Ant and Dec

The nation’s favourite TV presenting duo, Ant and Dec, had to take a break this week.  Last Sunday, Anthony McPartlin was the cause of a three-vehicle collision, and subsequently charged with drink-driving. Ant and Dec were coming towards the end of a series of Saturday Night Takeaway, and it was decided that last night’s episode would be cancelled, and Declan Donnelly would host the last two episodes of the series alone.  Ant will miss hosting the next series of Britain’s Got Talent to concentrate on rehab.  These two began their double act as young teens PJ and Duncan on the children’s programme Byker Grove in 1986.  Since then, they have been unstoppable, winning award after award and regularly hosting Britain’s Got Talent and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here, providing great entertainment and making us laugh.

Anthony McPartlin

Ant has the Sun in Scorpio, a sign of dynamism but also of excess, which can be one element of addiction, but the full story of course is much more complex, and the way through can be difficult to find.  The sign of Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, does from time to time “go to the brink”.  I remember that arch Scorpio, the actor Richard Burton, saying on a chat show, decades ago, that he had been to the brink (of his alcoholism) and stared at the abyss…but of course, he did not make it through.  Scorpios are very emotional, and Ant even more than average, being born on a Full Moon.  Scorpios like to be in control, they come under the Fixed Signs, but all that emotion makes it difficult.  Ant’s North Node in Scorpio sits in between his Sun-Mercury conjunction, so there is a fated quality to his life, more than most.  We do not have a birth time, but we do know his Part of Fortune is in the 6th House of Work and Service, and that would be where his true joy lies.  Venus closely conjunct Pluto can make his love life tumultuous, but his marriage lasted 11 years, and was subject to extra stress in recent years (without which it might have survived).

Knee Operation

Ant’s problems, apparently, began in 2015, when he went privately for a knee operation which was botched.  Natally, he has one major aspect to his Saturn (knees) and that is a close square from Uranus.  Saturn square Uranus in a chart can point to personal earthquakes from time to time, and this operation certainly would count as one.  It is possible that either Saturn or Uranus in his birthchart falls in a health area, or links with his Ascendant (the physical body).

The knee operation (no exact date available) set off a chain of events.  It left him in excruciating pain, and he subsequently became addicted to Tramadol, the painkiller causing widespread addiction, especially in the U.S.A.  He may not have been able to avoid taking painkillers, being in such agony, but carrying on with his work schedules meant that he was using the tablets prior to television appearances (sometimes together with alcohol) in order to carry on working.

That is a pressure in life (and in our society), to know when to stop carrying on, and despite physical pain.  It is often seen as heroic, whereas to know when to stop and bow out might be a wiser course of action.  He may have been able to reduce his intake and dependence on the drugs had he bowed out earlier.  His knee may have benefited from a literal physical rest. Others would feel they have to carry on, especially when they are absolutely dependent on their financial earnings.  Ant of course did not have the pressure of poverty, but the pressure of working with a partner, not being able to make a decision purely on his own well being, plus all the financial vested interests of the employers and staff around him depending on him carrying on, and not wanting to let people down.

It is underestimated how difficult addiction is to treat, and also that he had been on a treadmill of the limelight from being a teenager, a victim of his own success in not having the leisure to heal, or even time to look at his wounds.

He was admitted to rehab last June, with Saturn trine his Chiron (a serious attempt at healing) and Pluto sextile his Mercury (some soul searching and mental analysis), returning to presenting schedules later in the year, notably for “I’m A Celebrity”.


Ant married Lisa Armstrong on 22nd July 2006, under transits of Neptune square his natal Mercury (mental confusion) and Chiron trine his natal Venus (healing).  Mars was square her Jupiter (enthusiasm), the North Node sextile her natal Jupiter (karmic boost), Saturn trine her natal Neptune (some stability) and Saturn sextile her natal Pluto (responsibility).  We do not know the internal stress factors in the marriage, but we first heard that there were problems last year, at the same time as we heard about the knee operation and its repercussions, and his addiction issues.  They divorced in January this year, with mixed transits for him: Jupiter on his Mercury (some liberation), Uranus on his Chiron (agitation of a wound) and Pluto sextile his Mercury (soul searching and mental analysis).  Some difficult transits for her, too: Uranus opposite her Mercury (mental agitation), Neptune square her Neptune (spiritual confusion), with Saturn providing a more stabilizing set of transits and a sense of finality.  Their overall compatibility was mixed: Her Sun was trine his Mars (an energizing link) but his Saturn squared her Sun, presenting some difficulties.  His Chiron opposed her Mercury (some communication problems), but his Jupiter trined her Saturn (some stability which endured for many years).  Going through a divorce this last year is both the symptom and the cause of deeper wounding.

Drink Driving

Ant was very lucky that the consequences of his drink driving were not more serious.  There were no serious injuries, and no fatalities.  Police were called to the incident at 15.59 Hrs at Mortlake. Mars (a driving confrontation) was opposite Ant’s natal Mars at the time.  Saturn was square his Venus (he may have been dwelling on emotional factors and sadness at the time), and his ruling planet Pluto was sextile his North Node (time to face the music, karmically).

Declan Donnelly

Ant and Dec are born two months apart in the same year, and therefore share planetary placings of the outer planets common to their generation or peer group, with Declan the elder of the two.  What strikes me about Libran Dec’s birth chart is his heavily aspect Mercury: he seems born for a career in broadcasting and live television.  His Mercury is sextile Venus (affable and charming in communication – can “talk the hind legs off a donkey”), Mercury closely trine Mars (very quick mental reactions and speech), Mercury opposite Jupiter (wide mental interests and jollity, media career), Mercury square Saturn (some seriousness or self-doubt among all that), Mercury conjunct Uranus (brilliant wit) and Mercury opposite Chiron (zany mind).  As if that were not charm enough, his Venus trines Jupiter, which is super social and popular.  Mars exactly sextile Jupiter gives him the energy allied with enthusiasm for all those high flying work schedules.  Jupiter also conjuncts Chiron, which can point to healing through comedy.  He also has the Saturn square Uranus (personal earthquakes), and in his case exact, but perhaps appearing in different areas of his chart (we do not have birth times for either of them).


