Jupiter into Scorpio

Jupiter moves into Scorpio on Tuesday (10th) at 13.20 Hrs in the U.K., a giant leap for mankind.

Jupiter will uplift and support whichever House (sphere of life activity) it occupies in your chart, bringing luck and expansion to those affairs.  Collectively, it will support and enhance a deepening of relationships and a sharing of resources, in the nature of the sign of Scorpio.  If your birthday falls within the sign of Scorpio, then at some point or points you will reap some sort of bonanza, the like of which comes round once every twelve years.  If you have several planets in this sign (a satellitium), it could be the gift that keeps on giving.  If your Ascendant is in Scorpio, it will also be your year, beginning from when Jupiter transits the degree of your Ascendant.  For all of us it will be an intense ride, as Scorpio may bring out the best and the worst of this sign, and this sign is known for its excesses.

Jupiter last entered Scorpio in November 2005, and left the sign in November 2006.  How was that year for you?  You may expect some similar experiences, though you have grown and moved on, and the world has changed, so you will need to make a translation accordingly.

A Review of Jupiter in Libra

But how was Jupiter in Libra, the sign it is about to leave?

I wrote, last September:

“Jupiter’s year long transit through Libra will in general improve relationships, romance and marriage, negotiations and the prospect of peace treaties.  It will bring a boost to the Arts, including the world of music.”

That was the hope.  The year has brought worsening weather conditions, stagnation in British politics, and the reversal of Obama’s gains by Donald Trump in the U.S.  Far from bringing peace in our time, we have heard the rattlings of war between Donald Trump, President of the U.S.A., and Kim Jong Un of North Korea.  It does not feel as though much progress has been made, or that the power of Jupiter in Libra emerged to its full potential.  Of course many other astrological events were going on at the same time, blowing Jupiter off course, notably the disruptive square between Jupiter and Pluto and the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus.

Here are a few examples I noted where Jupiter in Libra may have been at work:

Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature (long overdue), in April a report that people are returning to books (Libra) since kindle came into fashion, in May Centrist Emmanuel Macron was elected President in France, in June 2017 Theresa May was re-elected Prime Minister in the U.K., in July the BBC’s gender pay inequality came to light (hopefully a turning point) and in September we learned that Wind Power (Air Element) is now cheaper than Nuclear (good news in my book).

Jupiter in Scorpio

Scorpio among other things rules the world of finance, and various factions around the world, including our own Labour Party, are hoping to overturn the neo-liberal regime as promoted from the time of Margaret Thatcher, as an outdated system which does not work.  Jupiter in Scorpio may address this.

Scorpio also rules Psychiatry, and so there may be the long-awaited improvements in mental health services, the poor relation of the poor National Health Services.  Politicians in recent years have paid lip service to the need to put more resources into this area, so there is a possibility that they may put their money where their mouth is while Jupiter is in Scorpio.

We saw communities coming together in the face of adversity during Jupiter’s sojourn in Libra, and this process may intensify under Jupiter in Scorpio.

We are also likely to see more justice taking place in the increasing sexual scandals that are coming to light sometimes decades later.  This may bring in new legislations designed to protect people from abuse.

If you felt that Jupiter in Libra was dramatic enough (which it was), Jupiter in Scorpio is likely to bring more drama, rather than less.  But some of the drama may be cathartic in nature, and bringing to light what needs to be faced and dealt with.  There will be more honesty and less glossing over unpalatable facts.

Brave New World, Jupiter in Scorpio!


Did you feel any sense of empowerment last week, with the trines to Pluto?  I was striding round the streets of Paris on holiday (17,000 steps on the Tuesday) and climbing 37 sets of steps in Montmartre on Wednesday, so physically I can say yes to that.  Those of you who know me, know I am the slowest walker, and have always been so. So this was unusual, to say the least.

In contrast, we have a week of more challenge, this week.  Today’s challenge is Venus square Saturn, which may bring disappointment or flatness of mood, and the need to let go in relationships.  It is a day of facing reality.

This evening, the Sun conjuncts Mercury at 15 degrees Libra, concentrating the mind further on relationships and the arts.  The conjunction may help you focus your conclusions on these matters, if you have been feeling deflated earlier in the day.  You may be able to unite the mind and heart, and see your way clearer.

Tomorrow (Monday 9th), you may feel a sense of acceptance, with Saturn trine the North Node.  You may understand what it is that karmically you are meant to do at this time, which satisfies you and those around you.  It may not be a thrilling realization, but it feels sound and solid.

At lunchtime, Mercury squares Pluto, and that’s the next big challenge of the week.  There may be more drama on the news, and more nervous tension in the air.  Hard choices may be required, especially around communication and travel.

The early hours of Tuesday (10th) in the U.K. bring another dramatic square, between the Sun and Pluto.  You may be sleeping fitfully, with some heart-searching, and vivid dreams.

You may also be aware of the impending shift of Jupiter from peaceful Libra to passionate Scorpio, which occurs at lunchtime.  You may feel you have been too complacent of late, and need to engage more actively with matters which concern social conditions and human relations.

Venus also opposes Chiron, again underlining the need for healing in relationships.  Minor health conditions may be caused by stress, and reducing stress may help to ease the conditions.  Music and meditation may be the way forward.

Mars squares Saturn on Wednesday (11th), thus posing another difficulty, perhaps a practical one, such as an immovable object meeting an unstoppable force.  If you are the unstoppable force, just consider the immovable object.  If you are the immovable object, consider your reasons. Try to forge a mutual understanding.

Some slightly more soothing vibes come on Thursday (12th), and an upturn in the fortunes of the week, with Mercury sextile the North Node.  This can bring information which helps understanding, especially in karmic matters.  It is a good day for teaching and teachers, and as we all have something to teach and something to learn, there may be something in it for everyone (but especially for Geminis and Virgos).

Friday 13th (lucky for some) has another steadying force, in the shape of Mercury sextile Saturn.  It is a good day for shaping plans, at least on the mental plane, drawing up documents, filing, and office work generally.  It may be productive, in a non-dramatic, getting back to basics, way.

The week ends much more calmly, with Venus entering Libra on Saturday 14th.  You may be able to let go of some of your social anxieties arising out of Venus in Virgo, and immerse yourself in pleasant and less demanding interactions, especially centred around the Arts.  It would be a good time to begin a new meditation course, if greater equilibrium is what you seek.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – facing reality; clear realization
  • Tomorrow – karmic acceptance; drama around communication
  • Tuesday – drama and intensity; need for healing in relationships
  • Wednesday – impasse or blockage
  • Thursday – progress in communications
  • Friday – steadying and productive
  • Saturday – more prospect of peace