Someone asked me yesterday what was coming up in the week ahead…I had to confess that I wouldn’t know until this morning. Apart from the broad sweeping aspects like the Saturn-Neptune opposition we have just negotiated, I don’t get involved in the aspects until they are upon us. As I write this on Sunday morning, Mars is exactly sextile with the North Node, bringing a day when you can go for your karmic mission, both individually and collectively. What’s your role in the divine plan? Are you a wannabe Madonna or an Al Gore? Weigh up realistically what you can and can’t do. This evening’s events are a good opportunity to resolve long-term relationships, to put goodbye or hello in a positive frame. This is because Venus trines Pluto in the early hours of tomorrow morning. If the main event is tonight, then be as honest as you can be for your own sake as much as for others, and set the record straight. If tomorrow is a time of stock-taking in relationships, this can take the form of a dialogue or an internal process, sifting through the past. Many of us have been impatient for Mercury to stop vacillating and for our communications and tele-communications to go back to their normal working functions. So wait only until Tuesday (10th) when Mercury goes stationary. If your phone or your commuter route hasn’t returned to normal by then, just give it a little more time for the re-orientation. You shouldn’t need to call on Uri Geller to mend your watch, Mercury can and will do it. By Wednesday (11th), you’ll be canceling the appointment with Uri, and be able to bend your own spoons or whatever phenomena you would like to achieve under the smiling trine of Uranus to the Sun. Telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation…just do it yourself. Dispense with the expert. The New Moon in Cancer on Saturday 14th at Noon helps us to re-formulate our relationship to our family life, and also look beyond that to our global tribe. One week on from Live Earth, are you still calculating your carbon footprint? Is your recycling going to plan, or like me are you still rubbish at it? Venus leaves behind its glitzy side in Leo later that day, and enters the more demure sign of Virgo. Some of us can see both sides in our make-up, but it will be easier to express the Mother Teresa within under this influence. My last word is a call to start working with the potential of the Saturn-Pluto trine in about a month’s time. I’ll write more later, but as it connects Leo and Sagittarius it also connects two areas of your life and you can enhance the effect of the mutual support of these two planets. Maybe I should be organizing the Concert….