Christine Keeler (1942 – 2017)

1960s Model Christine Keeler, who died this week, was a link to, or influenced the destiny of, some notable figures of her era.  She occupied a central role in “The Profumo Affair”, which was unprecedented for its time in being the first major “sleaze” scandal involving politicians.  Such scandals became more and more commonplace as time went on, but this one brought down a government.  So here is a slice of early 1960s history, the main characters of which are now deceased.

Birth Chart

Christine’s Sun in Pisces with 0 Cardinal planets, and the Sun square to the Moon, suggests someone who drifts through life, rather than being calculated.  This may be one factor in her ultimately being seen as a victim, whereas her friend Mandy Rice-Davies (the blonde to her brunette) seemed to take charge of her life to a greater extent. One of the interesting facets of the whole story is not just that the lives in her circle were greatly affected by the scandal, but how they variously dealt with the notoriety. Christine seems to have fallen prey to the most negative sides of Neptune and Pisces: scandal, drifting, lack of clarity of thought (she changed her story a few times) and being imprisoned.

What stands out in her birthchart is a close quadruple conjunction, or satellitium, in the sign of Taurus, composed of Saturn/Mars/Moon/Uranus.  This may hold the key to why she was such a focus of the group.  Her emotional make-up, as represented by the Moon, holds an intense electro-magnetic charge surrounded by the other planets.  We do have her birth time (her Ascendant is Gemini), and find that this quadruple conjunction falls across the cusp of two Houses: the 11th and 12th.  Thus it partakes of the power of the group (11th) and her own subconscious forces (12th).  The Saturn conjunct Uranus component is capable of causing earthquakes.

There is another strand of her chart which can be described as detached: the Moon exactly conjunct Uranus, the Sun square Uranus, and the Moon conjunct Saturn (the Ivory Tower Archetype), plus Mercury, Venus and the Midheaven in the detached sign of Aquarius.

Pluto was conjunct Chiron situated in her 2nd House, a pocket of potentially dark energy, which in her financial area meant that money burned a hole in her pocket and she continued to write and communicate (Mercury conjunct Venus) about her life in order to replenish her purse.

Her Early Life

Neptune in her 4th House of Home and Family describes a neglected early life: the family were abandoned by her father, and she was reportedly abused by her step-father.  The 4th House also represents the final years of life, and these were secluded, in the manner of Neptune.  At the age of 17, she had a son, born prematurely, who only lived for six days.

Stephen Ward

Osteopath Stephen Ward met Christine Keeler in 1959, and was a lynchpin of the circle and events which would lead up to the scandal, and his role makes me wonder whether maybe there is a Soul Group phenomenon in this story.  He moved in aristocratic circles, but hosted parties where all levels of society would meet.  It was thus that the 19 year old Christine Keeler met the Russian Ivanov, without whom there would not have been a scandal of such proportions (adding the dimension of espionage).  She embarked on an affair with the Russian.  Stephen Ward’s Sun in Libra was close to Mandy’s Sun, but Ward had the Sun square exactly with Neptune in his natal chart, which predisposed him to scandal, and may have been eventually a factor in his suicide.  As a Libran, he liked to introduce people socially.

As well as osteopathy, Stephen was an aspiring artist (Sun in Libra) and attended art classes at the Slade School of Art.  Through his portraiture he met Lord Astor, and it was at Lord Astor’s country house that Ward introduced Profumo and Christine.

An interesting fact in his backstory is that when practising osteopathy in India in 1944, he treated Mahatma Gandhi.  He said of the encounter: “Although much of his policy was opposed to that of my own country. I knew that when I was with him I was in the presence of greatness, and my encounter with him was certainly the most important meeting of my life”.

As has been mentioned, he was one of the victims of this story, for during a trial in 1963 Ward was convicted of living off immoral earnings, and took his own life.

Mandy Rice-Davies

Mandy Rice-Davies, the model and showgirl friend of Christine Keeler, was part of the circle, but as has been mentioned, was much more resilient and carved herself a different role for her future.  An upbeat Moon in Sagittarius may have contributed to this.  She met Keeler at a Cabaret Club, and Christine introduced her to Stephen Ward.  Mandy is famous for a remark that she made when she heard that Lord Astor denied having met her: “Well he would, wouldn’t he?”  Her chart shows strong links with Christine’s, though not all easy ones, for example her Mars square to Christine’s Pluto.  A few years after the debacle, she married an Israeli businessman and opened businesses in Tel Aviv.

Mandy was also linked with another historic figure, Peter Rachman, the notorious unscrupulous landlord whose name gave rise to the term Rachmanism.

Yevgeny Ivanov

As mentioned, the Profumo scandal would not have been such a huge affair had it not been for the fact that Yevgeny was known as a Russian intelligence officer to MI5, and had it not been for the fact that Christine Keeler had an affair with both of them at the same time, with the possibility of transmitting information from one to another.  So here is another central character.  Christine Keeler’s interaspects with Ivanov were largely very positive, e.g. her Chiron trine his Mars, and more karmically her North Node sextile his Pluto.  But his transits at the time of their liaison were decidedly dicey: Uranus square his Saturn and Uranus on his Neptune, sowing the seeds for future trouble (for it was two years after their affair that the scandal broke).  Ward’s friendship with Ivanov was through the former’s interest in portraiture.  Their friendship, though a strong one, is beset by squares, including the karmic Ward Sun squaring Ivanov’s Nodal Axis, and Ward’s Neptune (scandal) conjunct exactly Ivanov’s North Node.

Ivanov was one who got away: he was recalled to Moscow in 1962 and continued his naval career.  He died in 1994.

