Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Royal Engagement

“All the stars were aligned…This beautiful woman just . . . tripped and fell into my life.”

~ Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Prince Harry has grown into one of the most beloved of the royal crew.  From a gawky young prince of the faux pas (e.g. wearing a Nazi uniform at a party), he has become a responsible supporter of worthwhile causes like his late mother, with a special fondness for Botswana.  Harry’s chart is quite grounded, with Mercury, Part of Fortune and the Sun in Virgo, the Moon in Taurus and Ascendant in Capricorn!  He is probably growing into his potential for serious purposes, shown in his Ascendant  and Jupiter in Capricorn, and Midheaven, Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio.  His Sun ruler Mercury is in the 8th House, which may be the emphasis on the death of his mother in his life.  He is creative, with Moon, North Node and Chiron in his 5th House.  The North Node loosely conjunct his Chiron could point ultimately to a healing karmic mission.  He is fond of foreign travel, with the Sun in 9th House, and could make a loving and profound contribution to the world with Venus and Pluto in the 10th House.  With Saturn in 11th House he may have few true close friends, but can co-operate in large group enterprises with Uranus later in that House.  Mars, Neptune and Jupiter in the 12th House of the Unconscious means he has a lot of inner drive, vision and dreams.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle has been an actor in a Canadian TV series Suits since 2011, showing commitment, skill and steadiness.  In addition she has undertaken responsible roles outside the acting profession, in raising awareness of various causes, such as feminism, and clean water in Rwanda.  Some have found her mixed race background controversial, but many see this as an asset, bringing diversity to the royal table.  Some have made comparisons between her, an American divorcee, and Wallace Simpson, but times have moved on and Meghan is a different proposition.  Meghan has Sun in Leo, so she is at home with royalty, and has pursued the Leo profession of acting, having a degree in theatre studies.  She also has the Sun, Leo’s ruler, in the 1st House and trine exactly the Midheaven, reinforcing the Sun/Leo theme.  She has a complex triple conjunction of Sun/Jupiter/Saturn in Libra, so weighs things up very carefully, seeing both sides of an issue.  Mercury is conjunct the North Node in Leo, so the royal role may be part of her karmic mission, and teaching may also be a role in the future, or educating people in some way.  She has great enthusiasm, as evidenced by Mars square Jupiter, and has already taken up some passionate causes in her life, though she is to wind down her roles and take up new ones in Britain.  With Saturn also squaring her Mars, she combines these interests with a deep sense of responsibility.  Karmically, she is a mover and shaker, with Ascendant conjunct the North Node.  There may also be a healing role for her later in life, with Chiron at the end of her 10th House sextile her Ascendant.

When Harry met Meghan

Were the stars aligned at their meeting?  They were reportedly introduced by a friend (name unknown) on a blind date (date unknown).  This may have been last June, but certainly by July they were seeing each other.  A chart for the beginning of July 2016 tells us that Mars was sextile Harry’s Sun, Jupiter was square his Mars, Jupiter was sextile his Midheaven, Neptune was trine his Saturn, Neptune was sextile his Ascendant, and Pluto was sextile his Midheaven: a mixture of passionate and inspirational influences for him.  Saturn was trine her natal Sun, Uranus was square her Ascendant, and Neptune was trine her Mars.  That is a mixture of seriousness, change and inspiration coming into her life in different ways.


The interaspect between them are not all smooth sailing, which is possibly why they both needed to build some maturity before meeting.  Her Neptune squares his Sun, so he is arrested by her glamour.  Her Chiron is exactly conjunct his Moon, helping him to deal with the wounds surrounding his mother.  Her Sun is exactly square his Saturn, so involvement with him brings the need for more discipline and commitment in her life.  Her Venus is sextile exactly his Saturn, which is an aspect of loyalty and commitment.  Her Nodal Axis is exactly square his Pluto, so their lives together will bring never a dull moment, and be demanding psychologically.  Her Mars is exactly opposite his Ascendant, so there is some fieriness between them, but it does also emphasize the passion.


