I would like with some of the interviews in this series to try to bridge Astrology with other disciplines and healing arts, and feel that Flick has met me half way with this.  Flick of course will be no stranger to regular readers of my Blog!  With her Sun conjunct my Jupiter we are constantly making each other laugh even under extreme stress.  Flick is a Sun sign Aquarian and the future of Voicework.

Lana:  Flick, I see you as having been born to voice work.  What is your relationship with voice, and what do you think it is about you which makes it your vocation?

Flick:  This is a rather long in-depth question you have posed here!  Not as straightforward as one might imagine.  You ask what my relationship is with voice.  If you are asking about my own voice then…with my voice itself it is a love relationship, with singing it is a love-hate.  I believe the reason for this is that my love of voice is nothing to do with singing.  It is to do with the authentic voice within, the spokesperson for the soul; this is what interests me.  I believe I have always been a voice psychotherapist (though currently in training for the psychotherapist aspect of the work) rather than a singer/teacher.  Voicework, if it is to do with the emancipation and enhancement of the human being, is where my passion lies.  To hear that which is contained within the vibrations of the sound, the colours and qualities of that vibration, is a gift which I acknowledge I have been given and feel grateful for on a daily basis.  It called me at an early age to find my voice, to free myself and my family on a deep level; it is ongoing work. “Speak your voice to me and I will know you.”

Lana:  What is your relationship to Astrology?  I wonder if you can reveal anything about the new work that has been given to you “Harmony of the Spheres”.  It sounds Astronomical.

Flick:  What an interesting question.  I have always felt I long to be right in the thick of Astrology and the amazing information it has for us, but have always felt on the outside, as my ability to see clearly how it all fits together is obscured by Neptune perhaps?  I’m not sure!  As for the Harmony of the Spheres I am treading very carefully as I really can’t impose anything on this work.  It has to evolve in a timely manner, in a way where I am out of the way and it comes through me.  I don’t yet know what it will involve or indeed how it will evolve.  All I know is I need to give myself over to it and what I might be called on to do with it. I believe at this stage that it is something about drawing others into a sound orb of stillness where we each wait to be given sound(s) for a collective opening of harmonies to emerge…this is not about singing.  It is about sounding.  It is cosmic sound I am speaking of.

Lana:  You have Neptune rising in Libra, so it is a key planet for you, and I always say a healthy Neptune is something to aim for.  Neptune also represents your vision.  When we were meditating on the forthcoming T-square a year ago, you said: “As we go into the T-Square in about a year’s time, the Lightworkers will resonate in a way which holds the planet safely – a Tensegrity – just as the guides have been holding the Planet until now.”  You described it as a time when “a resonance of clear energy which has a vibrancy of life never seen before on this planet.  The whole body will sound, not just the voice.  The body will be the instrument of love and as such it will sound in complete unity and harmony with all other beings around it”, but you said not everybody would be able to hear or see it…Can you expand on your vision of Tensegrity?

Flick:   This is quite a question Lana!  I feel I was channelling when I came out with that information.  I don’t yet know how this will look.  I do feel however that we are gradually moving towards it and I certainly am in my work.  Sound is vibration.  We are – all things are vibration.  If we constrict, restrict, fix in any way, we clamp down inappropriately on our own true vibration.  Whe we as human beings are vibrating with freedom and ease we cannot help but be in balance with our own sound, our place in the grand scheme; this is Tensegrity of Sound and vibration – the supporting of a structure through its own balance of tension and integrity.  One could say this is perfect suspension.

“Tensegrity was a term used by Carlos Castaneda to refer to some movements called magical passes (a series of meditative stretches, stances and movements) that he said were developed by Native American shamans who lived in Mexico in times prior to the Spanish conquest.” – Wikipedia

This may also be of interest! www.cleargreen.com/english/tensegrity.cfm

Lana:  You also linked it at the time with the Light Grid Mandala (which is pictured on my Mandalas page) saying that was an accurate visual representation of it.  I want to turn now to the power of sound to heal.  How transformational is the power of sound?  And could you give examples?

Flick:  Well, on this question I believe there are far more experienced people than me to answer it!  I will say however, that Hazrat Inyat Khan believed that sound will become the next big healing breakthrough.  Going back to my answer for question 3, we are vibration.  Music has the power to heal due to the resonance.  If we look at the work of Hans Jenny and Cymatics www.cymaticsource.com we realise sound can be used heal or to destroy.  Those of us who are sensitive will feel a dis-ease when listening to certain forms of music which jar against our own harmonic structure.  It is believed that certain composers, Mozart for example, will appeal to those people who feel a pull towards the DNA structure of Mozart.  I believe Don Campbell is the person to read on this subject: www.mozarteffect.com.  I have had the privilege of hearing the sounds of a dying body, the sounds of the planet, and hearing how sound blasts cancer cells.  Whilst this is my peripheral knowledge and interest I can safely say my area to work with transformation is through each individual’s personal sound and the collective use of voice.  I have seen this work transform lives many times.  The more we are able to vibrate our true vibration the more we will be able to segue into the next vibrational level for mankind.

Lana:  Thank you!  And last but not least for Question 5, other facets of your work are Healing and Psychotherapy (I am not sure which year of training you are in).  You have Chiron (the wounded healer) in Capricorn, and I wonder if you can describe to me your Inner Healer?

Flick:  Hmmm…You do like to throw the cat into the pigeon’s nest, don’t you?!  I am actually in my 3rd year of Psychotherapy training and really enjoying the journey.  As a healer I trained at the Snowlion School in the South of France and this was in Psycho-Spiritual Energy Therapy.  I use it now in my world in an indirect way as it has informed my wholistic approach to life and my work.  As you say, I have Chiron in Capricorn.  I feel this is a difficult placing for me along with one or two other significant astro placings to do with my mother.  It has been a challenge for me to let go of the workaholic and see where this has come from.  If I am answering the question from the *healed* place I see it is connected with my Aquarius Sun very strongly…to do with groups, humanitarian quests etc.  I feel my work is on the cutting edge and quite difficult to give birth to, as there is nothing like it that I know of, apart from voice recognition where the results are generated by hi tech equipment.  My inner healer is holding group consciousness, group and individual wounding and offering space for this to be transformed.

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