Damian Green

Damian Green, Theresa May’s deputy (First Secretary of State), was sacked on Wednesday, the day Saturn went into Capricorn.  His transits were very telling, in that I had written that anyone with planets at 0 degrees of a sign would be very affected by that ingress.  What is remarkable about his chart is that he has Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn all at 0 degrees of signs!  So transiting Saturn at 0 degrees Capricorn was quincunx his natal Uranus, trine his natal Jupiter, sextile his natal Neptune and semi-sextile his natal Saturn. In addition, Saturn was exactly sextile his natal Venus at 29 deg 53 mins Aquarius, which is virtually 0 degrees Pisces.

Birth Chart

Damian Green was born under the politician’s sign, Capricorn, but his Sun is part of a complex T-square opposing Uranus and squaring Neptune.  His Moon (emotional make-up) is unaspected.  Mercury is closely sextile his natal North Node, making him a gifted communicator.  Venus squares Mars/Saturn in his chart, a tendency to sensation seeking, possibly linked with the issue causing his resignation (that of pornographic material being found on his computer dating back 9 years).  This square is part of another T-square formed by Venus opposing Pluto/Jupiter (a powerful conjunction) and squaring the Mars/Saturn conjunction.  He does have some good trines in his chart: Venus exactly trine Neptune, Mars closely trine Uranus and Saturn trine Uranus, giving him some notable capabilities.

Theresa May and her Cabinet in Turmoil

Three of Theresa May’s cabinet have had to be sacked in just a few weeks (Michael Fallon, Priti Patel and now Damian Green). With the climate of tolerance on sexual abuse being changed by the Harvey Weinstein scandal (followed by the Westminster sexual scandal), Michael Fallon and Damian Green had to leave, whereas a year ago that may not have been the case.  Journalists have marvelled at how resilient Theresa May has been in the face of adversity, as many expected her to be removed from power by Christmas, after the debacle of the hastily called General Election.  David Davis said he would resign if Damian Green left, though he shows no sign of following through.  Boris Johnson continues to embarrass Theresa May at home and notably abroad.  A diplomatic trip to Russia this week resulted in an open spat with his foreign counterpart.  It is possible he may have pulled back some of the original damage in Iran, as it is hoped Nazanin Zhagari-Ratcliffe may still be released.

Damian Green’s Synastry with Theresa May

Theresa May has known Damian Green for 40 years since university days, and he was a very close and trusted member of her cabinet.  His departure is another nail in her coffin.  Their compatibility is unusually strong, with a myriad of interaspects, although some of these are challenging.  She was born three and a half months before him. Their best interaspect is her Neptune trine his Venus and sextile his Jupiter, ensuring a personal and idealistic bond.

Current Transits for Theresa

Currently Theresa has Mars square her Uranus (shock), Mars square her Chiron (irritation), Saturn sextile her Neptune (resilience on a spiritual level), Saturn trine her Pluto (strength), Uranus trine her Venus (unusual relationship events), and Pluto trine her Jupiter (the luck of being able to hold on to power).

Transits for Damian

The sacking of Damian Green came about as a result of him having lied about the extent of his knowledge of police investigations in the past.  The allegation of possessing porn on his computer was not actually illegal. At the time of his original arrest in November 2008 Pluto was sextile his Venus, sextile his Neptune and trine his Jupiter (a shocking set of event but resolved for the time being without harm to him).  Current transits have already been described in my opening paragraph.

Kate Maltby

Journalist and family friend Kate Maltby claims that Damian Green once put a hand on her knee fleetingly at a pub in 2015, and in 2016 sent her a suggestive text message.  This information has not helped his case, but as there is no date of birth available for Kate I cannot investigate further astrologically.

Police Involvement

Bob Quick and Neil Lewis, former police officers who revealed the existence of the material on Damian Green’s computer from 2008, have faced criticism from Theresa May and other Conservative politicians, and may be themselves the subject of an investigation for making the revelations.

Bob Quick was a senior police officer from 2008 to 2009.  In October 2008 it came to light that there had been leaks of official documents from the Home Office, and Damian Green’s then parliamentary office was searched (he was in the Shadow Cabinet at the time).  Damian Green was arrested at the time and released.  Quick was forced to resign on 8 April 2009, having inadvertently exposed a secret document.

Bob Quick’s transits for his original resignation were Neptune on his Chiron (chaotic), Pluto trine his Sun and Pluto (results of his use of power).  This week Neptune was square his Venus (involvement in a scandal) and Mars sextile his Saturn (feeling some harshness).  Quick has said: “I bear no malice to Damian Green”.

I do not have a birth date for the other police officer, Neil Lewis, who is retired but analysed Damian Green’s computer in 2008.  He offered up his notebook from that time, has been criticized for breaching confidentiality, and some have hinted at a possible vendetta by the police against Damian Green.

Commissioner Cressida Dick has said: “If offences have been disclosed and that can be proved, there could be a prosecution.”

In Conclusion

Damian Green’s removal is a personal blow to Theresa May, reporter Laura Kuenssberg having described him as knowing her best: “To lose one of the few who understood her, who she trusts, leaves her a lonelier figure”.


Sunday 24th (Christmas Eve) promises to be a lively day karmically, with Jupiter squaring the Nodal Axis.  This may be characterized by a great deal of interaction, and attempts at jollity.  For those spending Christmas Eve alone, there may be some vigorous introspection, and possible insight into past life interaction with groups.  There is a chance for groups to be upwardly mobile in their evolution.

One would hope for a buoyant aspect for Christmas Day itself (25th) but Venus enters Capricorn that day and then conjuncts Saturn, so emphasis may be on serious issues for at least parts of the day.  Venus leaving Sagittarius and entering Capricorn may have a sense of anti-climax, and Venus conjunct Saturn (at 0 degrees Capricorn) ensures that there will be at least one grumpy family member keeping the excitement low key.

On the other hand, the more serious messages of Christmas may be more easily seen and felt, e.g. the charitable feelings about those who are homeless and in crisis, and the material versus the spiritual issues may be more easily realized, understood and even acted upon.  There may be an emphasis on elderly relatives, too.  Christmas may seem quieter than usual, with some of the gathering insisting on having their daily meditation or keeping the volume turned down.  And of course, Venus conjunct Saturn also can turn the attention to departed loved ones and their place in our hearts.

A different mood arrives on Thursday (28th) with Mars trine Neptune.  There is a renewed spiritual energy, and sense of the sacred, with this trine.  Perhaps you have had a chance to reflect on the messages of the week, and are forming charitable, idealistic and even rosy conclusions, in retrospect.  It is the sort of aspect that brings about attitudes such as “there’s a meaning behind everything”, “everything is meant to be as it is”, and “everything has a purpose” and that meaning is often found in retrospect.  This is also a day when you may experience magic or inspiration, or achieve subtle interactions.  Activities which combine physicality and spirituality flourish and prove beneficial, such as Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga.

Friday (29th) offers us a trine between Mercury and the North Node, so we can make more sense of our karmic interactions and information.  This favours teaching and learning, and exchanging information.  With Mercury having changed directions, we have had this aspect recently, and you may have noted its effect for you.

All that remains is for me to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

The week in bullet points:

  • Sunday – lively karma
  • Monday – restrained
  • Thursday – inspired
  • Friday – mentally stimulating