brings.  They need to think clearly about the use of power that comes with it.  If you were born at the end of Leo (roughly between the 20th and 22nd August) yours will be the power and the glory, and the responsibility.  We are all looking to you.


Virgos will look after the detail for us, make up the spreadsheet, monitor and record what goes on, and take care of health and safety.  Thank you, Virgos!  If you were born at the end of Virgo (roughly between the 20th and 22nd September) you will have a special role to play, especially if you are linked with a certain Leo in a supportive role.  You will help to keep the lifestyle ticking over smoothly.


Libra represents the Peacemaker, much needed at this time.  You may have been rehearsing to play this role for some time, and will use all your skills in beauty and harmony to make this a pleasant experience for everyone.  If you were born at the end of Libra (roughly between 20th and 22nd October) your Sun will be sextile the Eclipse, bringing mild benefits to you, though you do need to ensure you look after your own well-being in the process.


Scorpio can look the drama in the face and see through it, but can others hear your message?  No sugar coating with you, but a deep level of reality.  We need your wisdom, though we may sometimes run from it.  Thanks for being you.  If you were born at the end of Scorpio (roughly between 19th and 21st November) you may feel a little stressed as the Eclipse squares your Sun.  Keep calm and carry on!


Sagittarius (unless you have a preponderance of Scorpio or Capricorn planets) will keep the Optimism flag flying, offering philosophical phrases to rise about the situation.  They could annoy people who are taking the matter more seriously.  If you were born at the end of Sagittarius (roughly between 19th and 21st December) which is also closely aligned with the Galactic Centre, you’ll be fully plugged into the Cosmos and may benefit or profit from a trine to your Sun from the Eclipse.  If this is the case, you’ll either be super-uplifting, or super-annoying.


Capricorn will leave no fear unexamined, no loophole closed, and may play devil’s advocate.  They will remind you of the bottom line, remind you to make sure your insurance policies are up-to-date, and know all the rules.  More frivolous signs may need to take heed.  Once they have accomplished their mission, they can relax and hope for the best.  If you were born at the end of Capricorn (roughly between 17th to 19th January) your Sun will be quincunx the Eclipse, which is a mild unease, not enough to deter your persevering nature.


Aquarians will see the Future Vision and possibly the bigger plan behind events and where they are going.  This will give them a leadership role (second only to Leos!)  They may even be able to balance out the Leo energy, so that it is not all about the Leo.  If you were born at the end of Aquarius (roughly between 15th and 17th February) your Sun will be opposed by the Eclipse, so you won’t be able to avoid its glare, or lack of glare.  You will know what you have to do or say, and in some ways will hold up a mirror to events.


Pisces will either be totally immersed, in denial or at worst feeding the paranoia.  Try to make sure your sensitivity does not run riot, and is fed by a constant stream of positive input such as high quality meditational material.  You need to be able to stand your ground as much as anyone.  When you do say something, it may be other-worldy or something that people need to hear but can’t access themselves, like a bridge from other dimensions.  If you were born at the end of Pisces (roughly the 17th to 19th March) your Sun will be quincunx the Eclipse, which is a mild unease, and hopefully you can stay spiritually centred enough to bring the more mystical messages we might need to hear.

If you know what House 28 degrees 53 minutes Leo falls in within your chart, then you may have some idea of the area of its impact.  If events prove not what you would consider in line with your intentions, it is possible that it is chosen on a Soul level, and the reason may still be a mystery to you.  In writing this, I hope that I have not added to fear nor  dodged the reality of the times.

Bring on global nuclear disarmament, please.


In the early hours of this morning, while you were asleep or trying to sleep (in the U.K.), Mercury went retrograde (cue the opening bars of Beethoven’s 5th).  Which means that it is retrograde as I write, and you may detect the hallmarks of it in my piece.  Although I tend to sleep very well these days, last night was an exception, and produced a sci-fi time-shifting dream, so this may have been influenced by the turn of the planet.  Whatever your own experience, you know the drill: keep your communications clear until 5th September, don’t panic and stay mindful.   Travel may be disrupted (my usual route to Salisbury via Waterloo is currently undergoing disruption until 28th August, so luckily I have a lift for my visit this month).  You may find yourself taking more scenic routes, literally and metaphorically.

Later, this evening, we have a sensible trine between the Sun and Saturn, which is ideal for planning and laying foundations.  Constructive deliberation is the order of the evening.

If there is going to be some confrontation during the course of this week, it may be contained within the opposition between Venus and Pluto on Tuesday (15th), though it may remain as passive aggressive behaviour.  Either way, it could be psychologically uncomfortable.  Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un may pout at each other.

Wednesday (16th) brings a conjunction between the Sun and the North Node, and this could bring a show of power by someone in your circle.  However, this show of power is firmly subject to the laws of karma, and if you have faith in the justice of that you’re O.K. (aren’t you?)  It could also heighten creativity if you are unattached to the power play of others.

Thursday (17th) offers us a fairly harmless and possibly fun square between Venus and Jupiter.  Laughter may be had, although the ethics may be dubious.  Social life may bring light relief, if you are dwelling on the world situation or eclipse warnings.

An advance portion of Next Week’s Aspects

As I will be away on Sunday (20th) and will write the next blog on Monday (21st) which is the day of the actual eclipse itself, I am briefly covering the first two days of next week, which I will include, modify, re-hash or expand on later.

Sunday (20th) starts with a bright note of Mars sextile Jupiter, ramping up your energy and enthusiasm, and with it the ability to cope with any demands or stresses which may be perceived.  So it is a good day to get things done, and to formulate positive philosophical attitudes, jollying everyone along.  Hockey, anyone?

Monday (21st) also starts with a bright note: that of Sun trine Uranus, a happy day for innovation and creative originality, new ideas and technological advances.  If you have been having any I.T. problems due to Mercury Retrograde, you may find solutions.  As this aspect takes place at 6.22 a.m. in the U.K. it will occur late the night before (Sunday) in the U.S.  It will set you up nicely for viewing the eclipse.

As already mentioned, the Solar Eclipse takes place at 18.30 Hrs in the U.K. and the Sun and Moon are conjunct at 28 degrees 53 minutes of the sign of Leo.  Effectively it is a heightened turning point, and the New Moon in Leo is usually the most creative New Moon of the year.  Set your intentions and your attitude, and may a good time be had by all.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – communications hazy; plan forward
  • Tuesday – emotional wranglings
  • Wednesday – karmic power and creativity
  • Thursday – humorous and sociable