Harvey Weinstein

“I came of age in the 60s and 70s, when all the rules about behaviour and workplaces were different”

~ Harvey Weinstein

There’s no birth time for Film Producer Harvey Weinstein, but there is still much of interest to discover about this man who managed for years to conceal evidence of his sexual harassment of women, a story which has dominated the media this week.

Birth Chart

Disclaimer: If you have any of the features in his birth chart described here, that does not mean that you have the same proclivities.  The truth lies in the combined factors of a chart, and the Soul’s choices.

Weinstein has a commanding 6 planets in the Cardinal signs.  His Sun sign Pisces is traditionally that of the genius, but has also been known as the “sign of self-undoing”.

The Moon sextile Venus in his chart indicates a love of massage – apparently one of his ploys in trying to seduce young actresses!  The Moon may also have been opposite Uranus, making him emotionally abrasive if so.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter in his chart was the successful Entrepreneur.  Film is specifically a province of Pisces (“All my life I served one master: the film. I love movies”), but he was hugely successful in the production of many films, such as Shakespeare in Love, The English Patient, Pulp Fiction and The King’s Speech. He acquired 300 Oscar nominations.

His conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in Aries was involved in a complex double opposition with Saturn and Neptune in Libra.  While Mercury/Jupiter was upbeat mentally, Saturn/Neptune would drag down his moods, a pattern difficult to resolve.

Mercury trine Pluto bestows a powerful mind, which can be very persuasive, especially on the casting couch (Pluto).

His sexuality (Mars in Scorpio square Pluto) could be quite brutal, and commanding in getting others to do his bidding, very indicative of the predator.   But there was a search for love going on, with Venus in Pisces trine Uranus – a search for ideal love through a zest for excitement.  Venus also conjunct the North Node in Aquarius urges a karmic quest for ideal love and beauty, in addition.  Many of his films had love as a central theme.

In a New York interview with Edward Helmore, published in the Observer this morning, Weinstein’s brother Bob analyzes his malaise:

“I know him on a personal level better than anyone.  It’s hard to describe how I feel that he took out the emptiness inside of him in so many sick and depraved ways.”

With Jupiter in Aries loosely opposite Saturn, he might be found chasing his own tail at times, especially in combination with Sun in Pisces.  Jupiter exactly opposite Neptune would find him very confused about religion and spirituality, and morality is a part of that theme.

Jupiter exactly trine Pluto is very personally powerful and persuasive.  He was able to achieve a great deal through positive thinking. But as for asking for a second chance?  For all his indiscretions over so many years?  That is a big ask, even he is not likely to be able to pull off.

His Inner Healer (Chiron) is very poor, with a square between Chiron and Saturn (exact) and an opposition with Uranus, forming with Uranus a Cardinal T-square – personal earthquakes, with rocky circumstances whenever the T-square is triggered.  He has been skating on thin ice for a long, long time.

His Current Transits

The aspects on the day of his exposure were more sensational than average: Venus was exactly conjunct Mars, and the Full Moon in Aries was opposite the Sun in Libra.  That Venus-Mars conjunction was exactly sextile his natal Mars.  Jupiter was exactly trine his North Node, which just goes to show the truth will out, even if you think you are untouchable (the exacting nature of Karma).  Neptune was sextile his natal Chiron, and he realized he had a problem:  off to rehab.  And Pluto was square his natal Mercury – exposure through a newspaper, and mental strain.


It seems almost unnecessary to look at the charts of his “victims”, as in the words of his brother he was “philandering with every woman he could meet”.  There are so many, and more stories coming out every day, that he could not have had a “type”.

However, one of the most vociferous actresses, Rose McGowan, who tried to be heard, but came to a settlement with Harvey Weinstein, does have an interesting link with his chart worth noting.  She has an exact conjunction of Venus and Uranus (mirroring his Venus/Uranus trine) in her 5th House of Creativity (we do have her birthtime), and in their synastry Weinstein’s Neptune (his ruling planet and in this matter his ability to deceive) is exactly conjunct her Venus-Uranus in 5th House.  When the story broke on 5th October, Pluto was trine her Mercury (cathartic information coming to light for her), and by 12th when she came right out in saying that he had raped her, Uranus by transit was exactly (to the day) trine her natal Moon in Sagittarius at the Galactic Centre in her 7th House.  This week Karma supports her with the North Node exactly sextile her Venus/Uranus conjunction.

