A Look at 2018, the Year Ahead

First, the Year that Was (2017)

The overwhelming memory of 2017, to my mind, was of having Tweedledum and Tweedledee (aka Trump and Jong Un) hovering over our global destiny, accusing each other of being immature.  Boris Johnson, our very own Foreign Secretary, made some inflammatory gaffes home and abroad.  Vladimir Putin continued to wax in power, while a tyrant, Robert Mugabe, was miraculously and peacefully removed.  You may have your own highlights, lowlights and overviews.  If so, why not share them under Comments?

At the end of March, Theresa May triggered Brexit under the no-going-back square formation between Jupiter and Pluto.

In June, with Jupiter going Direct, she suffered a surprise defeat at a hastily called General Election, and Jeremy Corbyn’s stock rose.

What are their possibilities for 2018?  More uncertainty for Theresa, especially around 20th February, with Neptune still exerting an influence on her Mars. 22nd July may be karmic for her and bring sudden changes in her life, with the North Node transiting her natal Uranus.  November is also an important time for her, when she may recoup, or be relieved of her duties, with Jupiter transiting her natal Saturn (4th) and her North Node (15th).

For Jeremy, will this be the year that he can seize power? 8/9th December sees a transit of Jupiter to his Chiron, which could be a breakthrough, especially if Theresa gives up prior to this.

The August 21st New Moon and Eclipse last year was a turning point for many Leos, but for Donald Trump, whose Ascendant was close to the end of Leo where the eclipse fell, it wasn’t the change that many hoped for.  He survived his first year of office.  Is there any chance of unseating him this coming year?  On 10th May the North Node transits his Pluto in 12th House, which could indicate a possible unseating.  If not, he may still be around in October, when on 12th of that month Jupiter transits his I.C. in 3rd House: he could cause a twitter storm on that day.  On 8th November Jupiter squares his Ascendant, causing even more than usual exaggerated behaviour, then moves into his 4th House of Home – could there be home changes? 16th November sees the North Node on his 12th House cusp, and entering his 11th House, so he may be making new karmic alliances at that time, possibly away from the White House…Looking at the U.S. chart, on 4/5th July (2018) Uranus will be transiting its natal Chiron in the 5th House, which may be a sudden healing crisis.

As Jupiter neared the cusp of Libra/Scorpio around 10th October, there was a monumental occurrence in the nature of that point of the zodiac, which represents the point of meeting between relationship (Libra) and sexuality (Scorpio).  The unmasking, after decades, of Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch techniques.  This has come to be a watershed moment, and as Jupiter entered Scorpio, we saw the “me too”  movement, and the Westminster sexual scandals, as a direct knock on effect.

If you are interested in the retrospective blog experience, have a look at my previous post

2018 Dates for your Diary if planning ahead:


Tuesday 2nd: Uranus stationary turning Direct, at 24 deg Aries preparing to go into Taurus – change and progress

Tuesday 16th: Jupiter sextile Pluto – Wise balance of power

Wednesday 31st: Full Moon and Eclipse in Leo – Emotional power.  May be a turning point.


Thursday 15th: New Moon and Eclipse in Aquarius – Brave New World


Friday 9th: Jupiter stationary, prior to turning retrograde – The need to go back and look at the detail

Friday 23rd: Mercury stationary, prior to turning retrograde – Communication disrupted


Saturday 14th: Jupiter sextile Pluto (see 16th Jan) – Wise balance of power, incorporating lessons from 16 Jan.

Sunday 15th: Mercury goes Direct again – Communications restored

Tuesday 17th/Wednesday 18th: Chiron enters Aries – simplifying health matters

Wednesday 18th: Saturn stationary, prior to turning retrograde – The need to secure foundations, and go over previous ground.

Sunday 22nd: Pluto stationary, prior to turning retrograde – A deeper level of setback, necessitating psychological understanding and awareness of reality.


Tuesday 15th: Uranus leaves Aries and goes into Taurus – Changes in the economy, both personal and international.

Saturday 19th: Venus sextile Uranus – Perfect for excitement at a Royal Wedding, and Surprises in the Football Cup.

Monday 21st: Mean Node transits natal 3rd/2nd House cusp of UK chart – Karmic changes in the economy of the U.K.

Friday 25th: Jupiter trine Neptune (see my blog for Christmas 2016) – Religious and Spiritual harmony and flow, and Idealism.