John Profumo

John Profumo, appointed the Secretary of State for War in 1960, is of course the most central character in this affair.  He was an Aquarian, with his ruling planet Uranus exactly conjunct Christine Keeler’s Mercury (implying an exchange of information). His Venus in Sagittarius is exactly conjunct Keeler’s Descendant (Relationship Point), indicating that there may have been some real affection between them.  They were introduced on the weekend of 8th to 9th July 1961, a date when Mars when was exactly conjunct Pluto (perhaps indicating the inherent danger of their liaison).  Transiting Jupiter was opposite Christine’s Pluto (an exaggeration of power) and Uranus was exactly trine John Profumo’s Venus (an unusual, arresting meeting).  There was also a reversal of his Nodal Axis at the time, a point of choice karmically.  Their relationship lasted a few weeks or a few months, according to differing accounts, and apparently he did not pay her for sexual services (ironically there was little evidence to convict Stephen Ward of immoral earnings therefore).  In August 1961 he was warned by the Cabinet Secretary about mixing with Ward’s group – at the time Neptune (scandal) was squaring his natal Sun, but the affair was still hidden from the public.

The fate of John Profumo, or the life that he created for himself after the scandal, was an unusually positive one in terms of redemption.  He took menial jobs in the East End of London and quietly performed “good works”.

“Lucky”  Gordon

After splitting up with John Profumo, but before the scandal came to light publicly, Christine Keeler was involved with a musician called “Lucky” Gordon, who died in March this year.  He had met Keeler on 7th August 1961 selling marijuana in a Cafe in Notting Hill: Uranus was exactly sextile his Venus at the time (an unusual, arresting meeting, like Profumo’s own introduction).  At the same time as she was seeing Gordon, she was involved with a man named Johnny Edgecombe, and the two became rivals.  The liaison between Christine and Lucky ended when he allegedly assaulted her in the street.  He was a rough diamond in these years, but apparently mellowed in later years.  John Edgecombe was also an unsavoury character, once firing a gun at Mandy Rice-Davies’ door when Christine was visiting her.  It was during the trial of John Edgecombe that Christine came to public attention, giving out communication freely on the matter, and exposing her private life and connections.  Thus it was that her involvement with Profumo came to light in 1963. Profumo denied the connection at first, then had to resign.  Christine Keeler was later jailed, on 6th December 1963, with Uranus exactly square her Moon (emotional shock) for perjury (she had tried to get Lucky Gordon convicted of assault).  Lucky Gordon was a colourful character: he had prepared food for Bob Marley in his native Jamaica, and become a friend of Reggie Kray in prison.  He never forgot the stunning model Christine Keeler, declaring his love for her later in life.

Harold MacMillan

Another victim of the affair was the Prime Minister at the time.  The position of Harold MacMillan was put under severe strain by the Profumo scandal.  He used a prostate operation in October 1963 in order to bow out of office.  Uranus was square to his Pluto (considerable strain) at the time.  He was a victim, but arguably at the same time he freed himself, for Jupiter was transiting his North Node at the time.

Christine’s Later Life

She subsequently had two children, and took low paid jobs such as that of a dinner lady, a telesales agent, and worked in a dry cleaner’s shop.  She was divorced twice, and spent her later years reclusively.


She died at the age of 75 on Monday 4th December at 11.30 p.m., having suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  Neptune was squaring her natal Jupiter, and the Ascendant at that moment was exactly conjunct her North Node.

“It’s been a misery for me, living with Christine Keeler”

~ Christine Keeler, 2001


Retrograde Mercury is trine Uranus today, revisiting its position from 25th November.  This aspect favours telepathy, technology, scientific advances, and futuristic ideas.  This retrograde version may not be as ideal as the original, but I certainly benefited on that day from a member of the younger generation coming along and upgrading my i phone, bringing it into this decade.

Venus also squares Neptune, which is deceptive in terms of relationships, bringing a need to look at illusions.  The “sleaze” subject of today’s blog fits well with that, in its most extreme negative form.

In addition, Mercury squares Chiron, which may bring health issues into light in order for healing to begin.  You may find yourself exercising your mind with mental conundrums, either imposed on you, or through your own efforts to keep your mind nimble.

Wednesday (13th) brings an enlightening conjunction of the Sun and Mercury at 20 degrees of Sagittarius.  This is a wonderful aspect for having philosophical conversations, and putting the world to rights with friends.

Harmonious Karma is the tone of the day on Thursday (14th), with Venus trine the North Node.  You may catch up with old friends, and renew warm links.

Friday (15th) favours catching up with writing projects with Mercury conjunct Venus at 17 degrees Sagittarius (methinks I might resume my novel “The Quiet Office”).  It also favours convivial meetings in cafes, and such light social interactions.

There may also be an element of healing crisis in the air, with the Sun square Chiron.  This may be something which popped up as an issue on Sunday, or an entirely different matter, but either way not something which can be ignored.  It may demand immediate solutions.

We are blessed with two trines on Saturday (16th), the first being the Sun trine Uranus.  This is inventive, creative and original.  It would be a successful time to unveil your new portrait, or perform your latest poem or play.  If you are more scientifically inclined, your new scientific discovery may be unveiled, or your new invention.  It’s a dynamic, go-ahead vibe.

The second trine is between Mercury and the North Node, which I associate with the coming to light of karmic information, a useful aspect, and good for teaching and teachers, and the exchange of communication.  If you’re hesitant about sharing information, go ahead – it could make all the difference to someone.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – complex and varied
  • Wednesday – enlightening
  • Thursday – harmonious karma
  • Friday – communicative, with health considerations
  • Saturday – smooth sailing