The engagement reportedly took place privately over a chicken dinner at the beginning of November.  Transits for them at the beginning of November show Jupiter sextile his natal Jupiter and Mercury – a successful declaration, Neptune sextile his Ascendant (spiritual alignment), Pluto square his natal Venus (drama and transformation in his love life), and Pluto sextile his natal Midheaven (transformation of his direction in life).  For her, Mars was on her Jupiter (great enthusiasm – she told how she interrupted his spiel and said yes before he could finish!), Jupiter square her Mercury (happy communication), and Neptune trine her Mars (inspired passion).

But the engagement was not announced until around 10.30 a.m. on Monday 27th November.  Pluto was exactly square Harry’s Sun: a moment of dramatic and life changing importance.  Neptune was exactly sextile Harry’s Ascendant, so spiritually it felt right.  For Meghan, Mars was sextile her Neptune  (uncovering a secret), Mars was conjunct her Pluto (again drama and intensity), Uranus was square to her Ascendant (changing her status on Facebook!), and Neptune trine her Mars, spiritualizing her passion.


They have announced that the wedding will take place in May at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor.  When the actual date is announced, I will add a piece under the comments of this blog.  In the meantime, a chart for the middle of May reveals:

Mars will be square his Pluto (again, drama – security will be stepped up).  Jupiter will be on his Midheaven (a joyous stage in his life), Uranus opposite his Pluto (again change and drama), Neptune square his Mars (confused energies), Neptune trine his Midheaven (spiritual alignment in his life direction) and Pluto trine his Moon (complete transformation of his emotional life).  For Meghan, Pluto will be square her Pluto (a huge undertaking on all levels), and Pluto will be trine her Chiron (a depth of healing).


At the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton in November 2010, I wrote:

“She and William also have shared Moon signs (Cancer) and that may be a resonance which brought his mother’s engagement ring to her, but possibly even more significantly her Moon is exactly conjunct with William’s North Node, which denotes a karmic connection of the mothering kind.  This may indicate that one of the primary purposes of the union is in order to bring in the next generation.”

Kate is now on her third pregnancy!

Although Prince Harry has a paternal Moon in 5th House, the synastry of this relationship is different, and building a family or dynasty may not be the central theme.

Higher Purpose

While the aspects between this couple are not easy, my own feeling is that it is one of those karmic relationships where people are brought together for a common purpose and a higher purpose.  Quite clearly they are both motivated to work in service in the world (Prince Harry is a Virgoan, a sign associated with Service), and they do have a great deal of energy and dynamism in their interaction, and in their potential.  I think that the relationship will last at least enough years for them to build a lasting and constructive legacy.  Their love and commitment are very evident and genuine, and healing for them both.

“Today, we need the hope that the forthcoming royal nuptials offer more than ever. Prince Harry and Meghan’s marriage could be a healing ritual for our ruined land, a joining of races that fascists would have us divide” ~ Stewart Lee, in this morning’s Observer


In the early hours of this morning Jupiter trined Neptune, the most important aspect of this week.  If you felt a certain flow in your life’s purposes yesterday, coming up to this aspect, you can thank Jupiter and Neptune.  Although there are some more challenging aspects taking place during the day today, Jupiter trine Neptune is such a major influence that its effects may continue to be seen throughout today or even throughout the week.  Jupiter is about hope, luck and beneficence, while Neptune is about faith and wishes. Their current harmony urges us to dare to hope and dream.  Martin Luther King had this trine natally, and he did dare to dream.  This influence may also encourage us to look at wider philosophical and religious issues, such as how much compassion a heart can hold, and how deep is the ocean (if you are watching Blue Planet II) – it is an aspect which speaks of boundlessness.

Later this morning, Mercury was stationary prior to turning retrograde. I need say no more – the phrase has become part of mainstream parlance!  Any blip in communication or computer access has come to be blamed on Mercury retrograde, even when it is not retrograde!  And things go wrong with computers when Mercury is direct.  I would like to draw a distinction between Mercury and Uranus.  Mercury represents the traditional ways of communication, such as rail and snail mail.  Uranus represents technology, and to a great extent computers.  Of course, their functions are intertwined, so often the effects coincide.  But recently a friend had terrible trouble over a scam email, and it turned out that Uranus was square to her Uranus at the time.  That was a good illustration of the fact that Uranus represents the more futuristic ways in which we communicate.