Monday 18th: Neptune stationary, prior to turning retrograde – Some retrospection on the Spiritual path.

Tuesday 26th: Mars stationary, prior to turning retrograde – Pause for reflection on active projects.


Tuesday 10th: Jupiter stationary, prior to turning direct – Momentum and enthusiasm returning.

Friday 13th: New Moon and Eclipse in Cancer – New beginnings and re-births in family matters.

Thursday 26th: Mercury stationary, prior to turning retrograde – Communication disrupted.

Friday 27th: Full Moon and Eclipse in Aquarius – The rise of the Inner Rebel


Tuesday 7th: Uranus stationary, prior to turning retrograde – More rebellion, and bids for freedom.

Saturday 11th: Mean Node transits UK natal I.C. in Leo in 2nd House – Karmic economic developments for the U.K.

Also, on the same day, New Moon and Eclipse in Leo – Power changes

Sunday 19th: Mercury goes Direct again – Communications restored.

Also, on the same day, Jupiter trines Neptune again (see 25 May) – Religious and Spiritual harmony and flow, and Idealism.

Saturday 25th: Grand Earth Trine between Sun in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn – Extremely constructive, in a practical sense.

Monday 27th: Mars stationary, prior to turning direct again – The go ahead for active projects.


Thursday 6th: Saturn stationary, prior to turning Direct – Movement where there has not be any for some time.

Wednesday 12th: Jupiter sextile Pluto (as 16 Jan and 14 Apr) – Greater wisdom in the balance of power.

Wednesday 26th/Thursday 27th: Chiron retrogrades back to Pisces – refinement of old healing


Monday 1st: Pluto stationary, prior to turning Direct – Psychological progress

Friday 5th: Venus stationary, prior to turning retrograde – Relationships need work.

Friday/Saturday19/20th: Jupiter to natal U.K. Venus in Scorpio in 6th House – Health and Environmental benefits for the U.K. Could that extend to the NHS?


Tuesday 6th: Uranus retrogrades into Aries – Some unfinished business

Thursday 8th: Jupiter enters Sagittarius – A new hopeful dawn

Friday 16th: Venus stationary, prior to turning Direct again – Relationships eased and enabled.

Saturday 17th: Mercury stationary, prior to turning retrograde – Communication disrupted.

Sunday 25th: Neptune stationary, prior to turning Direct again – Progress on the Spiritual path.


Thursday 6th: Mercury stationary, prior to turning Direct again – Communications restored.

Saturday 15th: Saturn transits the U.K. 8th House cusp (for a two and a half year sojourn) – Difficulties in economic relations with other countries, possibly linked to Brexit.

Thursday/Friday 20th/21st: Jupiter transits natal U.K. Desc in Sagittarius, opposing Ascendant and entering 7th House – This helps international relations, so enables some progress to counterbalance the previous transit.  This transit will be effective for about a year.


Tuesday (2nd) brings us a Full Moon at 11 degrees Cancer.  Emotions are likely to flow freely!  Personal emotions will come to a peak, but also there may be a collective event which causes tears to flow.  Tears of joy are possible.

On the same day, the Sun sextiles Neptune, and the higher, finer emotions may also be in play, bringing the creativity and inspiration of the Soul.  You may be able to take all that emotion, both personal and collective, and make of it something in your particular art, craft or musical expression.  Embodying the emotion in that way may be a good use of excess emotional energy.

Uranus is stationary, prior to turning Direct on Tuesday, as well.  Uranus, which entered Aries in 2010 bringing the Arab Spring, is now in the final stages of its dynamic mission in Aries, and preparing to go into Taurus.  For the purposes of Tuesday, it re-ignites the more positive facets of the element of the unexpected.  There may be long term (7 year) projects (probably collective or communal) that you have been engaged in, which can receive the final push now.

Wednesday (3rd) offers us a sublime sextile between Venus and Neptune, and if you started work on a creative or spiritual project the day before, you can add more artistry, poetry and music to it.  Relationships could be in divine harmony.

A sparky aspect reoccurs on Saturday (6th), with Mercury again trine Uranus (an aspect we enjoyed in November and December).  This aspect can bring bold and futuristic ideas, stimulating conversation, and successful technological upgrades. Have a yabba dabba doo time!

Wishing you all a very happy and Progressive 2018!

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – a full day: emotion flowing, expressed and channelled
  • Wednesday – inspired Arts
  • Saturday – out of the ordinary