Karma Chameleon No. 1

Emily Bronte/Kate Bush

Emily Bronte was in the news this week, so that’s my opportunity to launch the first in a new occasional series “Karma Chameleons”!  She is in the news because it is the bicentenary of the year of her birth.  A row has erupted about the appointment of supermodel Lily Cole to the Bronte Society in order to assist this celebration.

The reason I have chosen Emily Bronte for the first “Karma Chameleon”, apart from the fact I have always been a fan of her novel Wuthering Heights and her poetry, is that she bears a remarkable resemblance to Kate Bush, whose big hit single of the 1970s bore the name “Wuthering Heights”.  It is tempting to think that she may, just may, be a reincarnation of Emily.

Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte had the Sun in Leo (Power and Drama), Ascendant in Scorpio (Passion, Power and Drama) and Moon in Cancer (love of Home and Family).  Her Venus and Mars were exactly conjunct (the alliance of love and sexuality, very much the tone of Wuthering Heights).  She was arguably the most sensual and passionate of the Bronte clan.  Emily had Saturn conjunct I.C. in Pisces in 4th House, symbolic of an impoverished, restricted and cloistered home life.  She had 0 Air planets, so processed life through instinct.  Her Sun was unaspected, except for a square to the Nodal Axis and a trine to Chiron, increasing Emily’s individuality. Her Moon was sextile Mars, giving her courage.  One of her poems begins:

No coward soul is mine

No trembler in the world’s storm-troubled sphere

I see Heaven’s glories shine

And Faith shines equal arming me from Fear

She had Mercury trine Uranus  (an original mind) and Mercury trine Neptune (a sensitive mind).  Pluto was trine Scorpio Ascendant from the early 5th House, showing the depth of her creativity and its theme of death in the ghostly Cathy Earnshaw, the heroine of Wuthering Heights.

The chart of the novel Wuthering Heights, published on 27th December 1847, has Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Virgo, representing the earthy environment and background of the Yorkshire Moors.  The Sun is exactly trine Mars, showing its energy and passion.  The Nodal Axis squares the Sun, reflecting that aspect in Emily’s own chart.  Mercury also trines Uranus, as in Emily’s chart.  Venus trines Jupiter, enabling the romantic element of the work to succeed.

Two trines stand out as transits for Emily on the publication of Wuthering Heights: Jupiter trine her Saturn in Pisces in 4th House conjunct closely I.C. (her impoverished and cloistered background), healing to that aspect of her life.  The other is Pluto trine her Neptune in Sagittarius in 1st House – a profound achievement.

Emily died aged 30, around the time of her Saturn Return.

Monsieur Constantin Heger, the mentor of Emily and her sister Charlotte in Brussels, said of her:

“She should have been a man – a great navigator. Her powerful reason would have deduced new spheres of discovery from the knowledge of the old; and her strong imperious will* would never have been daunted by opposition or difficulty, never have given way but with life. She had a head for logic, and a capability of argument unusual in a man and rarer indeed in a woman… impairing this gift was her stubborn tenacity of will which rendered her obtuse to all reasoning where her own wishes, or her own sense of right, was concerned”.

*Sun in Leo and Ascendant in Scorpio

Claire Harman in her biography of sister Charlotte tells us: “Emily’s violently suppressed feelings and her strong personality were a source of awe to Charlotte  , who later described her nature as ‘ standing alone’ from all others.”

In Claire Harman’s evaluation: “the reclusive and misanthropic second daughter of the parsonage turned out to have a romantic vision more extravagant than any. Novelist before her. It was primal, visceral and decidedly heretical”

Kate Bush

The first and most striking coincidence or comparison between Emily Bronte and singer Kate Bush is that they share exactly the same birthday: 30th July.  They are therefore both 7 degree Leo Suns.  It is a sign associated with creativity, and often with one big idea or creation, e.g. one child. In a biography by Rob Jovanovic. Kate is quoted as describing herself: ” I had such an excess of emotion that I needed to get it out of my system and writing was how I did it.  I could actually create something out of nothing.”