A Victor

The expose which triggered the current crisis for Weinstein is an article that appeared in the New York Times, an investigation by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey.  We do not have a birth date for the latter, but the chart for Jodi Kantor reveals her Saturn to be exactly square Weinstein’s Saturn.  After all the decades and the rumours, and the women who tried to speak out and couldn’t achieve a breakthrough, these ladies did.  When Saturn appears in the 10th House or close to the Midheaven in a chart, you often find there is a fall from grace at some point.  We do not know if Harvey has Saturn in his 10th House, but Saturn represents a fall of some kind, and Jodi’s Saturn squaring up to his, seems to represent symbolically that she was instrumental  in bringing him down.  Her major transit at the publication of the article is also deeply symbolic, Neptune square her Neptune, which could be interpreted as her engineering of a major denouement in the film world.

The One who Walked Away

In the midst of all the emerging tales and expressions of shock, his English wife Georgina Chapman left him, on 10th October.  She is a successful fashion designer and businesswoman in her own right, with Mercury conjunct Jupiter (like Harvey), and Moon in Libra (fashion).  Her relationship synastry with Harvey is actually quite difficult, and not a comfortable match astrologically (her Mars square his Saturn, her Mars opposite his Chiron and her Pluto square his Uranus).  Her transits this week reveal Uranus square her natal Saturn (an earthquake in her world), Uranus conjunct her natal Chiron (a severe and sudden healing crisis) but Neptune trine her natal Mars (taking action for her own sense of peace).

Emma Thompson

Many words have been spoken by many women and men this week on the subject of Harvey Weinstein, and in our collective consciousness we may finally be on the brink of change.  Emma Thompson was one of the first to give an interview, on Newsnight.  What she says is not startling or new, but is very sensible and solid, so she makes a good summary of Weinstein’s behaviour and the impact of the revelations in our society.  She calls a spade a spade in stating “He’s an actual Predator”, as opposed to a mere sex addict.  She describes his behaviour as “endemic to the system”, that Weinstein had an “appalling aura” and she “never wanted to work with him ever.”

“So what we need to start talking about is the crisis in masculinity, the crisis of extreme masculinity which is this sort of behaviour and the fact that it is not only OK, but it also is represented by the most powerful man in the world at the moment”.

~ Emma Thompson


This morning, before the blog was a twinkle in my eye, Mercury opposed Uranus, an aspect which puts the nervous system on alert and prepares for the possibility of controversial truths to be told.  Well, I usually try to shy away from writing about sexual predators…

You may still feel some sense of having your antennae on alert, and needing to state what you feel is true, but this will be fading throughout the day.

However, there is another opposition later in the form of Mars opposite Chiron, which highlights wounds, mainly of the psychological kind.  Something may be flagged up for you to heal.  Perhaps a longstanding misunderstanding in the family, especially concerning the male of the species.  Come to think of it, it may be the “crisis in masculinity” that Emma Thompson speaks of…We can only start to address something which has emerged in consciousness and awareness, so can thank Chiron for that process.

There may be a healing of sorts later still, as the Sun sextiles North Node, and Karma smiles on our power and creativity issues.  Father issues especially may be successfully be put under the spotlight.

Tomorrow (Monday 16th) brings a sextile between the Sun and Saturn, and if you found the weekend emotionally exhausting now’s the time to settle your office furniture and stabilize your mood, and plan seriously for the week.  You can lay foundations under this aspect.

Mercury enters Scorpio on Tuesday (17th) and time for a little more turbulence again, at least on the mental front, as maybe Mercury in Libra wasn’t rigorous enough to get to the heart of the mysteries in your life.  You can go forensic now.  The research will pay off.

Business acumen is to the fore on Wednesday (18th) with a conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter.  You can be confident that you can grow your business empire under this influence.  You might recall that both Harvey Weinstein and his newly divorcing wife Georgina Chapman both have this conjunction in their natal charts, which is a part of their business success.  It is also good day for education and learning, and travel should be enjoyable.

On Thursday (19th) Uranus opposes the Sun, so that could be a day which brings the element of the unexpected to the fore.  Try not to be too ambitious in what you undertake, as there could be twists and turns along the way which you hadn’t planned for.

In the evening (19.12 Hrs in the U.K.) there is a New Moon at 26 degrees Libra, which may help to smooth things over and bring about peace.  But the Uranus-Sun opposition may overshadow it to some extent.  Newness is a feature of the day though, as the New Moon brings a new beginning, and Uranus favours the new (while sometimes harshly discarding the old, beware of that).  Preserve what needs to be preserved, as you move on.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – highly-strung; highlighting wounds that need healing; some karmic resolution
  • Tomorrow – solid foundations
  • Tuesday – penetrating thought
  • Wednesday – business acumen
  • Thursday – the spanner in the works; new beginning