In terms of dealing with the Mercury retrograde period, we can do much if we are mindful of our own personal communication and its effect in interacting with others.  Uranus, by contrast, is by its very nature unpredictable, and we can’t do much about it.  It is helpful to know about a Uranian transit in advance, and working with Uranus transits is about honing our intuition (a Uranus function) to anticipate loopholes and deal with them in advance.  But Mercury is more of a personal responsibility, representing the left brain and logical function, and one which we are more in control of.  Mercury is retrograde virtually throughout the run up to Christmas, until 23rd December (just in time to make Christmas travel a better prospect), so be mindful, and let us know if you have any insights to share on your retrograde journey.

Late morning, the Sun squares Neptune (as if Jupiter trine Neptune, and Mercury retrograde were not enough to occupy you today).  This is an aspect which causes fogginess and confused thought.  It is counteracted to some extent by Jupiter’s trine with Neptune, which is more powerful, but is likely to make itself felt, e.g. in a senior moment (at whatever age).  Together with Jupiter trine Neptune, it increases our engagement with the Collective Unconscious.  We may find ourselves pondering deeply on a news item, or about politicians trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

Did I hear you say enough already?  Well the aspects haven’t quite finished with us for the day.  In the afternoon, the Moon opposes the Sun in Sagittarius and is Full at 11 degrees Gemini.  You might be exhausted by then!  The theme of the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity is communication, both superficial (Gemini) and deeper (Sagittarius).  If you have had any ruminations as a result of listening to the media, you may be emotionally full by then, reflecting the Full Moon.  It is a good time to mentally sift through what is important and what is not worth wondering about, what is fake news and what is real, and focussing on dealing on one idea that engages your heart and mind.

Tuesday (5th) finds the asteroid Chiron stationary, prior to turning direct.  This is a helpful turning of the path on your healing journey.  If you are hospital visiting or having a health check up on that day, this development may help you see things in a new light, e.g. realizing the purpose behind the condition.  From Tuesday, you may be finding new healing avenues.

On Wednesday (6th) you’ll be well on your way to processing Sunday’s bonanza and complexity of aspects.  Wednesday finds us in a serious mindset with Mercury conjunct Saturn, at 28 degrees Sagittarius.  That may be a day when you do have to wrestle with the effects of Mercury retrograde, and slowed communications and travel lines.  As Mercury has only just turned retrograde, we start to revisit some recent aspects, and this one last appeared on Tuesday 28th November, if you still have your diary for that month to hand: “Its placement in Sagittarius, lifts it slightly in mood and also widens its consciousness.  So we may be able to see the detail and its context, the trees and the wood.”   Serious purposes and mental application may receive the rewards of hard work.

In the afternoon, communication may be actually heightened and speeded up, thanks to Mercury now in a sextile aspect with Mars, so there may well be alleviation of slowness from earlier in the day.  We also encountered this aspect recently, on 17th November. This should be a busy and productive day, but you could also get waylaid and sidetracked by trivialities!

In the evening, Mars sextiles Saturn, so some solid ground could be regained and more practical achievement is possible.

There’s a karmically toned aspect on Friday (8th) in the form of the Sun trine the North Node.  This can be very creative, if the space has been earned.  If power issues are involved, you may need “permission” from another, e.g. to modify some of their original material.  Draw up a contract if this seems likely to raise legal issues, e.g. of plagiarism, in the future.  You know what happened to Gary Kemp in Spandau Ballet!  Ownership of Creative Property may be the issue.

Mars enters Scorpio on Saturday (9th), and that puts some people automatically into battle mode.  If you are a pacifist, just observe.  If you are a warrior, your power may be heightened.  If you are a diplomat, be ready.  Mars will be in the battle zone until 26th January, so take your position, and may everyone do their best in the effort to express the best of this engagement.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – complex: a wider harmony, communications playing up, confusion, and mental and emotional tension
  • Tuesday – the prospect of healing
  • Wednesday – a serious mindset, some progress, some solid ground
  • Friday – karmic creativity
  • Saturday – may the force be with you