What is the astrological secret of their long and strong association?  They have the strongest indication of a karmic link, in that Ant’s Sun at 25 degrees 29 mins Scorpio is almost exactly conjunct Dec’s North Node (karmic mission) at 24 degrees 26 minutes.  They both have their Moons in Taurus, which may be conjunct (they are within the same area of Taurus) and also in the orbit of their South Nodes (past life karma).  That is a tight connection.  The interaction of their planets has some spark and grit (Ant’s Mars square Dec’s Sun; Ant’s Chiron opposite Dec’s Mercury), but Ant’s Mars trines Dec’s Uranus (a real positive bright spark between them), Ant’s Venus sextiles Dec’s Neptune (a genuine love for each other) and Ant’s Venus conjuncts Dec’s Pluto (depth of relationship).

Dec’s Marriage

Dec has kept his current relationship fairly low key in terms of publicity.  He became engaged to their manager Ali Astall on 13th November 2014, under very favourable transits: Jupiter sextile his natal Mars, and Jupiter trine his natal Jupiter – a real wave of happiness.  The marriage itself was quietly performed, by his own brother (a Catholic priest) on 1st August 2015, with Neptune squaring his Neptune emphasizing that quietness.  Ali Astall’s birth date is not available.

Impact of Ant’s Accident on Dec

The transits for Dec last Sunday, a day which changed things for them both, included Mars sextile his natal Uranus (the impact of an accident), Saturn square exactly his natal Pluto (a serious wake up call in his life, causing a re-examination of circumstances), Uranus exactly trine his natal Venus at 26 degrees Leo trine the Galactic Centre (time to stand in his own light), and Uranus conjunct his natal Chiron (a nasty shock, but again his Chiron is trine the Galactic Centre).  He has something to give on his own, which he may not have been able to bring through while performing with Ant, even though it will be a sad solo journey.  Here’s hoping Ant’s time for true healing has come, and like a true Scorpio he will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes in due course.

Some Future Transits:

May 2018

21st/22nd: Chiron going into Aries will square Ant’s Mars in Cancer.  Bear in mind that Chiron timings may not be exact, as Ephemerides vary.  This could be a painful time for Ant, for example in examining his own wounds during rehab.

27th: Chiron in Aries will oppose Dec’s Sun in Libra.  This is a time when Dec may need to examine his own wounding, e.g. in having to work separately from Ant, and looking at any possible dependency issues around their relationship.  He may need to look after his own health at that time.

30th: Uranus going into Taurus will square Dec’s Saturn, activating his Saturn-Uranus natal square: this could be a very difficult time for Dec, a restructuring and regrouping of his life and psyche.

June 2018

2nd/3rd: Uranus in Taurus squares Dec’s Uranus: Dec may feel that he cannot easily control circumstances around this time.

October 2018

12/13th: Jupiter transits their most important astrological link (Ant’s Sun conjunct Dec’s North Node), bringing a blessing, some joy at reunion (not necessarily a permanent solution).  First it reaches Dec’s North Node (karmic mission): this may bring about a personal success for Dec.

17/18th: Jupiter transits Ant’s Sun: Ant may feel he has achieved a major leg of success in his own healing, and the future may look brighter for both of them.


The first major aspect does not occur until Thursday (29th) this week, and it is a conjunction between Venus and Uranus, which is generally favourable.  It is a vibrant social aspect, which may carry an element of serendipity.  It is good for meeting friends, either intentionally or unplanned (Lennon and McCartney first met under this conjunction).

In the afternoon, the Sun squares Saturn, which may slightly deflate earlier elation.  There may be sobering news, e.g. on the international front. You may suddenly realize you have an extra hill to climb on a personal project.  But friendship may help you to take that little bit extra in your stride.

Friday (30th) offers us a trine between Mercury and the North Node, which favours the sharing of information with a karmic slant.  I often think that social media actually speeds up karma, in this day and age, and that may be a feature or insight to look out for on Friday.  We all know there are upsides and downsides to such communication, but Friday’s aspect tips the balance towards the karmic reward end of the continuum.

Venus enters Taurus on Saturday (31st), where she luxuriates in her own comfort zone.  Home comforts and pampering rule, especially early on in the day.  Enjoy the peace and calm of Venus in Taurus without the forthcoming encumbrance of Uranus being in this sign from May onwards (for seven years).  It could be a time you look back on as being relatively uncomplicated!

But of course, as always, life is not that simple, for at lunchtime on Saturday we also have a Full Moon (at 10 degrees Libra).  The Moon opposes the Sun in Aries, which always creates a little conflict, if only on an emotional level.  Do you do your own thing, or do you stay loyal to the partnership?  It is ironic, or precise timing, that Libran Dec will have to go it alone on this very day at the Saturday Night Takeaway.  The decision has been made for him, but in your own life you may have more space to decide what is best, especially if you do not have planets entangled in the four cardinal signs at 10 degrees (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn).  Dec’s Pluto is at 8 degrees Libra, close enough to be challenged.  All the best to him, and to Ant for getting well.

The week in bullet points:

  • Thursday – social vibrancy, later challenges
  • Friday – karmic information
  • Saturday – calmness, then dilemma