Natalie Wood

A Neptunian Mystery

The beautiful actress Natalie Wood died in 1981 from drowning, while on a boat trip at Thanksgiving.  The only other people on the boat were her husband actor Robert Wagner, the actor Christopher Walken (who had been filming “Brainstorm” with her) and the skipper Dennis Davern.  At the time, her death was deemed an accident, then in 2011 the case was re-opened.  In 2013 her death was reclassified as “drowning and other undetermined factors”, and this week Robert Wagner (now aged 87) was stated by the Police to be “a person of interest” in the case.  She disappeared some time overnight, with Robert Wagner reporting her missing at 1.30 a.m. and her body being found at 8.00 a.m.  A chart for Santa Catalina Island at this time shows Neptune (mystery at sea) exactly on the Ascendant.

Natalie Wood

Natalie’s Sun sign Cancer was in the water element, yet she had a fear of “dark water” and could not swim.  This may have been a phobia stemming from  past life trauma, but Neptune (the sea) in her 12th House of the Unconscious may have been relevant here.  Uranus (planet of accidents) in her 8th House of death loosely conjunct her South Node of past lives may hint at a similar event happening in a previous life.  Her North Node in Scorpio might represent “dark water”, as might her Moon closely square Pluto.

Libra rising and Moon in Taurus give Venus a strong rulership over her chart, and that would have contributed to her reputation as a great beauty.

She also had a coercive exact Mars-Pluto conjunction in her chart (close to her Sun), which can turn inward into self-harm or being a victim of coercion.

She married Robert Wagner twice, with another marriage in between.  They were celebrated as having a strong marriage, but Saturn in her 7th House of close relationships hints that relationships were not always easy for her.

Natalie’s Synastries and Transits

Her relationship with Robert Wagner shows up well astrologically, though Robert Wagner acknowledged in his autobiography that they argued the night of the drowning.  There is tenderness (her Venus sextile his Moon), loyalty (her Venus trine his Saturn), a karmic bond (her Venus trine his North Node), a deeper spark (her Uranus sextile his Pluto), but her Saturn squared his Pluto (some seed of depression, but there are always some difficult interaspects in a relationship).

Her sister Lana Wood wrote on their second marriage:

“Her marriage was considered to be one of the best in Hollywood, and there is no question that she was a devoted, loving — even adoring — mother and stepmother. She and R. J. had begun with love and built from there. They had overcome each other’s problems and had reached an accommodation with time and the changes time brings. As with anybody else who has settled into making a long marriage work, they were far more determined than most people to make it work …”

Her synastry with Christopher Walken (who has never been implicated in her death) was more difficult, with Walken’s Mars squaring Natalie’s Uranus (the potential for accidents in their interaction), Walken’s Saturn square her Venus (sadness and disappointment), his Uranus square her Jupiter (possible high jinks).

Her transits at her drowning are mixed.  At the time, the party had been drinking, and Natalie had a drug synthroid in her system, which may have accounted for bruising apparently, plus another drug.  As well as rumours of Natalie and Robert arguing, there were also rumours that Christopher Walken and Robert had argued.  Some of the transits describe a party atmosphere.  Jupiter was opposite Natalie’s Moon in Cancer, but trine her Jupiter.  Uranus was square her Jupiter, and Jupiter was square her Pluto (possibly indicating a power struggle, but that may have been with herself). Uranus was quincunx her natal Moon, and that may have been a powerful factor in the tragedy or accident.

Robert Wagner

Robert Wagner has Sun exactly conjunct Venus in Aquarius, detached but charismatic.  This conjunction provides the other half of the beautiful couple that he and Natalie were known as.

The symbolism in his birth chart of his Moon in Cancer (representing a Cancerian woman in his life) in 8th House (drowning of wife) exactly opposite Saturn in 2nd House in Capricorn eerily portrays some of the story.  In addition, his Moon squares exactly Uranus in Aries in 5th House (accident of wife when drowning), and the Moon sextiles closely North Node (highlighting the karma of his wife).  Neptune closely square the Ascendant, 9th House side, may depict a drowning incident while abroad and a love of boats.  However the event impacted his life, he did manage to continue his career unaffected by it, in such television series as “Hart to Hart” with Stephanie Powers.

Robert has Jupiter in his 7th House of Marriage and Close Relationships, in the multiple sign of Gemini (four marriages in total, including two with Natalie Wood).  Saturn in his chart square exactly Uranus may point to personal earthquakes in his life.

Robert Synastries and Transits

Robert’s synastry with Christopher Walken (we do not have a chart for the skipper who was on board) shows the capability of friendly discussion (Walken’s Mercury sextile Wagner’s Jupiter), some complexity (Walken’s Uranus square Wagner’s Neptune) and depth (Walken’s Pluto trine Wagner’s Ascendant).

Robert’s synastries with Courtney, his daughter with Natalie from their second marriage, are strongly positive: his Pluto trine her Sun, his Jupiter on her Moon, his Uranus trine her Neptune, and his Jupiter trine her Pluto.  Courtney’s distant aspects with her mother may reflect her mother’s early death:  Courtney’s Sun opposite Natalie’s Neptune, and Courtney’s Uranus square to Natalie’s Sun, though there are some happy aspects too between them.

Robert Wagner’s transits at the drowning showed up South Node on his natal Mercury (karmic mental strain), and Pluto square his natal Mercury (mental anguish).  His transits at this time of being labelled a “person of interest” shows Uranus square his natal Mercury (mental strain and uneasiness).

Christopher Walken’s Transits

At the time of the drowning actor Christopher Walken was going through his Uranus Opposition (mid-life crisis or rebellion).  He also had Uranus sextile his natal Neptune (complexity) and Neptune trine his Chiron (a healing mystery) but these two transits were fairly positive and benign in nature).  Astrology does not seem to implicate him in the mystery any more than the police department.

Robert Wagner has remained silent on the matter for many years.  The mystery continues, and may never be solved…


Today brings us a square between Venus and Jupiter, which may stretch us socially.  Maybe you need to be in two places at once, or something you may find funny is not so for someone else (or vice versa).  If you are the leader of a political party, you may be finding it hard to keep your ducks lined up.  It’s an awkward type of day, but capable of providing lighter moments.

Wednesday (7th) is a much more successful day, socially, with Venus sextile Uranus.  It’s a good day for meetings, especially with the aim of brainstorming and thinking outside the box.  It could also be quite surprising romantically, or include spontaneous reunions.

Friday (9th) brings a conjunction of Mercury and the South Node, and this may bring information about past lives, or a new understanding of past conversations, teachings and learnings in this lifetime.  An exchange of information can evolve both parties, or the group.

Venus enters Pisces on Saturday (10th), but in an intense bit of timing the Sun squares Jupiter two minutes later, so be mindful between 23.19 Hrs on Saturday evening (U.K. time) and 23.21 Hrs.

Your heart may open as Venus enters Pisces.  From the cool detachment of Venus in Aquarius (Robert Wagner’s natal placing) to the sudden registering of emotion of Venus in Pisces, the contrast may be marked.  Perhaps you are watching a late night movie and something touches your heart.

So at virtually the same time, Jupiter squares the Sun, and tears of laughter may also be present.  Perhaps the late night movie is a rom com, and the end is bittersweet.  Spirits may be high, but egos could also loom large.

You might find yourself releasing a ton of emotions on Saturday evening, without necessarily knowing why, or being able to define whether they are happy or sad.  It may just be their time to emerge.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – awkward
  • Wednesday – sparkling
  • Friday – informative
  • Saturday – intense