The Sun and Venus are coming up to a conjunction with the North Node tomorrow (Monday 11th) which is an accounting of our emotional lives.  People may be prepared to demonstrate, in acts of kindness or creativity, how much others mean to them.  It is an excellect day for creativity, performers and the Arts, though it may also be a day when art or music bodies may find out how much they are worth or how much the government will fund them.  I watched the new Arlene Phillips show “So you Think you can Dance” yesterday, and was astounded at how much the performers danced their hearts out, and was amazed at what they could do.  This conjunction of North Node/Sun/Venus takes place in Capricorn and represents the expression of our highest potential, often along the lines of our karmic mission.  This is then offered to the world (Capricorn) for valuation.  The valuation may or not match up to the performer’s own valuation of their work.  But it is a marker, and a test, on the pathway of evolving your own work and craft, even if it is not within the arena of the Arts.  What you then take away, and take to heart, will shape your future work.  This will be a theme for the week, because we are working up to an eclipsed New Moon which is also in the sign of Capricorn, and as Politicians are represented by Capricorn they too will be evaluated by the public that elect them.  The question is, in your karmic mission or in the divine plan (North Node in Capricorn) are you putting your heart and soul into what you do, or is some of your energy being diverted by other considerations such as social climbing (a province of Capricorn)?  One of our cats has a Capricorn ascendant and he has definitely been trying to use his charms this week to wheedle favours from us (he is the one that worries about global warming).  What he doesn’t realize, is that he doesn’t need to do that, he just needs to be himself.  Wednesday (13th) is another interesting day, which may have the pace of the quickstep.  Uranus provides the quick, and Saturn the slow.  The day starts with Venus sextile Uranus, perhaps an exciting social meeting (which may be unplanned).  Then Saturn goes stationary, prior to turning retrograde.  That might mean more slowing down, and more snow, for the U.K. at least (see my previous blog).  That is more reckoning and accounting, and as Saturn rules Capricorn, the issues again are Capricorn-related, including Institutions such as the Civil Service, Politics and government, as well as electioneering.  Progress may seem to go backwards, e.g. infantile mudslinging across and within political parties.  Then  another burst of quick, with Sun sextile Uranus.  Very quick in fact, so quick that you might do a double-take and wonder what did happen, and whether it did happen.  That could be performance-related, in that someone may use power or charm to perform a Derren Brown style trick, but so deft that you may end up shaking their hand and handing them the competition crown.  Uranus is coming from Pisces the sign of magic, and the Sun from Capricorn meaning that afterwards you need to stand back and evaluate whether you were impressed by the gloss or if the act or performance really means something and is sustainable in its usefulness.  In reaching a considered conclusion, you may then decide to take back the crown.  The important question is whose cause is more worthwhile and more necessary, not who can dazzle best.  Interviewers take note, and interviewers are key people this week (and a lot of interviews and examinations may be taking place).  Friday (15th) is no less important or riveting in terms of planetary activity, with an eclipsed New Moon beginning the day at 25 degrees Capricorn, and Mercury turning direct in the afternoon restoring timetables perhaps.  Now I am not an expert in eclipses, but Astrologers seem agreed that they are Very Significant, and some Astrologers do specialize in them.  Events now may be paired with events last New Year’s Eve, the previous eclipse.  A Capricorn New Moon is an important time for seeking interviews with those in authority,  and looking at your overall life direction and career plans.  It is significant for society in terms of politics and electioneering.  Eclipses are turning points, so there can be an element of coercion, e.g. a re-invention might be forced in political terms, or in your personal life you may have an insight (which you can’t ignore) into how things need to be in your life, and how you can take a step towards that.  It could be a pivotal eclipse: the Ukraine (Uranus/Neptune/North Node and Ascendant in Capricorn plus a climate to match) is holding elections shortly afterwards on 17th which may alter its relations with Moscow and Europe, and Jupiter goes into Pisces on 18th which may bring about more illusion, or greater compassion.  The will of the world is made up of all our individual wills.