At the age of 19 in 1978 Kate made her debut record, “Wuthering Heights” (from her album “The Kick Inside”), a record which was more of a total experience than just a song, with the indelible image of Kate’s distinctive gyrations to her creation on video.  Countless performers have imitated her, but there’s only one Kate Bush!

Emily Bronte wrote one book, “Wuthering Heights”, and that too was iconic.  While Kate Bush has written and performed more than just that one song, it is this song which always comes to mind when her name is mentioned.

What’s in a name?  There are often recurring initials in a person’s incarnations, and their surnames both begin with B, and Emily’s heroine Cathy is a variation of Kate.

In the links between their charts, Kate Bush’s North Node (karmic projection) is exactly conjunct Emily Bronte’s Part of Fortune (joie de vivre).  We have a birthtime and Ascendant for Emily, though not for Kate.

They do look alike (and I hope to include an image at some stage with this blog)!

Like Emily, Kate is very strong willed, having half her planets (5) in the Fixed, strong willed signs.

Kate’s modern life has been much more empowered and self-determined than that of Emily, and Kate has an amazing triple conjunction between North Node/Jupiter/Neptune.  She was born on a Full Moon, and  wrote the song Wuthering Heights on a Full Moon (5/3/77).  Kate has Mercury trine Mars, and proved to be a prolific songwriter from childhood.  She shares the aspect Mars square Uranus with Emily – a sign of great electrical energy.  In fact, Kate does have formidable energy, in Mars trine Pluto.

Like Emily, she came from a talented family: her brothers have been dancers, musicians and poets.  Like Emily too, she is family-centred: ” I think I am most definitely a strongly emotionally-based person, and my family are totally integral, I think, to everything I do.” (from the same biography).  Kate is a proficient piano player, as was Emily.  Both Emily and Kate have reclusiveness in their make up.

The synastry between Kate and Emily as well as their Suns being exactly conjunct, includes Emily’s Mercury exactly opposite Kate’s Chiron, Emily’s Neptune sextile exactly Kate’s Jupiter, and as mentioned Emily’s Part of Fortune conjunct Kate’s Jupiter (a conjunction which shows a shared source of joy, and a delight in Emily’s work from Kate whether or not there is a soul connection).

Kate once gave a plug to Astrology, which is worth quoting here!

“I think there’s a lot in astrology. I think it’s a very ancient, well mathematically planned-out thing that a lot of people boo-boo. And I think it’s very unfair, because there’s a lot o very strong,  scientific knowledge in there. I think it’s been commercialised a lot, which is why people become so cynical. But I think the fact that people are born at a certain time, on a certain day, with stars in certain positions is bound to have some effect on that person because we are ruled by everything around us .”

“When I sing that song I am Cathy ~ Kate Bush

Lily Cole

Though not a contender as a Karma Chameleon, Lily Cole’s birthday (27th December) is also the publication date of the original novel Wuthering Heights.  She was born 140 years after its publication.  Saturn transits her natal Sun in Capricorn on February 4th this year, which may be connected with the current controversy.  But she will also have Uranus trine her Uranus on 2nd April this year, which may indicate a sparkling success.

According to the Guardian “Bronte Society member and author Nick Holland said he would resign over Cole’s appointment, which he called ‘rank farce’ “.  I personally find it hard to believe that he objects on the grounds of her being a supermodel, for what is wrong with that?  And besides, Lily Cole has a double first degree from the University of Cambridge in the History of Art, and is also an actress.  So she has other talents and accomplishments as well as being a supermodel.  She is producing a film about Emily Bronte for the celebrations.

