With a minimum of aspects this last week the U.K. ground to a halt because of snow.  For every statement, there is an equal and opposite statement, and the Guardian this morning disagrees, saying “a glance at motorway webcams yesterday showed the roads running freely” so it does depend on your perspective and your mode of transport.  But, schools and factories closed.  Earnings were lost.  Travel was severely restricted.  However, in some ways the less is happening the more is happening.  It is forcing us to go within and re-examine our needs and values and what we can do without, stockpiling notwithstanding.  And often we find inner resources we didn’t know we had.  While Jupiter in Aquarius this last year has been a theme of networking, especially internationally, the forthcoming transit of Jupiter in Pisces will mean the mining of our inner resources.  With less than 2 weeks to go before that event we are getting a taster of being thrown on our inner resources by this weather pattern.  My elderly mother-in-law has been marooned in an icy and ungritted estate for 3 weeks, unable to walk out of the door, and reviving her old survival skills, thriftiness and make-do-and-mend of war time, in her own company.  She was full of praise for online supermarket shopping this week!  Meanwhile, our local organic veg box man made it valiantly to our doorstep at ten o’clock at night.  With Jupiter on the cusp of Pisces and Aquarius we are experiencing very intensely that mixture of the old (Pisces) and new (Aquarius) associated with the cusp of these two ages and making our choices where we can, and becoming more conscious of why.  And what was the single most useful item this week?  My vote goes to the trusty old hot water bottle, followed in second place by the more recent invention of the sleeping bag.  Aquarius and Pisces are both collective signs in certain ways: Aquarius represents group consciousness and purpose; Pisces, while an introverted and often isolated sign,  connects with others through empathy and the collective unconscious.  When Jupiter moves into Aries later this year (it normally occupies roughly a sign per year) it will be more a case of back to basics, simplicity and individuality.  But for the time being we are to be deep sea diving creatures (our inner Porpoise) finding our buried treasure, coming up for air and sharing what we have found or learned for our common evolution.  My favourite Astrologer Alan Oken wrote on the cutting edge in 1975: “Perhaps the present energy crises will provide a way for people to slow down, focus their energy, and where possible repair their circuits for the next phase of life” – that is strangely apt, 35 years on.  More recently, another Astrologer Richard Tarnas wrote about the Uranus-Neptune conjunction (the ruling planets of Aquarius and Pisces respectively) that they represent “a new recognition of the psychological importance of healing the split between inner and outer, reconnecting psyche and world, recovering the anima mundi, mediating ‘the return of the soul to the world’. ” In transitioning between the World Age of Pisces to the World Age of Aquarius and now at a junction between the lesser ages of Jupiter in Aquarius and Jupiter in Pisces (going the other way round) we are almost suspended back and forth hovering between the two signs until we get the message.  When Jupiter was last at this point 12 years ago, many technologies available to us now were not in common use.  The message may be for us to be adaptable and open to both the possibilities of the old and the new in combination or merging, and sometimes exclusively one or the other.