Keith Chegwin

Keith Chegwin, a household name in the 1970s and 1980s especially in children’s television, passed away this week from a rare condition called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Birth Chart

He had, as you’d expect from such a bouncy character, half his planets in the irrepressible fire element.  His Sun, though in the more restrained sign of Capricorn, was square to fiery Mars.  More upbeat traits come from the Sun trine Jupiter the joybringer.  We are all familiar with his story of descent into alcoholism – to my mind, that comes from a square to his Sun from Neptune.  More fire, and showmanship, come from Moon in Leo – he was born to entertain us.  That he sometimes took things too far, e.g. the nude showmanship, may come from the square between Venus and Jupiter (not always knowing where to draw the line, socially).  There was a great need to be a communicator at heart (Mercury conjunct Venus), useful in a profession in live television where improvisation is required.  Energy was his middle name, and that is provided by Mars trine Pluto.  He also had an entrepreneurial sextile between Jupiter and Uranus, knowing where to take the opportunities in life.

Maggie Philbin

He and his first wife Maggie Philbin made a sweet couple.  I remember them on the Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, or some programme of that era, before they got together.  Maggie had been sent out to some oriental location where she consulted a soothsayer, just for fun.  The soothsayer directly predicted she would marry Keith, and so it came to pass!  Sadly, he was unfaithful and the marriage eventually broke up.  But she made a heartfelt tribute to him this week.

Maggie was his opposite number in the zodiac: Cancerian to his Capricorn.  Their Leo Moons were conjunct, brought together in showmanship.  Their Jupiters were exactly sextile, magnifying the enthusiasm and exuberance.  But the eventual separation may be shown by her Uranus opposite his Sun.


Keith’s career went into a hiatus while he dealt with his alcoholism.  That natal Sun square Neptune showing the tendency to possible alcoholism by 1992 had become Progressed Sun trine Neptune, and he declared his condition to Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan on This Morning.  Thus he had reached a turning point where he was ready to deal with it.  He managed to turn his life around, and later took part in Dancing on Ice in 2013.


Royal Wedding Date Announced

The royal wedding date has been announced as 19th May 2017: I promised an update on this.  On that day, Venus goes into Cancer, and sextiles Uranus which will have just entered Taurus.

Venus in Cancer is perfect for a sentimental occasion, and an excuse to buy a box of kleenex.  However, with the Football Cup Final being held the same day apparently there will be household battles for the remote control.

The main aspects are more descriptive of and suited to a royal wedding, though I would not go as far as to say that women will win the battle of the remote (and I would not wish to make such a sexist assumption)!  Venus sextile Uranus provides an air of romantic excitement: people may fall in love on that day, or realize they want to marry!  That aspect too is perfect for the occasion, in providing an extra special social atmosphere.

In my original blog on the engagement, I  reported general transits for May.  I can now refine these slightly:

The transits for Prince Harry that day show Pluto trine his natal Moon (complete transformation of his emotional life, and the way he experiences his inner female), Neptune square his natal Mars (confused energies), North Node trine his natal Uranus (karmic change) and Uranus opposite his natal Pluto (again change and drama).

The transits for Meghan Markle are mainly distilled into one huge astrological statement: Pluto square her natal Pluto (unfathomable change, and a huge undertaking on all levels).

The Football

Prince William was to have presented the trophy for the Football Cup Final, though it is difficult to see how he could hotfoot it from one event to the other.  As President of the F.A. he may be torn to an extent, but what do his transits show about his state of mind on the day?  He has more transits than the happy couple put together.   Venus will be on his Sun, so he will be totally devoted to the romance of the day and his affection for his younger brother.  Uranus will be sextile exactly his natal Sun, so he will enjoy and be surprised and delighted by the proceedings of the day (on and off the football pitch).  The North Node will be sextile his natal Mercury, so he will find it mentally stimulating, informative, and karmically engaging.  Saturn (restriction) will be square his natal Mars (football), so maybe therein lies the conflict.  The North Node will be sextile his natal Mars (so he will catch up and enjoy the match!).  Mars will be square his natal Jupiter (so there will be a lot of energy and enthusiasm for him that day).  Uranus opposes his natal Jupiter (surprises will keep him on his toes).  Mars sextiles his natal Uranus (and so the excitement is piled on…!)  Chiron trines his natal Uranus (there is healing too, and a feeling of being high on that quality).

As promised, I will also post this piece under Comments for the original posting about the royal engagement.



Tomorrow morning, bright and early, there is a New Moon at 26 degrees Sagittarius (close to the Galactic Centre) to usher in the new working week.  Due to its position it may be more powerful than the average New Moon, and while a Sagittarian New Moon is normally global in reach, this one could be galactic!  Watch for the interweaving of several worlds, and levels of consciousness.

Very early on Wednesday (20th) Saturn is saying goodbye to Sagittarius and hello to Capricorn, its own home sign.  This is the most heavyweight astrological feature of the week, and likely to impact everyone in bringing reality home.  Whether it is the reality of Brexit, or the cost of living, or the impact of climate change, no one will be able to keep their head in the clouds while Saturn is in Capricorn.  Saturn enters the next sign Aquarius in March 2020, so that may cover the entire Brexit process if we get an extension.  Saturn and Capricorn are united in their stone cold sober message and philosophy about life, and perhaps our governments will finally get to grips with the realities of what has been created and what needs to happen.  The alternative would be unthinkable (extra austerity piled on).  Other qualities associated with Capricorn are a sense of responsibility (people taking charge of their own lives) and organization (making life work for you and those around you).  These are the best hopes for Saturn in Capricorn, which beginning at such a cold and bleak time of year, could easily seem daunting.  Wednesday itself may be good for laying foundations on realistic grounds.

Some much lighter and welcome relief at the other end of the day, on Wednesday evening may be offered, though it doesn’t counteract the sober tone of the day.  Venus trines Uranus, which is similar to, and even brighter than, the aspect which occurs on the royal wedding day next year:

“…provides an air of romantic excitement: people may fall in love on that day, or realize they want to marry!  That aspect too is perfect … in providing an extra special social atmosphere.”  It bodes well for the office Christmas party!

We have the Winter Solstice, the Sun’s entry into Capricorn, in the afternoon of Thursday (21st).  Though there is some relief in knowing that the light is starting to return, this will also reinforce the “getting real” message of Saturn’s entry into Capricorn the day before.  The Venus-Uranus trine of the night before may feel like a bit of escapism, but on the other hand its warmth may carry you through the frost.

Keep that spark going as long as possible, for there is another snow flurry arriving in the evening, in the shape of Sun conjunct Saturn (at 0 degrees Capricorn).  If you have any natal planets at 0 degrees of the signs, this could be an important week for you.  If you have been ignoring the messages of Saturn and Capricorn thus far this week (unlikely) then Thursday evening will make things loud and clear, directing you to change what you need to change or make the decisions you need to make, for instance.

Travel prospects improve on Saturday (23rd) for those wishing to relocate for the Christmas period, for Mercury is stationary prior to turning Direct.  It is too late, sadly, for the second or even the first class postings, but it may help your last Christmas shopping transactions to go with a swing.  If you are working right up until Christmas, you’ll be pleased at that last burst of work and a sense of having caught up and being up to date.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – good intentions
  • Wednesday – big dose of reality; some partying
  • Thursday – return of the light; another reality check
  • Saturday – green light on travel