With Mercury exactly conjunct Neptune in Lily’s (rhymes with Emily by the way) chart, Lily has a supersensitive mind and the ability to channel.  Her Uranus squares exactly the Nodal Axis, so she is capable of stirring up controversy.  The news erupted on Thursday 4th this week, when Uranus (controversy) was sextile her natal Chiron, and Neptune trine her Pluto.  She is capable of handling this, her statement being that she wished her film to be “judged on its own merits, rather than on my name, my gender, my image or my teenage decisions”.

She has a very strong exact conjunction of her Sun to Emily Bronte’s Jupiter, and Lily’s Jupiter trines Emily’s Mercury so she should do a good job of interpreting her work and life.  Furthermore, her Pluto (depth and insight) are exactly sextile Emily’s natal Venus/Mars conjunction, so she will do justice to Emily’s passion.


We have 14 aspects to get through this week, a lot to handle, so without further ado:

There is an exuberant conjunction of Mars and Jupiter today in the sign of Scorpio.  Any task in hand today is likely to be handled with gusto, relish and passion!  It’s a high energy conjunction, and one you may need to pour enthusiasm into your New Year’s resolutions.  Pharrell Williams, he of the song “Happy” has this conjunction exact in his natal chart.

We also have a square between Mercury and Chiron today, which is not quite in the same groove.  Healing may be an issue, or a problem may need solving.  The answer lies in the question, therein lies a clue.

Tomorrow (Monday 8th) is a celebratory day, with a sextile between the Sun and Jupiter.  Success, luck and travel are all well-starred – party on!

We also have, the same day, the even more celebratory Venus sextile Jupiter, an aspect associated with romance and engagements, and enjoyable social gatherings.

In the evening, Mars sextiles Pluto – a strong forceful energy, which enables you to conduct your projects and operations with strength, power and vigour.

On Tuesday (9th) the Sun conjuncts Venus, a very loving vibe, and one under which artistic and musical projects can flow harmoniously.  Relationships can also flourish under this conjunction.

Venus also conjuncts Pluto, in fact it is a close triple conjunction in time in the morning.  This component of the triple conjunction is more challenging, requiring a deep soul searching, especially in the realm of relationships.

The third manifestation of the triple conjunction is the Sun conjunct Pluto, which means all creativity will have a great deal of depth that day (worthy of the Wuthering Heights novel).  You won’t get away with superficiality on that day – someone will call you out if you try to!

In the evening, Venus will be sextile Mars, a passionate and sensual sextile, again worthy of the Wuthering Heights novel.  This can of course be channelled into creativity too.

So, as you can see, Tuesday is intense and full on!

Wednesday (10th) has the Sun sextile Mars, providing even more energy and fuel for us this week!  You can continue the momentum on projects you were working on earlier in the week, knowing the planets are providing the stamina.  This sextile is often found in charts of sportspersons (I often come across it when researching tennis players in the Wimbledon season).

On Thursday (11th) Mercury enters Capricorn, bringing the lighter notes of the festive season well and truly to a close, and maybe you need to knuckle down to serious New Year projects.  The collective mind will be more focussed that it was in Sagittarius, and more methodical and systematic in its working.

That theme continues on Saturday (13th) with a conjunction of Mercury and Saturn.  Concentration and application are the order of the day.  Even if you are not at work, you’ll more than likely be engaged in something which requires planning and attention to detail in the home sphere.  Travel may be difficult or delayed.

We also have two Venus aspects occurring that day, the first of which (in the evening) is Venus square Uranus, disruptions in relationships.  Travel delay may mean a disruption in social plans for instance, or your phone battery may let you down when you are trying to inform the other party of delay or difficulty.

But then Venus sextiles Chiron, so there may be a happy ending after all.  Those who have been kept apart by Mercury/Saturn delay and Venus/Uranus disruption, may get together after all, and if so that could be very healing for their relationship.  That’s the possibility!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Energy plus enthusiasm; healing crisis
  • Tomorrow – Celebration, and energy
  • Tuesday – Intense, and full on
  • Wednesday – More energy
  • Thursday – Attention and concentration
  • Saturday – More concentration, some relationship disruption but then healing harmony